Journals starting with lon

LONDON(84) * Texture Analysis In Materials Science: Mathematical Methods, Butterworths

LONDON(85) * Geometric Games And Their Applications, Pitman
* Geometrical Combinatorics, Pitman
* Knowledge-Based Interpretation Of Outdoor Natural Color Scenes, Pitman

LONDON(87) * Odd Perceptions, Methuen
* Representing And Acquiring Geographic Knowledge, Pitman

LONDON(88) * Processor Arrays-Architecture And Applications, Academic Press

LONDON(90) * Machine Vision-Theory, Algorithms, Practicalities, Academic Press
* Physiology Of The Eye, Pergamon Press

LONDON(92) * Contouring-A Guide To The Analysis And Display Of Spatial Data, Pergamon

LONDON(93) * Image Processing, Analysis, And Machine Vision, Chapman & Hall

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