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T-CAS 34() * Guest Ed., Special Issue On Digital Image Processing And Applications

T-CAS(34) * Adaptive Nonlinear Filters For Simultaneous Removal Of Different Kinds Of Noise In Images
* Fast Algorithm For Two-Dimensional Median Filtering, A
* From Multiple Views To Object Recognition
* Image Processing And Analysis In Multisensory Systems
* Knowledge-Based System For Biomedical Image Processing And Recognition, A
* Linear-Median Hybrid Edge Detectors
* Morphological Filters: Statistics And Further Syntactic Properties
* Pipelined Architecture For Parallel Image Relaxation Operations, A
* Recent Results In High-Compression Image Coding
* Representation And Recognition Of Objects From Dense Range Maps
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T-COMM(32) * Absolute Moment Block Truncation Coding And Its Application To Color Images
* Adaptive Two-Dimensional Tree Encoding Of Images Using Spatial Masking
* Algorithm For Construction Of Variable Length Code With Limited Word Length
* Coding Of Broadcast Tv Signals For Transmission Over Satellite Channels
* Composite Ntsc Color Video Bandwidth Compressor, A
* Correction To ``Two-Dimensional Markov Representations Of Sampled Images''
* Design Of Quantizers From Histograms
* Dpcm Picture Coding With Two-Dimensional Control Of Adaptive Quantization
* Effectiveness And Efficiency Of Hybrid Transform/Dpcm Interframe Image Coding, The
* Efficient Encoding Of Colored Pictures In R,G,B Components
* Embedding Data Into Pictures By Modulo Masking
* Extended Definition Tv
* Hamming Coding Of Dct-Compressed Images Over Noisy Channels
* Image Decimation And Interpolation Techniques Based On Frequency Domain Analysis
* Improved Adaptive Predictor In Dpcm Based On The Kalman Filter And Its Application To Handwriting Signal Encoding, An
* Improved Pel-Recursive Motion Compensation
* Interframe Coding System For Video Teleconferencing Signal Transmission At A 1.5 Mbit/S Rate, An
* Motion-Compensated Interframe Coding Scheme For Ntsc Color Television Signals, A
* Movement Compensated Interframe Prediction For Ntsc Color Tv Signals
* New Architecture For Adaptive Intrafield Transform Compression Of Ntsc Composite Video Signal, A
* Noise Reduction In Image Sequences Using Motion-Compensated Temporal Filtering
* Output Distribution Of Median Type Filters, The
* Performance Of Transform Coding For Carrier Chrominance Signals
* Recursive Estimation Of Local Characteristics Of Edges In Tv Pictures As Applied To Adpcm Coding
* Scene Adaptive Coder
* Simple Approximation For Minimum Mean-Square Error Symmetric Uniform Quantization, A
* Subjectively Adapted Image Communication System, A
* Theoretical Comparison Between Dpcm And Transform Coding Regarding The Robustness Of Coding Performance For Variation Of Picture Statistics
* Two-Dimensional Fir Adm Digital Filters
* Vector Quantizer Design For Memoryless Gaussian, Gamma, And Laplacian Sources
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T-COMM(33) * Algorithm For The Design Of Labeled-Transition Finite-State Vector Quantizers, An
* Block Distortion In Orthogonal Transform Coding-Analysis, Minimization, And Distortion Measure
* Encoding Of Arbitrary Curves Based On The Chain Code Representation
* Fixed And Adaptive Predictors For Hybrid Predictive/Transform Coding
* Further Investigation Of Max'S Algorithm For Optimum Quantization, A
* Improvement Of The Minimum Distortion Encoding Algorithm For Vector Quantization, An
* Motion Compensated Image Coding With A Combined Maximum A Posteriori And Regression Algorithm
* Motion Compensated Interframe Image Prediction
* Performance Of Block Cosine Image Coding With Adaptive Quantization
* Predictive Coding Based On Efficient Motion Estimation
* Predictive Vector Quantization Of Images
* Predictor Switching Scheme For Dpcm Coding Of Video Signals, A
* Uncovered Background Prediction In Interframe Coding
* Uniform Spherical Coordinate Quantization Of Spherically Symmetric Sources
* Vector Quantization Of Differential Luminance And Chrominance Signals
* Visual Model Weighted Cosine Transform For Image Compression And Quality Assessment, A
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T-COMM(34) * Adaptive Transform Coding Based On Chain Coding Concepts
* Classified Vector Quantization Of Images
* Comments On ``A Predictor Switching Scheme For Dpcm Coding Of Video Signals''
* Comments On ``A Simple Approximation For Minimum Mean-Square Error Symmetric Uniform Quantization''
* Encoding And Progressive Transmission Of Still Pictures In Ntsc Composite Format Using Transform Domain Methods
* Image Compression Using Adaptive Vector Quantization
* Image Sequence Coding Using Vector Quantization
* Making Progressive Transmission Adaptive
* Recursive Block Coding-A New Approach To Transform Coding
* Semicompatible High Definition Television Using Field Differential Signals
* Visually Weighted Quantization Scheme For Image Bandwidth Compression At Low Data Rates, A
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T-COMP 37() * Guest Eds., Special Issue On Parallel And Distributed Algorithms

