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PRTA(87) * Advances In Statistical Pattern Recognition
* Application Of Image Tensors And A New Representation, The
* Classification Problem Solving: A Tutorial From An Ai Perspective
* Computational Geometry: Recent Results Relevant To Pattern Recognition
* Detection Of Geological Fault Lines In Radar Images, The
* Development Of An Incremental Graph Matching Device
* Diffusion-Based Description Of Shape, A
* Energy Methods In Connectionist Modelling
* Feature Point Matching Using Temporal Smoothness In Velocity
* Fuzzy Sets In Pattern Recognition
* Hybrid Methods In Pattern Recognition
* Image Understanding Strategies: Application To Electron Microscopy
* Inexact Graph Matching In Machine Vision
* Intrinsic Characteristics As The Interface Between Cad And Machine Vision Systems
* Learning And Associative Memory
* Learning The Parameters Of A Hidden Markov Random Field Image Model: A Simple Example
* Linear Models In Spatial Discriminant Analysis
* Locating Texture And Object Boundaries
* Methods For Computer Analysis And Comparison Of Two-Dimensional Protein Patterns Obtained By Electrophoresis
* Multiresolutional Cluster Segmentation Using Spatial Context
* Network Representations And Match Filters For Invariant Object Recognition
* On The Structure Of Parallel Adaptive Search
* Optimization Algorithms In Probabilistic Relaxation Labelling
* Problems And Possible Solutions In The Analysis Of Sparse Images
* Relaxation Labelling
* Simulated Annealing: A Pedestrian Review Of The Theory And Some Applications
* Spatial Point Processes And Clustering Tendency In Exploratory Data Analysis
* Statistical Evaluation Of Computer Extracted Blood Cell Features For Screening Populations To Detect Leukemias
* Stochastic Geometry And Perception
* Structural Methods In Pattern Analysis
* Structural Pattern Recognition: A Random Graph Approach
* Tensor Differential Scale Space Representation, The
* Texture Subspaces
* Three Dimensional Organ Recognition By Tomographic Image Analysis
* Tissue Image Segmentation With Multicolor, Multifocal Algorithms
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