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January-March and(April) * Guest Ed., Special Issue--Proceedings Of Pria-2-95 (Pattern Recognition And Image Analysis, Ulyanovsk, Russian Federation, August 28-31, 1995), Pria 6(1,

January 1-2 * Workshop On Recent Advances In Computer Vision, Karachi, Pakistan

January 1 * International Workshop On Content-Based Access Of Image And Video Databases, Bombay, India

January 16-20 * Winter Retina Conference: Physiology, Computation, And Neuromorphic Engineering For Vision, Jackson Hole, Wy

January 2 * International Workshop On Visual Surveillance, Bombay, India
* Workshop On Conceptual Descriptions Of Images, Bombay, India

January 21-25 * Third International Conference/Workshop On Integrating Geographic Information Systems And Environmental Modeling, Santa Fe, Nm

January 3-8 * Sixth International Conference On Computer Vision, Bombay, India

January 3 * International Workshop On Model-Based 3d Image Analysis, Bombay, India
* Workshop On Computer Vision For Virtual Reality Based Human Communication, Bombay, India

January * [Special Section On] New Image-Generation Techniques, Cg&A 171

JANUARY(and) * Guest Ed., Special Issue On Industrial Machine Vision And Computer Vision Technology, T-Pami 10 (1 And 3)

January(XX) * Color Recovery: True-Color 8-Bit Interactive Graphics, Cg&A 171
* Fast And Accurate Texture Placement, Cg&A 171
* Guest Ed., Special Issue: Connectionist Models And Their Applications, Cognitive Science 9(1)
* Guest Eds., Special Issue|Proceedings Of The Fourth Russian-German Workshop Pattern Recognition And Image Analysis (Valday, Russian Federation, March 3-9, 1996), Pattern Recognition And Image Analysis 7(

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