13 Rosenfeld Bibliography for 1986

13.1 1. Introduction

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This is the seventeenth in a series of bibliographies on computer processing of pictorial information, covering primarily items published during 1986. The coverage is restricted, for the most part, to a selected set of U.S. journals and proceedings of specialized meetings, and makes no claim to completeness. No attempt is made to evaluate or summarize the items cited; the purpose is simply to provide a convenient compendium of references, grouped by subject.

The references are arranged under the following headings:

(A) General references. (B) Digitization, approximation, compression.* (C) Transforms, filtering, enhancement, restoration, reconstruction.* (D) Architectures, systems, software, techniques. (E) Pictorial pattern recognition; applications. (F) Feature detection, segmentation, image analysis. (G) Matching; time-varying imagery. (H) Shape and pattern; (H prime) Geometry. (I) Texture. (J) Three-dimensional scene analysis.

Letter/number codes in the text (A.1, etc.) correspond to sections of the bibliography.

Papers, books, etc., relating primarily to specific topics will be cited in later sections. In this section we cite references that relate to more than one topic: ___________________ *NOTE: Because of the growth in the size of this bibliog-raphy, it is planned to discontinue coverage of certain to-pics after this year. In particular, sources dealing pri-marily with image coding, image processing and multidimen-sional signal processing will no longer be covered which will largely eliminate the material now contained in Sec-tions B and C. As a result of this elimination, future bi-bliographies will be entitled ``Image analysis and computer vision'' rather than ``Picture processing''.

(A.1) Meetings and meeting proceedings [1-16]

(A.2) Books [17, 18], paper and reprint collections [19-22], journal special issues [23-26], a patent digest [27], and the previous bibliography in this series [28].

The following areas are not covered systematically, but we give a few references on them:

(A.3) Computer graphics: Meetings and meeting proceedings [29-37], a journal special issue [38], books [39-45], and a bibliography [46]; see also [47-49]. (For references on antialiasing see Section B1; on texture synthesis, Section I.1; on solid modeling, Section J.1; on shading, Section J.2.)

(A.4) Optical processing [50-56].

(A.5) Visual perception: a meeting [57], a few books [58-63] and papers [64-67]. (Some papers on specific aspects of perception are cited in later sections.)

13.2 2. Digitization, Approximation, and Compression

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(B.1) Quantization [68-79] and sampling (including antialiasing) [80-86]; see also [87].

(B.2) Digitization and approximation of curves and surfaces [88-103], including a book [104]; see also [105].

(B.3) Image coding and compression [106-137], including a meeting [138].

13.3 3. Transforms, Filtering, Enhancement, Restoration, and

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(C.1) Transforms and convolutions [139-159], including two books [160, 161]; see also [162-167] on geometric transformation.

(C.2) Two-dimensional digital filtering [168-175]; see also [176-178].

(C.3) Enhancement, restoration (including smoothing and median filtering) [179-217], especially two books [218, 219]; see also [220-224], and [225] on image quality.

(C.4) Reconstruction from projections [226-232] (see also [233]), including a meeting proceedings [234].

13.4 4. Architectures, Systems, Software, Techniques

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(D.1) General references: Meetings and meeting proceedings on architectures for image, signal, and spatial data processing [235-241] and on cellular automata [242-244]. (See also a new journal [245], two journal special issues [246, 247], a book [248], and some general papers [249-251] on parallel processing.)

(D.2) Cellular arrays (meshes, pyramids, etc.), automata, and algorithms [252-293].

(D.3) Other systems [294-343].

(D.4) Software [344-348] (see also [349-354]); databases [355-361].

(D.5) General classes of operations and computational techniques [362-378].

13.5 5. Pictorial Pattern Recognition

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(E.1) General references on pattern recognition and artificial intelligence: books [379-387], three meetings [388-390], two new journals [391, 392], a special issue [393], an encyclopedia [394], as well as papers on syntactic pattern recognition [395-405], multidimensional formal languages [406-412], constraint satisfaction [413-426], evidence [427-432], and miscellaneous topics [433-444].

(E.2) Character recognition [445-507]; see also two meetings [508, 509] on document processing.

(E.3) Industrial applications (inspection, robot vision) [510-533], including ten meetings [534-543] and a meeting proceedings [544], a journal special section [545], two paper collections [546, 547] and two books [548, 549]; see also [550-561] on robot navigation.

