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IU(53) * 3d Edge Detection Using Recursive Filtering: Application To Scanner Images
* Approach To Three-Dimensional Image Segmentation, An
* Characterization Of Right-Handed And Left-Handed Shapes
* Computing Occluding Contours Using Spherical Images
* Constraints For Interpretation Of Line Drawings Under Perspective Projection
* Contour Tracing Algorithm That Preserves Common Boundaries Between Regions, A
* Determining Linear Shape Change: Toward Automatic Generation Of Object Recognition Programs
* Estimation Of Velocity Vector Fields From Time-Varying Image Sequences, The
* Fast Shape From Shading
* General Methods For Determining Projective Invariants In Imagery
* Image Analysis And Computer Vision: 1990
* Matching General Polygonal Arcs
* On Active Contour Models And Balloons
* On The Deformation Of Image Intensity And Zero-Crossing Contours Under Motion
* Optimal Boundary To Quadtree Conversion Algorithm, An
* Orthogonal Multiprocessor Sharing Memory With An Enhanced Mesh For Integrated Image Understanding
* Phase-Based Disparity Measurement
* Reconstructing A 3-D Depth Map From One Or More Images
* Rigid Body Motion From Range Image Sequences
* Separable Decompositions And Approximations Of Greyscale Morphological Templates
* Techniques For Disparity Measurement
* Vlsi Arehitecture For Dynamic Scene Analysis, A
* ``Theory'' Of Optical Flow, A
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IU(54) * Accurate Parameter Estimation Of Quadratic Curves From Grey-Level Images
* Algebra Of Polygons Through The Notion Of Negative Shapes, An
* Algebraic Basis Of Mathematical Morphology Ii. Openings And Closings, The
* Another Comment On ``A Note On `Distance Transformations In Digital Images'''
* Camera Calibration Problem: Some New Results
* Computational Projective Geometry
* Depth And Shape From Shading Using The Photometric Stereo Method
* Determining Motion And Depth From Binocular Orthographic Views
* Establishing Motion Correspondence
* Estimating 3-D Location Parameters Using Dual Number Quaternions
* Estimation Of Motion From A Pair Of Range Images: A Review
* Experimental Evaluation Of Motion Constraint Equations
* Hypothesizing And Testing Geometric Properties Of Image Data
* Kalman Filter Approach For Accurate 3-D Motion Estimation From A Sequence Of Stereo Images, A
* Linear Time Distance Transforms For Quadtrees
* Morphological Sampling
* New Method For Vanishing Point Detection
* Optimal Infinite Impulse Response Zero Crossing Based Edge Detectors
* Projective Area-Invariants As An Extension Of The Cross-Ratio
* Qualitative Approach To Dynamic Scene Understanding, A
* Region Matching Motion Estimation Algorithm, A
* Robot Vision System For Recognition Of Generic Shaped Objects, A
* Shape From Shading As A Partially Well-Constrained Problem
* Time-Varying Images: The Effect Of Finite Resolution On Uniqueness
* Using Chromatic Information In Edge-Based Stereo Correspondence
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IU(55) * 3d Object Recognition Using Invariant Feature Indexing Of Interpretation Tables
* Adaptive Pyramid: A Framework For 2d Image Analysis, The
* Automatic Vision Programming
* Computing Shape Description Transforms On A Multiresolution Architecture
* Computing Stable Poses Of Piecewise Smooth Objects
* Continuous Skeleton Computation By Voronoi Diagram
* Curvature Consistency Improves Local Shading Analysis
* Fast Algorithm For Active Contours And Curvature Estimation, A
* Fast Fully Parallel Thinning Algorithms
* Fast Raster Scan Distance Propagation On The Discrete Rectangular Lattice
* Finding Neighbors Of Equal Size In Linear Quadtrees And Octrees In Constant Time
* From Volumes To Views: An Approach To 3-D Object Recognition
* Guest Ed., Special Issue On Directions In Cad-Based Vision
* Image Analysis And Computer Vision: 1991
* Maximum-Likelihood Edge Detection In Digital Signals
* Model Based Recognition Of Specular Objects Using Sensor Models
* Monocular Pose Of A Rigid Body Using Point Landmarks
* New And Efficient Cellular Algorithms For Image Processing
* On Using Cad Models To Compute The Pose Of Curved 3d Objects
* Optimization Of Length Measurements For Isotropic Distance Transformations In Three Dimension(Al)[S]
* Part Decomposition Of Objects From Single View Line Drawings
* Simultaneous Estimation Of Shape And Reflectance Map From Photometric Stereo
* Toward 3d Vision From Range Images: An Optimization Framework And Parallel Networks
* Viewpoint From Occluding Contour
* Workshop Panel Report-Why Aspect Graphs Are Not (Yet) Practical For Computer Vision
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IU(56) * Active And Exploratory Perception
