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IU89(90) * Accurate Detection Of Edges With Large Laplacian-Of-Gaussian Masks
* Boundary Detection By Minimizing Functionals, I
* Color Constancy: A Method For Recovering Surface Spectral Reflectance
* Cyclotorsion, Conformal Invariance, And Induced Effects In Stereoscopic Vision
* Disparity Gradient, Lipschitz Continuity, And Computing Binocular Correspondences
* Divide-And-Conquer Techniques For Detecting And Describing Global Features In Images
* Image Representation By Reference-Signal Crossings
* Probabilistic Approach To Computational Vision, A
* Reconstruction Of Multidimensional Signals From Zero Crossings
* Rigidity And Smoothness Of Motion: Justifying The Smoothness Assumption In Motion Measurement
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