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JVCIR(1) * Attentive Transmission
* Gramians, Generalized Inverses, And The Least-Squares Approximation Of Optical Flow
* Group Theoretic Approach To Image Representation, The
* Image Representation Of Moving Nonrigid Objects
* Metrics For The Strength Of Low-Level Motion Perception
* Morphological Segmentation
* Semiregular Image Grid, A
* Toward The Unsupervised Interpretation Of Outdoor Imagery
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JVCIR(2) * 3d Structure Extraction Coding Of Image Sequences
* Analog Computation Structure For Surface Reconstruction
* Application Of The Hausdorff Metric In Gray-Scale Mathematical Morphology Via Truncated Umbrae
* Binary Space Partitioning Tree Representation Of Images
* Digital Coding Techniques For Visual Communications
* Guest Ed., Special Issue: Visual Communication And Image Representation In Japan
* Improving The Translation Parameter Estimation Of Linear Algorithms
* Interactive Visualization System For Three-Dimensional Medical Images Based On The Density Reprojection Method, An
* Localized Measurement Of Image Fractal Dimension Using Gabor Filters
* Medial Axis Representation And Encoding Of Scanned Documents
* Morphological Hit-Or-Miss Transformation For Shape Recognition
* On The Computation Of A Scale-Space Primal Sketch
* On The Morphological Representation Of Binary Images In A Noisy Environment
* Pel-Recursive Motion Field Estimation From Image Sequences
* Properties Of Space-Time Sampling And The Extraction Of The Optical Flow: The Effects Of Motion Uncertainty, The
* Realistic Image Synthesis Of A Deformable Living Thing Based On Motion Understanding
* Spatial Distributions From Contour Lines: An Efficient Methodology Based On Distance Transformations
* Three-Dimensional Reconstruction Using Homocentric Spherical Spatiotemporal Image Analysis
* Variations On A Theme In Binary Mathematical Morphology
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JVCIR(3) * Asymptotic Normality Of The Morphological Pattern-Spectrum Moments And Orthogonal Granulometric Generators
* Convergence, Continuity, And Iteration In Mathematical Morphology
* Dimensionality In Image Analysis
* Discretization Of Morphological Operators
* Fuzzy Mathematical Morphology
* Graph Morphology
* Guest Eds., Special Issue: Image Restoration
* Incremental Estimation Of Image Flow Using A Kalman Filter
* Model-Based Characterization Of Statistically Optimal Design For Morphological Shape Recognition Algorithms Via The Hit-Or-Miss Transform
* Motion Of Nonrigid Objects From Multiframe Comparison
* Multitask Visual Information Processor With A Biologically Motivated Design, A
* New Single-Pass Algorithm For Extracting The Mid-Crack Codes Of Multiple Regions, A
* Optimization On Euclidean Distance Transformation Using Grayscale Morphology
* Receptive Field Assembly Pattern Specificity
* Smoothed Differentiation Filters For Images
* Structuring Element Adaptation For Morphological Filters
* Subsampling Of Markov Random Fields
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JVCIR(4) * Analysis Of Intensity And Range Image Sequences Using Adaptive-Size Meshes
* Computation Of Dense Optical Flow With A Parametric Smoothness Model
* Conversion And Trade-Offs Between Scaled Gaussian Parallel And Hierarchic Analysis Multirate Filter Banks
* Gradient-Based Method For General Motion Estimation And Segmentation, A
* Guest Eds., Special Issue On Image Sequence Processing And Motion Analysis In Visual Communication
* Measurement Of Edge Coincidence In Image Thresholdings
* Motion Analysis For Image Enhancement: Resolution, Occlusion, And Transparency
* Motion From Optic Flow: Multiplicity Of Solutions
* Motion Tracking Of Deformable Objects By Active Contour Models Using Multiscale Dynamic Programming
* Reconstruction Of Binary And Gray-Scale Images From Mid-Crack Code Descriptions
* Spatial Derivatives And The Propagation Of Noise In Gaussian Scale Space
* Texture Classification And Segmentation Based On Iterative Morphological Decomposition
* Wigner Distribution For 2d Motion Estimation From Noisy Images
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JVCIR(5) * 2-D Curve Partitioning By Kohonen Feature Maps
* Detecting Activities
* Deterministic And Stochastic Separation Of Digital Images
* Efficient Algorithm For Drainage Network Extraction On Dems, An
* Guest Eds., Special Issue On Still And Video Image Compression
* How To Catch A Crook
* Polygons In Three Dimensions
* Recovering 3d Shape And Motion From Image Streams Using Nonlinear Least Squares
