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IN HPRIP:(CV) * Analysis And Synthesis Of Human Movement
* Extracting Shape From Shading
* Fundamental Principles Of Robot Vision
* Image Sequence Analysis For Three-Dimensional Perception Of Dynamic Scenes
* Machine Learning Of Computer Vision Algorithms
* Nonrigid Motion Analysis
* Principles Of Computer Vision
* Range Image Analysis
* Recovery Of Three-Dimensional Shape Of Curved Objects From A Single Image
* Relational Matching
* Stereo Vision
* Surface Reflection Mechanism
* Three-Dimensional Object Recognition
* Three-Dimensional Shape Recovery From Line Drawings
* Three-Dimensional Shape Representation
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IN(I27593) * Application Of Concurrent Vlsi Systems To Two-Dimensional Signal Processing
* Multicomputer Parallel Arrays, Pipelines, And Pyramids For Pattern Perception
* Parallel Algorithms For Image Analysis
* Vlsi Architectures For Pattern Analysis And Image Database Management

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