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September 10-12 * Eighth British Machine Vision Conference, Essex, England, September 8-11, 1997. 33. Seventh International Conference On Computer Analysis Of Images And Patterns, Kiel, Germany

September 10-13 * Irish Machine Vision And Image Processing Conference, Ulster, Ireland

September 11-14 * Bmvc '95, Sixth British Machine Vision Conference, Birmingham, Uk

September 11-15 * Workshop On Mathematical Methods In Computer Vision, Minneapolis, Mn

September 12-14 * Mmvip '95, Second International Conference On Mechatronics And Machine Vision In Practice, Hong Kong

September 14-17 * International Symposium On Computational Intelligence In Robotics And Automation, Gaithersburg, Md

September 15-18 * World Congress On Neural Networks, San Diego, Ca

September 15-26 * Equinoctial School On Geometry And Computation, Zurich, Switzerland

September 16-19 * Ieee International Conference On Image Processing, Lausanne, Switzerland

September 16-20 * International Workshop On Algorithmic Foundations Of Geographic Information Systems, Udine, Italy

September 17-19 * Isprs Workshop On 3d Reconstruction And Modeling Of Topographic Objects, Stuttgart, Germany
* Ninth International Conference On Image Analysis And Processing, Florence, Italy

September 18-20 * Aimsa '96, Seventh International Conference On Artificial Intelligence: Methodology, Systems, Applications, Sozopol, Bulgaria
* Intelligent Vehicles '96, Tokyo, Japan
* Proceedings, Camp '95 (Computer Architectures For Machine Perception), Como, Italy

September 2-3 * Iapr Workshop On Methods For Extracting And Mapping Buildings, Roads, And Other Man-Made Structures From Images, Graz, Austria

September 2-4 * Iapr Workshop On Machine Perception Applications, Graz, Austria

September 2-5 * Fifth International Workshop On Frontiers In Handwriting Recognition, Colchester, Uk

September 21-23 * Cosit '95, Conference On Spatial Information Theory, Semmering, Austria

September 21-25 * Fifth German-Russian Workshop On Pattern Recognition And Image Understanding, Herrsching, Germany

September 22-24 * Third International Conference On Road Vehicle Automation, Salamanca, Spain

September 23-27 * Image And Signal Processing For Remote Sensing, Taormina, Sicily

September 24-25 * International Workshop On Robotics And Automated Machinery For Bio-Productions, Agriculture, Agro-Food Processing, Environment And Management, Valencia, Spain

September 24-27 * Iconip '96, International Conference On Neural Information Processing, Hong Kong

September 25-26 * Intelligent Vehicles '95, Detroit, Mi

September 28-October 1 * Joint Conference On Information Sciences, Wrightsville Beach, Nc

September 29-30 * Fifth International Workshop On Parallel Image Analysis, Hiroshima, Japan

September 29-October 11 * Fourth Conference On Optical 3-D Measurement Techniques, Zurich, Switzerland

September 3-4 * Workshop On Computer Vision, Hong Kong, China

September 5-6 * International Symposium On Machine Vision In Industrial Practice, Steyr, Austria

September 5-9 * International Workshop On Synthetic Natural Hybrid Coding And Three-Dimensional Imaging, Rhodes, Greece

September 6-8 * Caip '95, Sixth International Conference On Computer Analysis Of Images And Patterns, Prague, Czech Republic

September 7-11 * Ieee/Eurasip Workshop On Nonlinear Signal And Image Processing, Mackinac Island, Mi
* Ieee/Rsj International Conference On Intelligent Robots And Systems, Grenoble, France

September 8-11 * Fuzz-Ieee '96, Fifth International Conference On Fuzzy Systems, New Orleans, La

September 8-9 * Videometrics V (San Diego, Ca, July 30-31), Proc. Spie 3174. 31. International Workshop On Algebraic Frames For The Perception-Action Cycle, Kiel, Germany

September 9-11 * Isprs Workshop On Theoretical And Practical Aspects Of Surface Reconstruction And 3-D Object Extraction, Haifa, Israel

September 9-12 * Proceedings Of The Seventh British Machine Vision Conference, Edinburgh, Scotland

September * Special Issue|Computational Geometry In Manufacturing, Algorithmica 191-2

SEPTEMBER(and) * Guest Eds., Special Issue On Neural Networks, P-Ieee 78(9,10)

September(XX) * Guest Ed., [Special Issue On] Architectures For Volume Rendering (Papers From The Ninth Eurographics Workshop On Graphics, September 12-13, 1994), C&G 19(

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