T-COMP(32) * Optimal Algorithms For The Intersection And The Minimum Distance Problems Between Planar Polygons
* Transposition Of Matrix Stored On Sequential File

T-COMP(33) * Complexity Of Single Layer Routing
* Computational Geometry -- A Survey
* Computational Geometry On A Systolic Chip
* Embedding Tree Structures In Vlsi Hexagonal Arrays
* Finding Maximum On An Array Processor With A Global Bus
* Finding Rectangle Intersections By Divide-And-Conquer
* Multiprocessor Architecture For Generating Fractal Surfaces, A
* On The 2-Dimensional Channel Assignment Problem
* Optimal Three-Layer Channel Routing
* Parallelism And Array Processing
* Pipeline And Parallel-Pipeline Fft Processors For Vlsi Implementations
* Routing Algorithms For Cellular Interconnection Arrays
* Serial/Parallel Convolvers
* Systolic Design For Connectivity Problems, A
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T-COMP(34) * Complete Binary Spanning Trees Of The Eight Nearest Neighbor Array
* Correlation Of Adjacent Pixels For Multiple Image Registration
* Finding Interferences Between Rectangular Paths
* Gracefully Degradable Processor Arrays
* On Symmetry Detection
* On The Structure Of The Homogeneous Multiprocessors
* Parallel Computer Architectures And Problem Solving Strategies For The Consistent Labeling Problem
* Semisystolic Array Implementation Of Circular, Skew Circular, And Linear Convolutions
* Shift X Parity Watch Algorithm For Raster Scan Displays, The
* Synchronizing Large Vlsi Processor Arrays
* Systolic Sorting On A Mesh-Connected Network
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T-COMP(35) * Designing Systolic Algorithms Using Sequential Machines
* Efficient Memory System For Image Processing, An
* Group Properties Of Cellular Automata And Vlsi Applications
* Multigrid Algorithms On The Hypercube Multiprocessor
* Representation Of Uncertainty In Computer Vision Using Fuzzy Sets
* Systolic Algorithms For Local Operations On Images
* Vlsi Solution To The Vertical Segment Visibility Problem, A
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T-COMP(36) * Characterization And Analysis Of Parallel Processor Interconnection Networks, A
* Efficient Embeddings Of Binary Trees In Vlsi Arrays
* Hypernet: A Communication-Efficient Architecture For Constructing Massively Parallel Computers
* Improved Algorithm For Constructing Kth-Order Voronoi Diagrams, An
* Mapping Strategy For Parallel Processing, A
* Minimum-Area Wiring For Slicing Structures
* Rectilinear Shortest Paths
* Warp Computer: Architecture, Implementation, And Performance, The
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T-COMP(37) * Dynamic Fault Reconfiguration In A Mesh-Connected Mimd Environment
* Efficient Parallel Convex Hull Algorithms
* Generating Fractal-Like Surfaces On General Purpose Mesh-Connected Computers
* Minimal Mesh Embeddings In Binary Hypercubes
* Modified Mesh-Connected Parallel Computers
* On Embedding Rectangular Grids In Hypercubes
* On Multidimensional Arrays Of Processors
* Simulating Essential Pyramids
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T-COMP(38) * Fast And Flexible Thinning Algorithm, A
* Hardware Algorithms For Determining Similarity Between Two Strings
* Mesh Computer Algorithms For Computational Geometry
* On The Communication Complexity Of Generalized 2-D Convolution On Array Processors
* Optimal Shortest-Path Routing Policy For Network Computers With Regular Mesh-Connected Topologies, An
* Parallel Sorting In Two-Dimensional Vlsi Models Of Computation
* Primitive Cellular Automata, Threshold Decomposition, And Ranked Order Operations
* Scans As Primitive Parallel Operations
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T-COMP(39) * Addressing, Routing, And Broadcasting In Hexagonal Mesh Multiprocessors
* Algorithms For Image Component Labeling On Simd Mesh-Connected Computers
* Embedding Rectangular Grids Into Square Grids With Dilation Two
* Emulation Of Hypercube Architecture On Nearest-Neighbor Mesh-Connected Processing Elements
* Performance And Architectural Issues For String Matching
* Systolic Evaluation Of Polynomial Expressions

T-COMP(40) * Constraint Networks In Vision
* Cooperative Vision Integration Through Data-Parallel Neural Computations
* Embedding Complete Binary Trees Into Butterfly Networks
* Embedding Rectangular Grids Into Square Grids
* Guest Ed., Special Issue On Artificial Neural Networks
* Neural Network Approach To The Labeling Of Line Drawings, A
* Optimal Distance Networks Of Low Degree For Parallel Computers
* Parallel Algorithms For Image Processing On Omc
* Placement Of The Processors On A Hypercube
* Square Meshes Are Not Always Optimal
* Two-Dimensional, Distributed Logic Architecture, A
* Variation On The Hypercube With Lower Diameter, A
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T-COMP(44) * On Computing Connected Components Of Line Segments
* Optimal Parallel Hypercube Algorithms For Polygon Problems

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