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UK(84) * Parallel Computers --Architecture, Programming And Algorithms, Hilger, Bristol

UK(85) * Creative Computer Graphics, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge
* Geometry Of Fractal Sets, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, The
* Mathematical Description Of Shape And Form, Ellis Horwood, Chichester, The

UK(86) * Image Restoration And Reconstruction, Clarendon Press
* Machine Vision Sourcebook, Ifs, The
* Patterns And Operators: The Foundations Of Data Representation, North Oxford
* Results And Problems In Combinatorial Geometry, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge

UK(87) * Vlsi Image Processing, Blackwell

UK(89) * From Surfaces To Objects-Computer Vision And Three-Dimensional Scene Analysis, Wiley, Chichester
* Spatial Vision, Oxford University Press, Oxford

UK(90) * Discrete Relaxation Techniques, Oxford University Press, Oxford
* Theories Of Visual Perception, Wiley, Chichester
* Visual Pattern Analyzers, Oxford University Press, Oxford

UK(91) * Mathematical Foundations Of Computer Graphics, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge

UK(93) * Contour-Oriented Approach To Shape Analysis, Prentice-Hall, Hertfordshire, A
* Corticonics: Neural Circuits Of The Cerebral Cortex, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge
* Geometric Computation For Machine Vision, Oxford University Press, Oxford
* Introduction To Computing With Geometry, Information Geometers, Winchester
* Simulating Humans-Computer Graphics, Animation, And Control, Oxford University Press, Oxford

UK(94) * Computational Geometry In C, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge
* Parallel Computer Vision: The Vis A Vis System, Ellis Horwood, Chichester

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