* Study Of Pyramidal Techniques For Image Representation And Compression, A
* Tracking Human Body Motion Based On A Stick Figure Model
* Vectorization And Representation Of Large-Size 2-D Line Drawing Images
* Vlsi Design Of Digital Cellular Neural Networks For Image Processing
* Well-Shaped, Stable, And Reversible Skeletons From The (3,4)-Distance Transform
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JVCIR(6) * Application Of Morphological Pyramids: Fusion Of Mr And Ct Phantoms
* Colored Illumination For Enhancing Discriminability In Machine Vision
* Conformal Mapping-Based Image Processing: Theory And Applications
* Early Image Representation By Slope Districts
* Human Face Perception In Degraded Images
* Morphological Extraction Of Line Networks From Noisy Low-Contrast Images
* New Generalized Hough Transform For The Detection Of Irregular Objects, A
* On Dimensionality In Multiscale Morphological Scale-Space With Elliptic Poweroid Structuring Functions
* Postprocessing Of Thresholded Images To Maximize Edge Coincidence
* Representation Of Linear Granulometric Moments For Deterministic And Random Binary Euclidean Images
* Robust Estimation Of Motion Vector Fields With Discontinuity And Occlusion Using Local Outliers Rejection
* Robust Multiresolution Estimation Of Parametric Motion Models
* Straight Line Extraction Using Iterative Total Least Squares Methods
* Symmetry Interpretation Of Complex Moments And The Local Power Spectrum
* Texture Segmentation Via Haar Fractal Feature Estimation
* Virtual Space Teleconferencing: Real-Time Reproduction Of 3d Human Images
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JVCIR(7) * Abstracting Digital Movies Automatically
* Anisotropic Hierarchical Motion Estimation Method Based On Decomposition Of The Functional Domain
* Convolution-Based Edge Detection For Image/Video In Block Dct Domain
* Efficient Automatic Text Location Method And Content-Based Indexing And Structuring Of Video Database
* Geometric Feature Detection For Reverse Engineering Using Range Imaging
* Graded Approach To Shape Representation, A
* Guest Ed., Special Issue On Digital Libraries
* How To Track A Flying Saucer
* Intermediate Annotationless Dynamical Object-Index-Based Query In Large Image Archives With Holographic Representation
* Lattice-Theoretical Morphological View On Template Extraction In Images, A
* On The Validity Of Fractal Dimension Measurements In Image Analysis
* Querying Video Libraries
* Scheme For Intelligent Image Retrieval In Multimedia Databases, A
* Shape From Photometric Ratio And Stereo
* Spatial Indexing For Video Databases
* Survey Of Techniques For Parsing And Indexing Digital Video, A
* Unified Approach To Iconic Indexing, Retrieval, And Maintenance Of Spatial Relationships In Image Databases, A
* Uniqueness Of Solutions To Structure And Motion From Combinations Of Point And Line Correspondences
* Video Annotation By Motion Interpretation Using Optical Flow Streams
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JVCIR(74) * Special Issue On Indexing, Storage, Browsing, And Retrieval Of Images And Video

JVCIR(8) * Dense Class Of Markov Random Fields And Associated Parameter Estimation, A
* Facial Expression Recognition Using Model-Based Feature Extraction And Action Parameter(S) Classification
* Graph Indexes Of 2d-Thinned Images For Rapid Content-Based Image Retrieval
* Image Compression And Indexing System Using Neural Networks, An
* Image Decomposition And Representation In Large Image Database Systems
* Morphological Image Enlargements
* New Binary Image Representation: Logicodes, A
* On The Discretization Of Morphological Operators
* Region-Based Shape Matching For Automatic Image Annotation And Query-By-Example
* Retrieval And Browsing Of Images Using Image Thumbnails
* Review Of Image And Video Indexing Techniques
* Robust And Efficient Transform Domain Video Sequence Analysis: An Approach From The Generalized Color Ratio Model
* User-Dependent Definition Of The Information In Images And Its Use In Information Retrieval, A
* Video Content Representation, Indexing And Matching In Video Information Systems
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JVCIR(9) * Image Segmentation With Topological Maps And Inter-Pixel Representation
* Recognition Of 2d Object Contours Using Starting-Point-Independent Wavelet Coefficient Matching
* Recursive Optical Flow Estimation | Adaptive Filtering Approach
* Similarity Retrieval By 2d C-Tree(S) Matching In Image Databases
* Special Issue On High Fidelity Media Processing: Part 2

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