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TOG(10) * Closed Smooth Piecewise Bicubic Surfaces
* Depth-Order Point Classification Techniques For Csg Display Algorithms
* Drawing Antialiased Cubic Spline Curves
* Dynamic Nurbs With Geometric Constraints For Interactive Sculpting
* Integer Forward Differencing Of Cubic Polynomials: Analysis And Algorithms
* Linear Time Oslo Algorithm, A
* Locally Controllable Conic Splines With Curvature Continuity
* Numerically Stable Implicitization Of Cubic Curves
* Rendering Curves And Surfaces With Hybrid Subdivision And Forward Differencing
* Turning Point Preserving Planar Interpolation
* Using Multivariate Resultants To Find The Intersection Of Three Quadric Surfaces
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TOG(11) * Algebraic Surface Design With Hermite Interpolation
* Analysis Of Selected Computer Interchange Color Spaces, An
* Color Quantization By Dynamic Programming And Principal Analysis
* Creating Multisided Rational Bezier Surfaces Using Base Points
* Double-Step Incremental Linear Interpolation
* Estimating Subdivision Depths For Rational Curves And Surfaces
* Extension Of Manifold Boundary Representations To The R-Sets, An
* Getting Raster Ellipses Right
* Guest Ed., Special Issue On Color
* Modeling Pigmented Materials For Realistic Image Synthesis
* Octrees For Faster Isosurface Generation
* Practical Approach To Calculating Luminance Contrast On A Crt, A
* Precision Requirements For Digital Color Reproduction
* Refinement Methods For Geometric Bounds In Constructive Solid Geometry
* Simple Output-Sensitive Algorithm For Hidden Surface Removal, A
* Surfaces From Contours
* Visibility Ordering Meshed Polyhedra
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TOG(12) * Dimension-Independent Modeling With Simplicial Complexes
* Inferring Constraints From Multiple Snapshots
* Separation For Boundary To Csg Conversion

TOG(13) * Guest Ed., Special Issue On Interactive Sculpting
* Interactive Design Of Smooth Objects With Probabilistic Point Constraints
* Inverse Kinematics Positioning Using Nonlinear Programming For Highly Articulated Figures
* Multiresolution Stochastic Hybrid Shape Models With Fractal Priors
* On The Lower Degree Intersections Of Two Natural Quadrics
* Simple Constrained Deformations For Geometric Modeling And Interactive Design
* Topological Considerations In Isosurface Generation
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TOG(14) * Adjoint Equations And Random Walks For Illumination Computation
* Device-Directed Rendering
* Direct Construction Of Polynomial Surfaces From Dense Range Images Through Growing
* Geometric Programming: A Programming Approach To Geometric Design
* Hierarchical Triangulation For Multiresolution Surface Description
* Intersecting Solids On A Massively Parallel Processor
* Modeling With Cubic A-Patches
* Smoothing Polyhedra Made Easy
* Surface Fitting With Hierarchical Splines
* Using Visual Texture For Information Display
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TOG(15) * Approach To 3d Pose Determination, An
* Image Shading Taking Into Account Relativistic Effects
* Sticky Splines: Definition And Manipulation Of Spline Structures

TOG(16) * Comparative Analysis Of The Quantization Of Color Spaces On The Basis Of The Cielab Color Difference Formula
* Graph-Constructive Approach To Solving Systems Of Geometric Constraints, A
* Multiresolution Analysis For Surfaces Of Arbitrary Topological Type

TOG(17) * Computing Moments Of Objects Enclosed By Piecewise Polynomial Surfaces
* Geometric Compression Through Topological Surgery
* Sampling Procedural Shaders Using Affine Arithmetic
* Three-Dimensional Distance Field Metamorphosis

TOG(2) * Best Approximate Circles On Integer Grids
* Efficient Polygon-Filling Algorithms For Raster Displays
* Multiresolution Spline With Application To Image Mosaics, A

