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TDMV(87) * 3-D Object Representation From Range Data Using Intrinsic Surface Properties
* 3-D Vision System Analysis And Design
* 3dpo: A Three-Dimensional Part Orientation System
* Noncontact Optical Proximity Sensor For Measuring Surface Shape, A
* Object Recognition System Using Three-Dimensional Information, An
* Producing Space Shuttle Tiles With A 3-D Non-Contact Measurement System
* Recognition And Localization Of Overlapping Parts From Sparse Data
* Representation, Recognition, And Positioning Of 3-D Shapes From Range Data, The
* Robot Vision By Encoded Light Beams
* Semantic-Free Approach To 3-D Robot Color Vision, A
* Three-Dimensional Sensor Based On Structured Light, A
* Three-Dimensional Vision Systems Using The Structured-Light Method For Inspecting Solder Joints And Assembly Robots
* Toward A Surface Primal Sketch
* Use Of Vertex-Type Knowledge For Range Data Analysis
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