* Dynamic Aspects In Active Vision
* Dynamic Generalized Hough Transform: Its Relationship To The Probabilistic Hough Transforms And An Application To The Concurrent Detection Of Circles And Ellipses, The
* Encoded Grid Generation From A Computer Solid Model
* Fast Vision-Guided Mobile Robot Navigation Using Model-Based Reasoning And Prediciton Of Uncertainties
* Guest Ed., Special Issue On Purposive, Qualitative, Active Vision
* Head-Eye System-Analysis And Design, A
* Image-Flow Computation: An Estimation-Theoretic Framework And A Unified Perspective
* Isothetic Polygon Representation For Contours
* Learning Of Visual Modules From Examples: A Framework For Understanding Adaptive Visual Performance
* Linear Algorithm For Point And Line-Based Structure From Motion, A
* Motion Analysis From First-Order Properties Of Optical Flow
* Natural Metamers
* Neighborhoods For Distance Transformations Using Ordered Propagation
* New Set Of Fast Algorithms For Mathematical Morphology I: Idempotent Geodesic Transforms, A
* New Set Of Fast Algorithms For Mathematical Morphology Ii: Identification Of Topographic Features On Grayscale Images, A
* Non-Rigid Motion Analysis: Isometric Motion
* Principles Of Animate Vision
* Qualitative Constraints For Structure-From-Motion
* Qualitative Recognition Of Motion Using Temporal Texture
* Recognition Of Planar Shapes From Perspective Images Using Contour-Based Invariants
* Replicated Data Algorithms In Image Processing
* Shortcuts In Shape Classification From Two Images
* Using Deformable Surfaces To Segment 3-D Images And Infer Differential Structure
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IU(57) * Alignment Of Objects With Smooth Surfaces, The
* Classification Of Lattice Transformations In Image Processing
* Component Labelling On A Mimd Multiprocessor
* Describing And Segmenting Scenes From Imperfect And Incomplete Data
* Finding And Recovering Shgc Objects In An Edge Image
* Finding Road Seeds In Aerial Images
* Framework For The Construction Of Reflectance Maps For Machine Vision, A
* Fusion Of Monocular Cues To Detect Man-Made Structures In Aerial Imagery
* Grouping Edgels Into Structural Entities Using Circular Symmetry, The Distributed Hough Transform, And Probabilistic Non-Accidentalness
* Hypermatrix Algebra: Applications In Parallel Image Processing
* Hypermatrix Algebra: Theory
* Intensity-Based, Coarse-To-Fine Approach To Reliably Measure Binocular Disparity, An
* Knowledge-Based Approach To Integration Of Image Processing Procedures, A
* Locating And Modelling A Flat Symmetric Object From A Single Perspective Image
* Map Estimation Of Piecewise Constant Digital Signals
* Multi-Scale Approach To Nonuniform Diffusion, A
* On The Use Of Level Curves In Image Analsis
* Randomized Hough Transform (Rht): Basic Mechanisms, Algorithms, And Computational Complexities
* Review Of Recent Texture Segmentation And Feature Extraction Techniques, A
* Segmentation Of 3d Range Images Using Pyramidal Data Structures
* Sparse, Opaque Three-Dimensional Texture. 1. Arborescent Patterns
* Strategies Of Multi-View And Multi-Matching For 3d Object Recognition
* Topological Connectedness And 8-Connectedness In Digital Pictures
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IU(58) * 3d Interpretation Of Conics And Orthogonality
* Cad-Based Vision: Object Recognition In Cluttered Range Images Using Recognition Strategies
* Computing Spatiotemporal Relations For Dynamic Perceptual Organization
* Congruence Conditions For Nonplanar Developable Surfaces And Their Application To Surface Recognition
* Detection Of Curved And Straight Segments From Gray Scale Topography
* Digital Curvature Estimation
* Direct Estimation And Error Analysis For Oriented Patterns
* Extracting Geometric Primitives
* Hough Transform Algorithm With A 2d Hypothesis Testing Kernel, A
* Identifying Salient Circular Arcs On Curves
* Image Algebra For Pictorial Data Manipulation, An
* Image Analysis And Computer Vision: 1992
* Intensity And Edge-Based Symmetry Detection With An Application To Car-Following
* Invariant Signatures For Planar Shape Recognition Under Partial Occlusion
* Model-Based Classification Of Quadric Surfaces
* Physical Modeling And Combination Of Range And Intensity Edge Data
* Projective Pose Estimation Of Linear And Quadratic Primitives In Monocular Computer Vision
* Rapid Octree Construction From Image Sequences
* Sufficient Conditions For Double Or Unique Solution Of Motion And Structure
* Velocity-Based Correspondence In Stereokinetic Images
* Volumetric Segmentation Of Range Images Of 3d Objects Using Superquadric Models
* Which Hough Transform?
