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October 11-12 * First Cgc Workshop On Computational Geometry, Baltimore, Md
* Third Cgc Workshop On Computational Geometry, Providence, Ri

October 11-13 * First International Conference On Medical Image Computing And Computer-Assisted Intervention, Cambridge, Ma
* Tools And Techniques For Modeling And Simulation (24th Aipr Workshop), Washington, Dc

October 12-17 * Fourth Russian Federation Conference On Pattern Recognition And Image Analysis, Novosibirsk, Russia

October 14-16 * 27th Applied Imagery Pattern Recognition Workshop: Advances In Computer Assisted Recognition, Washington, Dc
* Proceedings, Iapr Workshop On Document Analysis Systems, Malvern, Pa
* Second International Conference On Face And Gesture Recognition, Killington, Vt

October 14-17 * Proceedings, X Brazilian Symposium On Computer Graphics And Image Processing, Campos Do Jordao, Brazil

October 14-18 * Blaubeuren Ii, Theory And Practice Of Geometric Modeling, Tubingen, Germany

October 14 * Bmva Technical Meeting On Personal Identity Verification, London, Uk

October 15-17 * 26th Aipr Workshop: Exploiting New Image Sources And Sensors, Washington, Dc

October 16-18 * 25th Annual Aipr Workshop, Emerging Applications Of Computer Vision, Washington, Dc

October 17-18 * Proceedings, 1994 Symposium On Volume Visualization, Washington, Dc

October 18-19 * Second Cgc Workshop On Computational Geometry, Durham, Nc

October 19-21 * Fourth Ieee Workshop On Applications Of Computer Vision, Princeton, Nj

October 19-23 * Fourth All-Ukrainian Conference On Signal/Image Processing And Pattern Recognition, Kiev, Ukraine

October 1995) * Fourth International Conference On Computer-Aided Design And Computer Graphics (Wuhan, China

October 2-4 * Third Conference On Optical 3-D Measurement Techniques, Applications In Manufacturing, Inspection, Quality Control, And Robotics, Vienna, Austria

October 20-21 * Workshop On Perceptual User Interface, Banff, Alberta, Canada

October 20-22 * Fourth International Workshop On Computer Architecture For Machine Perception, Boston, Ma

October 20-23 * International Symposium On Computer Graphics, Image Processing, And Vision, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

October 21-28 * Nuclear Science Symposium And Medical Imaging Conference, San Francisco, Ca

October 23-25 * Aaai Symposium On Cognitive Robotics, Orlando, Fl
* Aaai Symposium On Formalizing Reasoning With Visual And Diagrammatic Representations, Orlando, Fl
* Aaai Symposium On Robots And Biology: Developing Connections, Orlando, Fl

October 23-26 * Proceedings, International Conference On Image Processing, Washington, Dc

October 24-25 * Symposium On Document Image Understanding Technology, Bowie, Md

October 25-27 * Teuber Symposium On Surface Perception, Cambridge, Ma

October 25 * Computer Vision And Image Analysis, Symposium In Memory Of P.R. Krishnaiah And C.G. Khatri, University Park, Pa

October 26-29 * Ieee Signal Processing Society International Conference On Image Processing, Santa Barbara, Ca

October 28-30 * Ieee Intelligent Vehicles Symposium, Stuttgart, Germany

October 28-31 * Iasted International Conference On Signal And Image Processing, Las Vegas, Nv

October 30-31 * Proceedings, 1995 Parallel Rendering Symposium, Atlanta, Ga

October 4-7 * International Conference On Image Processing, Chicago, Il

October 6-7 * Eurofusion Conference, Great Malvern, Uk

October 6-8 * Vision Show (Automated Imaging Association), San Jose, Ca, The

October 7-11 * European Symposium On Advanced Imaging And Network Technologies, Berlin, Germany

October 8-9 * Computer Aided Diagnosis And 3-D Image Display And Analysis, Boston, Ma
* International Workshop On Very Low Bitrate Video Coding, Urbana, Il
* Video Surveillance And Monitoring Workshop, Pittsburgh, Pa

October 9-11 * Image Analysis And Pattern Recognition Conference, Keszthely, Hungary

October 9-13 * Icann '95, International Conference On Artificial Neural Networks, Paris, France

OCTOBER(-) * Guest Ed., Special Issue: String Algorithms And Its Applications, Algorithmica 12(4-5)

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