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T-NN(3) * Analog Vlsi Implementation For Stereo Correspondence Between 2-D Images

T-NN(4) * Implementation Of Parallel Thinning Algorithms Using Recurrent Neural Networks
* Mean Field Annealing Using Compound Gauss-Markov Random Fields For Edge Detection And Image Estimation
* Unified Approach To Boundary Perception: Edges, Textures, And Illusory Contours, A

T-NN(7) * Human Expression Recognition From Motion Using A Radial Basis Function Network Architecture
* Image Recovery And Segmentation Using Competitive Learning In A Layered Network
* Improved Radial Basis Function Network For Visual Autonomous Road Following, An
* Learning Shape From Shading By A Multilayer Network
* Recognition And Pose Estimation Of Unoccluded Three-Dimensional Objects From A Two-Dimensional Perspective View By Banks Of Neural Networks
* So Dynamic Deformation For Building Of 3-D Models

T-NN(8) * Face Recognition/Detection By Probabilistic Decision-Based Neural Network
* Face Recognition: A Convolutional Neural-Network Approach

T-NN(81) * Guest Eds., Special Issue On Artificial Neural Networks And Statistical Pattern Recognition

T-NN(9) * Detection Of Mines And Minelike Targets Using Principal Components And Neural-Network
* Recognition Of Human Head Orientation Based On Artificial Neural Networks
* Supervised Texture Classification Using A Probabilistic Neural Network And Constraint Satisfaction Model

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