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IU(59) * Analytical Characterization Of The Feature Detectability Constraints Of Resolution, Focus, And Field Of View For Vision Sensor Planning
* Calibration Of A Computer-Controlled Robotic Vision Sensor With A Zoom Lens
* Computer Vision Methodologies
* Convergence And Continuity Criteria For Discrete Approximations Of The Continuous Planar Skeleton
* Curve Extraction In Images Using A Multiresolution Framework
* Extracting Topographic Terrain Features From Elevation Maps
* Function-Based Generic Recognition For Multiple Object Categories
* Grouping Of Rectilinear Segments By The Labeled Hough Transform
* Human Face Recognition And The Face Image Set'S Topology
* Image Analysis And Computer Vision: 1993
* Inverting An Illumination Model For Range And Intensity Maps
* Model-Based Multiresolution Motion Estimation In Noisy Images
* Multiscale Minimization Of Global Energy Functions In Some Visual Recovery Problems
* On Topology Preservation In 3d Thinning
* Optimal Parallel Algorithms For Quadtree Problems
* Recovering Local Surface Structure Through Local Phase Difference Measurements
* Recursive-Batch Estimation Of Motion And Structure From Monocular Image Sequences
* Robust Consensus Based Edge Detection
* Robust Specularity Detection From A Single Multi-Illuminant Color Image
* S+-Trees: An Efficient Structure For The Representation Of Large Pictures
* Shadow Segmentation And Classification In A Constrained Environment
* Shape From Shading With Perspective Projection
* Statistical Analysis Of Geometric Computation
* Towards Model-Based Recognition Of Human Movements In Image Sequences
* Volumetric Shapes Of Solids Of Revolution From A Single-View Range Image
* Zero-Crossing-Based Optimal Three-Dimensional Edge Detector, A
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IU(60) * 3d Structure Reconstruction From Point Correspondences Between Two Perspective Projections
* Computational Cross Ratio For Computer Vision
* Contour Motion Estimation Using Relaxation Matching With A Smoothness Constraint On The Velocity Field
* Curvature-Based Approach To Point Correspondence Recovery In Conformal Nonrigid Motion
* Default Shape Theory: With Application To The Computation Of The Direction Of The Light Source
* Dialogue: A Computational And Evolutionary Perspective On The Role Of Representation In Vision
* Finding Planes And Clusters Of Objects From 3d Line Segments With Application To 3d Motion Determination
* Incremental Approximation Of Nonrigid Motion, The
* Labeling Of Human Face Components From Range Data
* Models Of Statistical Visual Motion Estimation
* Obtaining Generic Parts From Range Images Using A Multi-View Representation
* On 3d Model Construction By Fusing Heterogeneous Sensor Data
* Optical Flow Estimation Using Smoothness Of Intensity Trajectories
* Performance Analysis Of 1-D Scale-Space Algorithms For Pulse Detection In Noisy Image Scans
* Phase-Based Binocular Vergence Control And Depth Reconstruction Using Active Vision
* Recovery Of 3d Closed Surfaces From Sparse Data
* Refining 3d Reconstruction: A Theoretical And Experimental Study Of The Effect Of Cross-Correlations
* Region-Based Tracking Using Affine Motion Models In Long Image Sequences
* Robust Methods For Estimating Pose And A Sensitivity Analysis
* Statistical Foundation For Hypothesis Testing Of Image Data
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IU(84) * Computational Model Of Binocular Depth Perception, A
* Configurations That Defeat The 8-Point Algorithm
* Multiresolution Algorithms In Computational Vision
* On The Reconstruction Of Visible Surfaces
* Photometric Method For Determining Shape From Shading
* Scale Space Filtering: A New Approach To Multi-Scale Description
* Uniqueness And Estimation Of 3-D Motion Parameters And Surface Structures Of Rigid Objects
* Visual Hyperacuity: Spatiotemporal Interpolation In Human Vision
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