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SV(10) * Guest Ed., Special Issue On Learning And Adaptation In Man And Machine--Part I, Sv 9(4), 1996, 391-521, And Part Ii
* Machine Learning Paradigms For Pattern Recognition And Image Understanding
* Stereo Model Using Log And Gabor Filters, A

SV(4) * Line Segregation
* Motion: The Long And Short Of It
* Role Of Stimulus Structure In Spatial Hyperacuity, The
* Shape Information From Shading: A Theory About Human Perception
* Texture Fields And Texture Flows: Sensitivity To Differences
* Three Stages And Two Systems Of Visual Processing

SV(5) * Angular Frequency Filtering: A Basis For Pattern Decomposition
* Computational Modelling Of Motion Detectors: Responses To Two-Frame Displays
* Object-Oriented Model For Brightness Perception, An

SV(7) * Guest Ed., Texture And Visual Search: A Special Issue In Honor Of Bela Julesz
* Guest Eds., Special Issue On Perceptual Transparency
* Optic Flow And Depth Perception
* Texture Classification And Segmentation Algorithms In Man And Machine

SV(8) * Continuous Symmetry: A Model For Human Figural Perception
* Guest Ed., A Special Issue In Honor Of Bela Julesz: Part Ii
* Guest Eds., Invariance, Recognition, And Perception: A Special Issue In Honor Of Peter C. Dodwell
* Quantification Of Local Symmetry: Application To Texture Discrimination
* Segmenting Textured 3d Surfaces Using The Space/Frequency Representation
* Symmetric 3d Objects Are An Easy Case For 2d Object Recognition

SV(9) * Integrated Computational Model Of Three-Dimensional Vision, An
* Motion Detectors And Motion Segregation
* Segmenting Textures Using Cells With Adaptive Receptive Fields
* Viewpoint Dependency In Object Representation And Recognition
* Visual Learning In The Perception Of Texture: Simple And Contingent Aftereffects Of Texture Density

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