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November 1-4 * Artificial Neural Networks In Engineering, St. Louis, Mo

November 1 * First Acm International Workshop On Augmented Reality, San Francisco, Ca

November 10-12 * Fall Symposium On Computational Models For Integrating Language And Vision, Cambridge, Ma
* International Conference On Quality Control By Artificial Vision, Takematsu, Japan

November 10-13 * Annie '96, Artificial Neural Networks In Engineering, St. Louis, Mo

November 11-14 * Sip '96, Iasted International Conference On Signal And Image Processing, Orlando, Fl

November 12-14 * Iapr Workshop On Machine Vision Applications, Tokyo, Japan

November 15-16 * Fourth Acm International Workshop On Advances In Geographic Information Systems, Rockville, Md

November 16-18 * Image And Vision Computing, Auckland, New Zealand

November 16-20 * International Workshop On Theory And Application Of Graph Transformations, Paderborn, Germany

November 17-19 * Iapr Workshop On Machine Vision Applications, Makuhari, Japan

November 1996} * Automated Optical Inspection For Industry Beijing, China

November 2-9 * Ieee Nuclear Science Symposium And Medical Imaging Conference, Anaheim, Ca

November 20-21 * Image Registration Workshop, Greenbelt, Md

November 20-23 * Proceedings, [Darpa] Image Understanding Workshop, Monterey, Ca

November 21-22 * First Australian Data Fusion Symposium, Adelaide, Australia

November 21-23 * Proceedings, International Symposium On Computer Vision, Coral Gables, Fl

November 22-24 * Workshop On Sensorimotor Coordination: Amphibians, Models, And Comparative Studies, Sedona, Az

November 26-27 * Ifip Workshop On Modelling And Motion Capture Techniques For Virtual Environments, Geneva, Switzerland

November 27-December 1 * Icnn '95, International Conference On Neural Networks, Perth, Western Australia

November 27-December 2 * Nips '95, Neural Information Processing Systems: Natural And Synthetic, Denver, Co

November 28-30 * Rovpia '96, International Conference On Robotics, Vision, And Parallel Processing For Industrial Automation, Ipoh,Malaysia

November 3-5 * First Brazilian Symposium On Document Image Analysis, Curitiba, Brazil

November 4-8 * Iros '96, Ieee/Rsj International Conference On Intelligent Robots And Systems, Osaka, Japan

November 6-7 * Sixth Acm Symposium On Geographic Information Systems, Washington, Dc

November 6-8 * International Symposium On Image Analysis And Information Fusion, Adelaide, Australia

November 8-10 * Aaai Fall Symposium On Reasoning With Diagrammatic Representations, Cambridge, Ma

November 8-11 * Workshop On Spatial Statistics, Image Analysis, And Stochastic Geometry, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

November 9-12 * Ieee Conference On Intelligent Transportation Systems, Boston, Ma

November(25) * Guest Eds., Special Issue On Non-Conventional Pattern Analysis In Remote Sensing, Prl 17(13)

November(XX) * 3d Line Voxelization And Connectivity Control, Cg&A 176

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