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Pria 6 * Pria-95, Third International Conference On Pattern Recognition And Information Analysis, Minsk, Belarus, September 19-21, 1995,

PRIA(5) * 5th International Workshop On Digital Image Processing And Computer Graphics ``Image Processing And Computer Optics'' (August 22-26, 1994, Samara, Russia), The
* Activities Of The Laboratory ``Cybernetic Techniques In Computer Science'' Of The Scientific Council ``Cybernetics'' Of The Russian Academy Of Sciences In The Field Of Image Analysis And Pattern Recognition: 1989-1994
* Automatic Reading Of Handwritten Characters: A Review
* Image Processing In Belarus: State Of The Art And Prospects

PRIA(8) * Edge Detection Techniques | An Overview

PRIP(II) * 3d Reconstruction Of Spatio-Temporal Series Of Optical Pictures
* Abstract Data Types And Multiprocessor Architecture For Image Understanding
* Analysis Of Histological Serial Sections
* Artery Detection And Analysis In Cine-Angiograms
* Automated Analysis Of Digital Images Generated By Two-Dimensional Gel Electrophoresis
* Automatic Techniques For Extraction Of Geological Fracture Patterns
* Choosing Filter Parameters For Non-Linear Image Filtering
* Computer Aided Analysis Of Schematic Diagrams
* Computer Color Vision: Automated Segmentation Of Histological Tissue Sections
* Consensus And Evidence
* Cubic Facet Model Edge Detector And Ridge-Valley Detector: Implementation Details
* Direct 3d Reconstruction From Projections With Initially Unknown Angles
* Document Analysis With An Expert System
* Finding The Characteristic Views Of Macromolecules In Extremely Noisy Electron Micrographs
* Hierarchical Correlation For Fast Industrial Object Location
* Image Restoration As An Identification And Filtering Problem
* Industrial Pattern Recognition
* Interpretation Of Industrial Scenes Using Augmented Transition Networks And Production Systems: Procedural Vs. Declarative Models
* Length Estimators Compared
* Local Transformations To Simulate Crystal Growth
* Model Based Interpretation Of Image Sequences From The Heart
* Model-Based Recognition And Location Of Local Patterns In Polygonal Contours Via Hypothesis Accumulation
* New Results In Computational Geometry Relevant To Pattern Recognition In Practice
* Optimal Statistical Techniques For Combining Pieces Of Information Applied To 3-D Complex Object Position Estimation
* Photogrammetric Standard Methods And Digital Image Matching Techniques For Precision Surface Measurements
* Pretopological Texture Model, A Multiparametric Image Model, And A Hierarchical Classification Method For The Analysis Of Digitized Images, A
* Probabilistic Labeling In A Hidden Second Order Markov Mesh
* Quantitative Evaluation Of Edge Detection By Dynamic Programming
* Shape Classification Based On Dynamic Modelling Procedure
* Three-Dimensional Pose Computations For Multiple Views
* Two Non-Linear Image Enhancement Algorithms
* Use Of Models In The Recognition Of Patterns Of Cellular Movement
* Use Of Pattern Recognition To Estimate Three-Dimensional Shape From Topographic Labeling Of Images, The
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