TOG(3) * Automatic Finite-Element Mesh Generation
* Brush-Trajectory Approach To Figure Specification: Some Algebraic Solutions, The
* Convex Decomposition Of Simple Polygons
* Geometric Structures For Three-Dimensional Shape Representation
* Guest Eds., Special Issue On Computational Geometry
* Improved Computational Methods For Ray Tracing
* Markov Chains And Computer-Aided Geometric Design: Part I - Problems And Constraints
* New Concept And Method For Line Clipping, A
* New Point-Location Algorithm And Its Practical Efficiency -Comparison With Existing Algorithms, A
* Ray Tracing Objects Defined By Sweeping Planar Cubic Splines
* Three-Dimensional Alpha Shapes
* Triangulating Simple Polygons And Equivalent Problems
* Triangulation And Shape Complexity
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TOG(4) * Algorithms For Degree-Raising Of Splines
* Application Of Scene Synthesis Techniques To The Display Of Multidimensional Image Data, The
* Curve-Drawing Algorithms For Raster Displays
* Incremental Linear Interpolation
* Linear Time Algorithm For Triangulating A Point-Visible Polygon, A
* Markov Chains And Computer Aided Geometric Design: Part Ii - Examples And Subdivision Matrices
* Object Representation By Means Of Nonminimal Division Quadtrees And Octrees
* Primitives For The Manipulation Of General Subdivisions And The Computation Of Voronoi Diagrams
* Projective Transformations Of The Parameter Of A Bernstein-Bezier Curve
* Ray Tracing Generalized Cylinders
* Shading Models For Point And Linear Sources
* Storing A Collection Of Polygons Using Quadtrees
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TOG(5) * Boolean Operations Of 2-Manifolds Through Vertex Neighborhood Classification
* Experimental Evaluation Of Computer Graphics Imagery, An
* Stochastic Sampling In Computer Graphics

TOG(6) * Digital Halftones By Dot Diffusion
* Enhanced Treatment Of Hidden Lines, An
* Experimental Comparison Of Rgb, Yiq, Lab, Hsv, And Opponent Color Models, An
* Generalized Stochastic Subdivision
* Geometric Approaches To Nonplanar Quadric Surface Intersection Curves
* Modeling And Rendering Waves: Wave-Tracing Using Beta-Splines And Reflective And Refractive Texture Mapping
* Modeling The Effect Of The Atmosphere On Light
* New Local Basis For Designing With Tensioned Splines, A
* Polyhedral Subdivision Methods For Free-Form Surfaces
* Weighted Bicubic Spline Interpolation To Rapidly Varying Data
* Worst-Case Optimal Hidden-Surface Removal
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TOG(7) * Color Gamut Mapping And The Printing Of Digital Color Images
* Composing Bezier Simplexes
* Conditions For Tangent Plane Continuity Over Recursively Generated B-Spline Surfaces
* Decomposable Algorithm For Contour Surface Display Generation, A
* Geometric Continuity, Shape Parameters, And Geometric Constructions For Catmull-Rom Splines
* Hierarchical Boundary Model For Solid Object Representation, A
* Line Drawings Of Octree-Represented Objects
* Multiprocessor Experiments For High-Speed Ray Tracing
* On The Power Of The Frame Buffer
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TOG(8) * Active Zones In Csg For Accelerating Boundary Evaluation, Redundancy Elimination, Interference Detection, And Shading Algorithms
* Automatic Parameterization Of Rational Curves And Surfaces Iv: Algebraic Space Curves
* Automatic Parsing Of Degenerate Quadric-Surface Intersections
* Blending Algebraic Surfaces
* Blending Parametric Surfaces
* Curvature Continuity And Offsets For Piecewise Conics
* Discrete Smooth Interpolation
* Displacement Method For Implicit Blending Surfaces In Solid Models, The
* Generalized Ball Curve And Its Recursive Algorithm, A
* Geometric Characterization Of Parametric Cubic Curves, A
* Intersection Algorithms For Lines And Circles
* Local Generalized Hermite Interpolation By Quartic C[2] Space Curves
* Multiple-Knot And Rational Cubic Beta-Splines
* Multisided Generalization Of Be'Zier Surfaces, A
* On Local Implicit Approximation And Its Applications
* Parallel B-Spline Surface Fitting Algorithm, A
* Rational Continuity: Parametric, Geometric, And Frenet Frame Continuity Of Rational Curves
* Round Trip To B-Splines Via De Casteljau, A
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TOG(9) * Butterfly Subdivision Scheme For Surface Interpolation With Tension Control, A
* Comments On ``Stochastic Sampling In Computer Graphics''
* Computation Of The Axial View Of A Set Of Isothetic Parallelepipeds
* Contour Tracing By Piecewise Linear Approximations
* Efficient Ray Tracing Of Volume Data
* Extending The Radiosity Method To Include Specularly Reflecting And Translucent Materials
* Fast Line Scan-Conversion
* Improper Intersection Of Algebraic Curves
* Investigation Of Curvature Variations Over Recursively Generated B-Spline Surfaces, An
* Knot Insertion For Beta-Spline Curves And Surfaces
* On The Construction Of Surfaces Interpolating Curves: I. A Method For Handling Nonconstant Parameter Curves
* Performing Geometric Transformations By Program Transformation
* Quartic Beta-Splines
* Rasterization Of Nonparametric Curves
* Rgyb Color Geometry, The
* Simple Method For Improved Color Printing Of Monitor Images, A
* Simulation Of Simplicity: A Technique To Cope With Degenerate Cases In Geometric Algorithms
* Solid Representation And Operation Using Extended Octrees
* Two Remarks On Tau Splines
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