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May 11-12 * Video Photogrammetry And Exploitation Conference, Washington, Dc

May 11-13 * Ismm '96, International Symposium On Mathematical Morphology And Its Application To Image And Signal Processing Iii, Atlanta, Ga
* Visual Modules (19th Oeagm/First Sdrv Workshop), Maribor, Slovenia

May 12-14 * Proceedings, [Darpa] Image Understanding Workshop, New Orleans, La

May 12-15 * International Conference On Recent Advances In 3-D Digital Imaging And Modeling,Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

May 13-15 * International Robots And Vision Show And Conference

May 15-19 * Vision Interface 95, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

May 16-21 * Ieee International Conference On Robotics And Automation, Leuven, Belgium

May 17-19 * Proceedings, Third Symposium On Solid Modeling And Applications, Salt Lake City, Ut

May 18-19 * International Workshop On Biorobotics: Human-Robot Symbiosis, Tsukuba, Japan

May 19-21 * Applied Machine Vision Conference, Nashville, Tn

May 20-22 * Imagecom 96, Third International Conference On Communicating By Image And Multimedia, Bordeaux, France

May 21-23 * Ieee International Joint Symposia On Intelligence And Systems, Washington, Dc
* International Workshop On Medical Image Compression, Milan, Italy
* Proceedings, Graphics Interface '97, Kelowna, Bc, Canada

May 21-27 * International Conference On Robotics And Automation, Nagoya, Japan

May 22-24 * Proceedings, Graphics Interface '96, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
* Vision Interface, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

May 24-26 * Mobile Mapping Symposium, Columbus, Oh
* Proceedings Of The Twelfth Annual Symposium On Computational Geometry, Philadelphia, Pa

May 26-27 * 21st Workshop Of The Austrian Association For Pattern Recognition, Hallstatt, Austria

May 27-28 * Acm Workshop On Applied Computational Geometry, Philadelphia, Pa

May 27-30 * Iasted International Conference On Artificial Intelligence And Soft Computing, Cancun, Mexico

May 28-30 * International Conference On Quality Control By Artificial Vision, Le Creusot, France

May 28-31 * International Conference On Vision, Recognition, Action: Neural Models Of Mind And Machine, Boston, Ma

May 29 * Technical Meeting, Higher-Order Statistics And Shape Representation In Image Analysis And Signal Processing, London, Uk

May 8-11 * International Robots And Vision Automation Show And Conference, Detroit, Mi

May 8 * British Machine Vision Association Technical Meeting On Optimisation Issues In Computer Vision, London, England

MAY(3-5) * Washington, Dc

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