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Information and Computation(118) * Fast Identification Of Geometric Objects With Membership Queries

Information and Computation(138) * Context-Sensitive String Languages And Recognizable Picture Languages

INFORMATION COMPUTATION(77) * Minimal Polygonal Separation

INFORMATION CONTROL(57) * Optimal Orientations Of Cells In Slicing Floorplan Designs

INFORMATION CONTROL(58) * Patterns And Pattern-Matching In Trees: An Analysis

INFORMATION CONTROL(95) * Correctness And Efficiency Of Patttern Matching Algorithms

Information Sciences Applications(3) * Comparison Of Methods For Representing Topological Relationships, A

INFORMATION SCIENCES(30) * Complexity Of Some Decision Problems About Two-Dimensional Array Grammars, The

INFORMATION SCIENCES(31) * Dynamic Waveform Matching

INFORMATION SCIENCES(32) * Semantic-Syntax-Directed Translation And Its Application To Image Processing

INFORMATION SCIENCES(33) * On The Definition And Computation Of Rectilinear Convex Hulls

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