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VC 3() * Guest Ed., Computational Geometry

VC(1) * Algorithms For Brush Movement
* Automatic Surface Generation In Computer Aided Design
* Functional Model For Constructive Solid Geometry, A
* Minimum Area Circumscribing Polygons
* Optimal Algorithms For Symmetry Detection In Two And Three Dimensions
* Single Linear Algorithm For Intersecting Convex Polygons, A
* Some Applications Of Resultants To Problems In Computational Geometry
* Unifying Approach For A Class Of Problems In The Computational Geometry Of Polygons, A
* Viewing Pipeline For Discrete Solid Modeling, A
* Voronoi Diagrams With Barriers And On Polyhedra For Minimal Path Planning
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VC(10) * Computational Methods For Evaluating Swept Object Boundaries
* Displacement Constraints For Interactive Modeling And Animation Of Articulated Structures
* Generating A Smooth Voxel-Based Model From An Irregular Polygon Mesh
* Guest Ed., Special Issue On Computational Geometry
* Multimouth Surfaces For Synthetic Actor Animation
* Simd Algorithm For Curved Object Recognition Using Grimson And Lozano-Perez Matching
* Solid Spaces And Inverse Particle Systems For Controlling The Animation Of Gases And Fluids
* Space-Efficient Region Filling In Raster Graphics
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VC(11) * Anomalous Color Spaces And Their Structure
* Cellular Automaton Model Of Particle Motions And Its Applications, A
* Computer Generation Of Harmonic Equihue Color Scales
* Dynamic Contour: A Texture Approach And Contour Operations
* Function Representation In Geometric Modeling: Concepts, Implementation, And Applications
* Horizon Computation On A Hierarchical Triangulated Terrain Model
* Modeling And Animation Of Facial Expressions Based On B-Splines
* Synthetic Coloring Of Fractal Terrains And Triangular Automata
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VC(12) * Aerodynamic Force Models For Animating Cloth Motion In Air Flow
* Bilinear Interpolation For Facial Expression And Metamorphosis In Real-Time Animation
* Collision Avoidance In Cloth Animation
* Constructing A 3d Individualized Head Model From Two Orthogonal Views
* Detection Of Rotational And Involutional Symmetries And Congruity Of Polyhedra
* Fast Massively Parallel Algorithms For Shortest Path Within Planar Figures
* Graphical Objects
* Interactive Real-Time Motion Blur
* Multiresolution Models For Topographic Surface Description
* Ratioquadrics: An Alternative Model For Superquadrics
* Representation And Realistic Rendering Of Natural Phenomena With Cyclic Csg Graphs
* Semi-Automatic System For Edge Tracking With Snakes, A
* Shape Transformation In Space-Time
* Surface Design Via Deformation Of Periodically Swept Surfaces
* Texture-Mapping Approach For The Compression Of Colored 3d Triangulations, A
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VC(13) * Algebras And Formal Specifications In Geometric Modelling
* Automatic Synthesis Of Image Details Based On Multiresolution Coherence
* Computer Generation Of Eroded Valley And Mountain Terrains
* High-Performance Texture Decompression Hardware
* Multiresolution Decimation Based On Global Error
* Representation And Visualization Of Terrain Surfaces At Variable Resolution
* Semiglobal Deformation And Correction Of Free-Form Surfaces Using A Mechanical Alternative
* Warp-Guided Object Space Morphing
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VC(14) * Cffd: A Tool For Designing Flexible Shapes
* Direct Manipulation Of Generalized Cylinders Based On B-Spline Motion
* Guest Ed., Special Issue On Flexible Shapes
* Motion Planning For Flexible Shapes (Systems With Many Degrees Of Freedom): A Survey
* Surface Subdivision For Generating Superquadrics
* Transformation Of Functionally Defined Shapes By Extended Space Mappings
* Variational Design Of Curves And Surfaces Using Multiresolution Constraints
* Vertex Representations And Their Applications In Computer Graphics
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VC(2) * Automated Generation Of Simply Connected Solid Objects From Wire-Frame Data Using Operations On Graphs
* Back-Buffer Algorithm: An Extension Of The Radiosity Method To Dynamic Environments, The
* Caustics And Specular Reflection Models For Spherical Objects And Lenses
* Characterization Of Illumination Models And Shading Techniques, A
* Clustering Methods For Geometric Objects And Applications To Design Problems
* Database Support For Solid Modeling
* Dispersive Refraction In Ray Tracing
