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J-RA(1) * Feature Extraction Techniques For Recognizing Solid Objects With An Ultrasonic Range Sensor

J-RA(2) * General Moment-Invariants/Attributed-Graph Method For Three-Dimensional Object Recognition From A Single Image, A
* Hierarchical Orthogonal Space Approach To Three-Dimensional Path Planning, A
* Input-Output Characteristics For Imaged Transducers
* Multiresolution Path Planning For Mobile Robots
* Reachable Grasps On A Polygon: The Convex Rope Algorithm
* Recognizing Partially Visible Objects Using Feature Indexed Hypotheses
* Rectangular Parallelepiped Coding: A Volumetric Representation Of Three-Dimensional Objects
* Representation Of Geometric Features, Tolerances, And Attributes In Solid Modelers Based On Constructive Geometry
* Sensiing Strategies For Disambiguating Among Multiple Objects In Known Poses
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J-RA(3) * Determining Object Motion In A Sequence Of Stereo Images
* Dynamic Sensor-Based Control Of Robots With Visual Feedback
* Effect Of Kinematics On Motion Planning For Planar Robot Arms Moving Amidst Unknown Obstacles
* Error Modeling In Stereo Navigation
* Experimental Position And Ranging Results For A Mobile Robot
* Ground Surveillance Robot (Gsr): An Autonomous Vehicle Designed To Transit Unknown Terrain, The
* How To Move A Chair Through A Door
* Minimizing Turns For Discrete Movement In The Interior Of A Polygon
* Model Building Of Three-Dimensional Polyhedral Objects Using 3d Edge Information And Hemispheric Histogram
* Morphologic Edge Detection
* On-Line Compensation Of Mobile Robot Docking Errors
* Position Verification Of A Mobile Robot Using Standard Pattern
* Positioning Three-Dimensional Objects Using Stereo Images
* Robot Navigation In Unknown Terrain Using Learned Visibility Graphs. Part I: The Disjoint Convex Obstacle Case
* Robot Path Planning Using Intersecting Convex Shapes: Analysis And Simulation
* Robotics And Intelligent Machines In Agriculture
* Segmented Descriptions Of 3-D Surfaces
* Simple Motion-Planning Algorithm For General Robot Manipulators, A
* Sonar-Based Real-World Mapping And Navigation
* Versatile Camera Calibration Technique For High-Accuracy 3d Machine Vision Metrology Using Off-The-Shelf Tv Cameras And Lenses, A
* Viewpoint Independent Modeling Approach To Object Recognition, A
* Visual Navigation System For Automonous Land Vehicles, A
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J-RA(4) * Adaptive Approach To Video Tracking, An
* Analysis Of Equilateral Grip Of A Prismatic And Convex Workpiece, The
* Domain-Dependent Reasoning For Visual Navigation Of Roadways
* Dynamic Multisensor Data Fusion System For Intelligent Robots
* Exploration Of Sensorless Manipulation, An
* Fast Procedure For Computing The Distance Between Complex Objects In Three-Dimensional Space, A
* Generation Of Configuration Space Obstacles: The Case Of A Moving Sphere
* Image Analysis Methods For Solder-Ball Inspection In Integrated Circuit Manufacturing
* Maximum-Likelihood Approach To Segmenting Range Data, A
* Multirobot Plan Generation In A Continuous Domain: Planning By Use Of Plan Graph And Avoiding Collisions Among Robots
* Obstacle Avoidance With Ultrasonic Sensors
* On Terrain Model Acquisition By A Point Robot Amidst Polyhedral Obstacles
* Pilot Level Of A Hierarchical Controller For An Unmanned Mobile Robot
* Planar And Finger-Shaped Optical Tactile Sensors For Robotic Applications
* Planning Robotic Manipulation Strategies For Workpieces That Slide
* Road Boundary Detection In Range Imagery For An Autonomous Robot
* Simple Procedure To Solve Motion And Structure From Three Orthographic Views, A
* Structured Light Patterns For Robot Mobility
* Task-Oriented Optimal Grasping By Multifingered Robot Hands
* Traffic Control Of Multiple Robot Vehicles
* Uncertain Geometry In Robotics
* Variational Dynamic Programming Approach To Robot Path Planning With A Distance-Safety Criterion, A
* Vehicle Path Specification By A Sequence Of Straight Lines
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