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SCG 96 * Combinatorial And Experimental Results For Randomized Point Matching Algorithms
* Computational Algorithm For Origami Design, A
* Curve Based Stereo Matching Using The Minimum Hausdorff Distance
* Optimal Robust Localization In Trees
* Polynomial-Time Algorithm For Computing A Shortest Path Of Bounded Curvature Amidst Moderate Obstacles, A

SCG 97 * A-Shapes Of A Finite Point Set
* General Method For Partial Point Set Matching, A

SCG(85) * Bounds For Partitioning Rectilinear Polygons
* Characterizing Bar Line-Of-Sight Graphs
* Complexity Of Cutting Paper, The
* Computational Geometry Approach To Clustering Problems, A
* Computing A Convex Skull Of An Orthogonal Polygon
* Computing Separating Planes For A Pair Of Disjoint Polytopes
* Computing The Largest Empty Convex Subset Of A Set Of Points
* Computing The Width Of A Set
* Consistent Calculations For Solids Modeling
* Decomposing Polygonal Regions Into Convex Quadrilaterals
* Direct Dominance Problem, The
* Distance Problems In Computational Geometry With Fixed Orientations
* Dynamization Of Geometric Data Structures
* Efficient Algorithm For Planning Collision-Free Translational Motion Of A Convex Polygonal Object In 2-Dimensional Space Amidst Polygonal Obstacles, An
* Efficient And Simple Motion Planning Algorithm For A Ladder Moving In Two-Dimensional Space Amidst Polygonal Barriers, An
* Exploiting Topological And Geometric Properties For Selective Subdivision
* Extended Gaussian Images, Mixed Volumes, And Shape Reconstruction
* Finding Minimal Convex Nested Polygons
* Finding The Optimal Shadows Of A Convex Polytope
* Geometric Reasoning System For Moving An Object While Maintaining Contact With Others, A
* Halfspace Range Search: An Algorithmic Application Of K-Sets
* Improved Algorithm For Constructing Kth-Order Voronoi Diagrams, An
* Method For Drawing Graphs, A
* Modeling Planar Configurations
* New Techniques For Computing Order Statistics In Euclidean Space
* On Partitioning Polygons
* On The Complexity Of Reachability And Motion Planning Questions
* On The Partitionability Of Point Sets In Space
* Output-Size Sensitive Algorithms For Finding Maximal Vectors
* Planning The Shortest Path For A Disc In O(N(2)Log
* Pyramid Computer Algorithms For Determining Geometric Properties Of Images
* Quadtrees, Octrees, Hyperoctrees: A Unified Analytical Approach To Tree Data Structures Used In Graphics, Geometric Modeling, And Image Processing
* Range Searching In A Set Of Line Segments
* Reconstruction Of Solids
* Rectilinear Shortest Paths With Rectangular Barriers
* Sorting Jordan Sequences In Linear Time
* Turtlegons: Generating Simple Polygons From Sequences Of Angles
* Visibility And Intersection Problems In Plane Geometry
* Voronoi Diagrams And Arrangements
* Voronoi Diagrams Based On Convex Distance Functions
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