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Singapore 95 * Computer Perceptual Organization In Computer Vision, World Scientific
* Picture Interpretation: A Symbolic Approach, World Scientific

Singapore 97 * Fuzzy Algorithms: With Applications To Image Processing And Pattern Recognition, World Scientific
* Generic Object Recognition Using Form And Function, World Scientific

Singapore 98 * Introduction To Pattern Recognition|Statistical, Structural, Neural, And Fuzzy Logic Approaches, World Scientific
* Investigation Into The Extraction Of Features From Images: From Curves To Features, World Scientific
* Parallel Image Analysis|Tools And Models, World Scientific
* Principles Of Artificial Neural Networks, World Scientific

Singapore * Advances In Digital And Computational Geometry, Springer
* Advances In Pattern Recognition And Applications (Valencia, Spain, September 21-25, 1992), World Scientific
* Advances In Pattern Recognition Systems Using Neural Network Technologies, World Scientific
* Advances In Visual Form Analysis (Capri, Italy, May 28-30, 1997), World Scientific
* Artificial Intelligence--Methodology, Systems, Applications (Aimsa '94: 6th International Conference, Sofia, Bulgaria, September 21-24, 1994), World Scientific
* Computer Graphics And Applications (Proceedings Of The Third Pacific Conference, Seoul, Korea, August 21-24, 1995), World Scientific
* Document Analysis Systems Ii, World Scientific
* Document Analysis Systems, World Scientific
* Fundamentals Of Computer Graphics (Proceedings Of The Second Pacific Conference On Computer Graphics And Applications, Beijing, China, August 26-29, 1994), World Scientific
* Handbook Of Character Recognition And Document Image Analysis, World Scientific
* Handbook Of Graph Grammars And Computing By Graph Transformation. Volume 1: Foundations, World Scientific
* Intelligent Robots|Sensing, Modeling, And Planning, World Scientific
* Machine Learning And Perception (Ancona, Italy, June 20-23, 1995), World Scienti,C
* Machine Learning And Perception (Ancona, Italy, June 22-23, 1995), World Scientific
* Modelling And Planning For Sensor Based Intelligent Robot Systems, World Scientific
* Parallel Image Analysis: Theory And Applications (Third International Workshop On Parallel Image Analysis, College Park, Md, June 7-9, 1994), World Scientific
* Progress In Handwriting Recognition Proceedings Of The Fifth International Workshop On Frontiers In Handwriting Recognition, Colchester, England, September 2-5, 1996, World Scientific
* Research In Computer And Robot Vision, World Scientific
* Shape, Structure, And Pattern Recognition (International Workshop On Structural And Syntactic Pattern Recognition, Nahariya, Israel, October 4-6, 1994), World Scientific
* Studies In Pattern Recognition|A Memorial To The Late Professor King-Sun Fu, World Scientific
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SINGAPORE(89) * Hopfield Model, World Scientific, The
* Neural Networks-Computers With Intuition, World Scientific

SINGAPORE(90) * Autonomous Mobile Robots-Vehicles With Cognitive Control, World Scientific
* Computer Transformation Of Digital Images And Patterns, World Scientific
* Digital Optical Cellular Image Processor-Theory, Architecture, And Implementation, World Scientific, A
* Fractal Growth Phenomena, World Scientific
* From Humans To Computers-Cognition Through Visual Perception, World Scientific
* Visualizing Abstract Objects And Relations, World Scientific

SINGAPORE(91) * Computer Vision, Models, And Inspection, World Scientific
* Image Analysis And Its Applications, World Scientific
* Image Analysis And Processing (Proceedings Of The Sixth International Conference, Como, Italy, September 4-6, 1991), World Scientific
* Neural Networks For Pattern Recognition And Their Applications, World Scientific
* Stochastic Complexity In Statistical Inquiry, World Scientific

SINGAPORE(92) * Fractal Growth Phenomena (Second Edition), World Scientific

SINGAPORE(93) * Computer Vision, Models, And Inspection, World Scientific

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