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SPATIAL VISION(1) * Feature-Based Image Segmentation In Human Vision
* On The Extraction And Alignment Of Image Edges
* Optical Flow Of Planar Surfaces, The
* Perception Of A Dotted Line In Noise: A Model Of Good Continuation And Some Experimental Results, The
* Psychophysical And Computational Studies Of Random-Dot Moire' Patterns
* Selective Internal Operations In The Recognition Of Locally And Globally Point-Inverted Patterns
* Subjective Figures And Texture Perception
* Three Processing Characteristics Of Visual Texture Segmentation

Spatial Vision(11) * Iprs Image Processing And Pattern Recognition System, The

SPATIAL VISION(2) * Gaussian Derivative For Spatial Vision: I. Retinal Mechanisms, The
* Theory On The Determination Of 3d Motion And 3d Structure From Features, A

SPATIAL VISION(3) * Massively Parallel Implementations Of Theories For Apparent Motion

SPATIAL VISION(5) * Edge Extraction By Active Defocusing

SPATIAL VISION(6) * Abstract Processes In Texture Discrimination
* Can Human Texture Discrimination Be Mimicked By A Computer Model Using Local Fourier Analysis?
* Measurement Of The 2d Affine Lie Group Parameters For Visual Motion Analysis

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