* Experimental Csg Environment For Modelling Solid
* G-Quadtree: A Hierarchical Representation Of Gray-Scale Digital Images
* Linear Algorithm For Eliminating Hidden Lines From A Polygonal Cylinder, A
* Optical Clustering
* Radiosity: A Method For Computing Global Illumination
* Rendering Gems With Asterism Or Chatoyancy
* Texture Mapping And Distortion In Digital Graphics
* Visibility Between Two Edges Of A Simple Polygon
* Visual Simulation Of Amorphous Phenomena, The
* ``Lifegame'' Approach To Surface Modeling And Rendering, A
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VC(3) * Abstract Muscle Action Procedures For Human Face Animation
* Algorithm For Visible-Line And Visible-Surface Display Of Csg Models, An
* Animating Speech: An Automated Approach Using Speech Synthesised By Rules
* Animation Of A B-Spline Figure
* B2-Splines: A Local Representation For Cubic Spline Interpolation
* Box Sort, A Multidimensional Binary Sorting Method For Rectangular Boxes, Used For Quick Range Searching
* Computing The Volume Of The Union Of Spheres
* Data Structures And The Time Complexity Of Ray Tracing
* Fast Algorithms For Computing The Diameter Of A Finite Planar Set
* Geometric Study Of Parameters For The Recursive Midpoint Subdivision, A
* Hidden-Surface Removal In Polyhedral Cross-Sections
* Human Body Animation: A Survey
* Human Skin Model Capable Of Natural Shape Variation
* Lens Effect On Synthetic Image Generation Based On Light Particle Theory
* Mathematics Of Computer Graphics, The
* New Space Subdivision Method For Ray Tracing Csg Modelled Scenes, A
* Parallel Algorithms For Shortest Path Problems In Polygons
* Parallel Processing Of An Object Space For Image Synthesis Using Ray Tracing
* Planning Collision-Free Trajectories In Time-Varying Environments: A Two-Level Hierarchy
* Practical Method Of Constructing Surfaces In Three-Dimensional Digitized Space, A
* Recognizing Polygons, Or How To Spy
* Reconstruction And Semi-Transparent Display Method For Observing Inner Structure Of An Object Consisting Of Multiple Surfaces
* Simulation Of Natural Features Using Cone Tracing, The
* Solving Visibility And Separability Problems On A Mesh-Of-Processors
* Surface Representations Based On Triangular Grids
* Texture Modelling Applications
* Tolerances In Computer-Aided Geometric Design
* Translation Separability Of Sets Of Polygons
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VC(4) * Analysis Of An Algorithm For Fast Ray Tracing Using Uniform Space Subdivision
* Behavioral Test-Bed: Obtaining Complex Behavior From Simple Rules, The
* Deformable Models
* Dynamic Animation: Interaction And Control
* Gemstonefire: Adaptive Dispersive Ray Tracing Of Polyhedrons
* Hierarchical Structure To Winged-Edge Structure: A Conversion Algorithm
* Horizon Mapping: Shadows For Bump-Mapped Surfaces
* Mixed Methods For Complex Kinematic Constraints In Dynamic Figure Animation
* Octree Creation Via C.S.G. Definition
* Parallel, Overlapped, And Intersected Digital Straight Lines
* Symmetry, Beauty And Chaos In Chebyshev'S Paradise
* Tsl-A Texture Synthesis Language
* Two Algorithms For Taking Advantage Of Temporal Coherence In Ray Tracing
* Use Of Image Processing Techniques In Rendering Maps With Deterministic Chaos, The
* Visibility Problems For Orthogonal Objects In Two Or Three Dimensions
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VC(5) * Analysis Of Assembly, An
* Apex: Two Architectures For Generating Parametric Curves And Surfaces
* Comparison Of The Space Requirements Of Multi-Dimensional Quadtree-Based File Structures, A
* Display Of Profiled Sweep Objects
* Dynamics And Unification Of Animation Control
* Feature Based Object Decomposition For Finite Element Meshing
* Field Functions For Implicit Surfaces
* Generalized Symmetry And Its Application To 3d Shape Generation
* Geometry-Defining Processors For Engineering Design And Analysis
* Quadradic Blending Surfaces For Complex Corners
* Quaternion Calculus As A Basic Tool In Computer Graphics
* Representation Of Piecewise Continuous Algebraic Surfaces In Terms Of B-Splines
* Sampling Point Setting On Cubic Splines For Computer Animation
* Skeleton-Based Image Warping
* Smooth Appearance For Polygonal Surface
* Static Load Balancing For A Parallel Ray Tracing On A Mimd Hypercube
* Vector Interpolation For Surface Normal Calculation
* Vlsi System Architecture For High-Speed Radiative Transfer 3d Image Synthesis, A
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VC(6) * 3d Visualization Of Tomographic Volume Data Using The Generalized Voxel Model
