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T-VCG(2) * Algorithm For The Medial Axis Transform Of 3d Polyhedral Solids, An
* D-Nurbs: A Physics-Based Framework For Geometric Design
* Function Representation For Sweeping By A Moving Solid
* Image Metamorphosis With Scattered Feature Constraints
* Road Map To Solid Modeling, A
* Shape Description By Medial Surface Construction
* Volume-Preserving Free-Form Solids
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T-VCG(3) * Animation Of Deformable Models Using Implicit Surfaces
* Complex Character Positioning Based On A Compatible Flow Model Of Multiple Supports
* Converting Discrete Images To Partitioning Trees
* Conveying The 3d Shape Of Smoothlycurving Transparent Surfaces Via Texture
* Discrete Analytical Hypersphere, The
* Dynamic Free-Form Deformations For Animation Synthesis
* Fast Gibbs Sampler For Synthesizing Constrained Fractals, A
* Multipole Expansion Of The Light Vector
* Multiresolution Representation And Visualization Of Volume Data
* Out-Of-Core Streamline Visualization On Large Unstructured Meshes
* Physically-Based Stochastic Simplification Of Mathematical Knots
* Topology Of Symmetric, Second-Order 3d Tensor Fields, The
* Wavelet Representation Of Reflectance Functions, A
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T-VCG(4) * Calibration-Free Augmented Reality
* Dynamic Catmull-Clark Subdivision Surfaces
* Efficient Collision Detection Using Bounding Volume Hierarchies Of K-Dop'S
* Fast Collision Detection Among Multiple Moving Spheres
* Fast Horizon Computation At All Points Of A Terrain With Visibility And Shading Applications
* Modeling, Animating, And Rendering Complex Scenes Using Volumetric Textures

T-VCG(XX) * Exploiting Triangulated Surface Extraction Using Tetrahedral Decomposition

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