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MIPA(84) * Hierarchical Estimation Of Spatial Properties From Motion
* Hierarchical Image Analysis System Based Upon Oriented Zero Crossings Of Bandpassed Images, A
* Multilevel Image Reconstruction
* Multilevel Reconstruction Of Visual Surfaces: Variational Principles And Finite-Element Representations
* Multilevel Relaxation In Low-Level Computer Vision
* Multiple-Size Operators And Optimal Curve Finding
* Multiprocessor Architectures For Bottom-Up Image Analysis
* Multiresolution 3-D Image Processing And Graphics
* Multiresolution Feature Encodings
* Multiresolution Microscopy
* Multiresolution Processing
* Multiresolution Representation For Shape, A
* Node Linking Strategies In Pyramids For Image Segmentation
* Pyramid As A Structure For Efficient Computation, The
* Region Matching In Pyramids For Dynamic Scene Analysis
* Several Steps From Icon To Symbol Using Structured Cone/Pyramids, The
* Some Useful Properties Of Pyramids
* Sorting, Histogramming, And Other Statistical Operations On A Pyramid Machine
* Time Series Models For Multiresolution Images
* Tutorial On Quadtree Research, A
* Two-Resolution Detection Of Lung Tumors In Chest Radiographs
* Visual And Conceptual Hierarchy -- A Paradigm For Studies Of Automated Generation Of Recognition Strategies
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