* Adaptive Polygonization Of Parametric Surfaces
* Approximating Csg Trees Of Moving Objects
* Brain Peeling: Viewing The Inside Of A Laminar Three-Dimensional Solid
* Computer Image Generation For Flight Simulators: The Gabor Approach
* Directing An Animated Scene With Autonomous Actors
* Efficient Traversal Of Well-Behaved Hierarchical Trees Of Extents For Ray-Tracing Complex Scenes
* Facial Image Synthesis Using Skin Texture Recording
* Global Human Walking Model With Real-Time Kinematic Personification, A
* Graph-Directed Modelling From Serial Sections
* Guest Ed., Special Issue On Foundations Of Ray Tracing
* Guest Ed., Special Issue On Volume Visualization
* Guest Eds., Special Issue On Computer Animation 1989/90
* Heuristics For Ray Tracing Using Space Subdivision
* Highly Flexible Multiprocessor Solution For Ray Tracing, A
* Improved Techniques For Ray Tracing Parametric Surfaces
* Low-Cost Hardware Platform For Developing Realtime Graphics
* Polygon-Based Post-Process Motion Blur
* Ray Tracing Voxel Data Via Biquadratic Local Surface Interpolation
* Ray-Bound Tracing For Perfect And Efficient Anti-Aliasing
* Real Time Discrete Shading
* Singularity Theoretical Modeling And Animation Of Garment Wrinkle Formation Processes
* Technique For Motion Specification In Computer Animation, A
* Two Data Structures For Building Tetrahedralizations
* Volume Rendering By Adaptive Refinement
* Who Invented Ray Tracing? A Historical Remark
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VC(7) * Boolean Operations For Solids With Free-Form Surfaces Through Polyhedral Approximation
* Computational Method For Simulating Growth Patterns In Unicell Propagation, A
* Designing Parametric Blends: Surface Model And Geometric Correspondence
* Diffuse Interreflections. Techniques For Form-Factor Computation: A Survey
* Drawing Human Hair Using The Wisp Model
* Guest Eds., Special Issue On Computer Graphics International '89
* Halftoning Without Dither Or Edge Enhancement
* Homotopy Model: A Generalized Model For Smooth Surface Generation From Cross Sectional Data, The
* Interactive Design Of 3d Models With Geometric Constraints
* Iterative Approach To Dynamic Simulation Of 3-D Rigid Body Motions For Real-Time Interactive Computer Animation, An
* Photorealistic Image Synthesis For Outdoor Scenery Under Various Atmospheric Conditions
* Scanline Algorithm For Displaying Trimmed Surfaces By Using Bezier Clipping, A
* Semi-Globalization Of Stochastic Spectral Synthesis
* Simple Method For Rendering Penumbrae Caused By Sunlight, A
* Stochastic Ray Tracing Using Simd Processor Arrays
* Volume Tracing Of Atmospheric Environments
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VC(8) * Accelerating Arts
* Application Of Morphological Filters To Tackle Discretisation Artefacts
* Cutaways And Ghosting: Satisfying Visibility Constraints In Dynamic 3d Illustrations
* Display Techniques And Boundary Evaluation Of A Sweep-Csg Modeller
* Fast Algorithms And Parallel Structures For Form Factor Evaluation
* Fast Solutions To Physical Equilibrium And Interpolation Problems
* Geometric Modeling Of Curves Using Weighted Linear And Circular Segments
* Integer Subdivision Algorithm For Rendering Nurbs Curves
* Normal Estimation In 3d Discrete Space
* Orientation-Based Unique Representation For Planar Curves And Shapes
* Precise Rendering Method For Exact Anti-Aliasing And Highlighting
* Step Length In Forward Differencing For Curved Surface Display
* Surface Intersection By Switching From Recursive Subdivision To Iterative Refinement
* Surface Modeling Method By Polygonal Primitives For Visualizing Three-Dimensional Volume Data
* Surface-Scanning Algorithm For Displaying Generalized Cylinders, A
* Theory Of Contact For Geometric Continuity Of Parametric Curves
* Using Multivariate Resultants To Find The Implicit Equation Of A Rational Surface
* Visualising Two-Dimensional Vector Fields Using Directed Halftone Cells
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VC(9) * Adaptive Generation Of Surfaces In Volume Data
* Chinese Lattice Designs And Parametric Shape Grammars
* Color Specification By Visual Interaction
* Efficient Multi-Resolution Edge Detector Employing A Wide Range Of Scales, An
* Improved Explicit Radiosity Method For Calculating Non-Lambertian Reflections
* Mistral-3: Parallel Solid Modelling
* Modeling And Animating Turbulent Gaseous Phenomena Using Spectral Synthesis
* Using Visualisation As A Tool For Model-Based Recognition
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