(E.4) Biomedical applications [562-609], including two meetings [610, 611] and two meeting proceedings [612, 613].

(E.5) Remote sensing applications (including astronomy, reconnaissance, etc.): [614-623], including a meeting [624] and a book [625].

(E.6) Miscellaneous applications [626-650].

13.6 6. Feature Detection, Segmentation, and Image Analysis

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(F.1) Feature detection [651-710] (including scale-space filtering [711-716]); see also [717].

(F.2) Segmentation [718-748]; see also [749-756] on shape segmentation.

(F.3) Image analysis [757-777]; see also [778, 779]. (On 3-D scene analysis see Section J.)

13.7 7. Matching; Time-Varying Imagery

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(G.1) Image, pattern, and curve matching [780-809]; see also [810-823] on Hough transforms, [824-842] (and compare [843, 844]) on shape and model matching, and [845-859] on string (etc.) matching.

(G.2) Stereo [860-886]; see also [887-890].

(G.3) Time-varying imagery analysis [891-979] (see also [980-982]), including two meetings [983, 984], a meeting proceedings [985], and a book [986].

13.8 8. Shape and Pattern

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(H.1) Representations [987-1014]. (On 3D shape see Section J.1.)

(H.2) Topology [1015-1026] (see also [1027]); distance and thinning [1028-1045].

(H.3) Measures and invariants [1046-1067] (see also [1068-1072] on symmetry).

(H.4) Miscellaneous shape properties [1073-1084]; see also [1085-1091] on path planning.

13.9 8. Geometry

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(Computational geometry: General references, including a meeting [1092] and a new journal [1093] (see also [1094]); a few papers on general topics [1095-1101]; convexity, etc. [1102-1111].

(Distance, etc. [1112-1132].

(Visibility, etc. [1133-1147] (see also [1148, 1149]); path planning [1150-1156].

(Search, intersection, etc. [1157-1195].

(Packing, partitioning, covering, etc. [1196-1219].

13.10 9. Texture

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(I.1) Models, synthesis [1220-1229] (see also [1230-1232]).

(I.2) Analysis [1233-1244], perception [1245, 1246] (see also [1247]).

(I.3) Segmentation [1248-1255].

10. Three-Dimensional Scenes

(J.1) 3D representations (of surfaces or objects), solid modeling [1256-1284]; 3D geometry [1285-1289] and path planning [1290-1295]; general references on 3D computer vision [1296-1298].

(J.2) Inference of 3D data from images [1299-1320]; see also [1321-1354] on generation of images of 3D scenes, [1355, 1356] on view planning, and [1357-1359] on camera calibration.

(J.3) Range sensing [1360-1373] and analysis of range data [1374-1388]; see also [1389-1402] on analysis of 3D data from other or multiple sources.

(J.4) 3D object recognition from images [1403-1415] (see also [1416, 1417]), range data [1418-1433], or both [1434-1436].


For brevity, the following frequently cited sources are cited in abbreviated forms:

13.11 A. Books and Conference Proceedings

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@string(AAAI = "National Conference on Artificial Intelligence")
@string(CAPAIDM = "Computer Architecture for Pattern Analysis and Image Database Management")
@string(CASDD = "Computer Architectures for Spatially Distributed Data")
@string(CG = "Computational Geometry")
@string(CVPR = "Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition")
@string(FPTP = "From Pixels to Predicates")
@string(HPRIP = "Handbook of Pattern Recognition and Image Processing")
@string(ICPR = "International Conference on Pattern Recognition PRIP")
@string(II = "Pattern Recognition in Practice II")
@string(SFCS = "Symposium on Foundations of Computer Science")
@string(SIGGRAPH = "SIGGRAPH'86 Conference")
@string(T3DMP = "Techniques for 3-D Machine Perception")
@string(WMRA = "Workshop on")
@string(Motion: = "Representation and Analysis")

13.12 B. Journals

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@string(AI = "Artificial Intelligence")
@string(C&G = "Computers and Graphics")
@string(CGA = "IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications")
@string(CVGIP = "Computer Vision, Graphics, and Image Processing")
@string(DCG = "Discrete and Computational Geometry")
@string(IC = "Information and Control")
@string(IJIS = "International Journal of Intelligent Systems")
@string(IJRR = "International Journal of Robotics Research")
@string(IPL = "Information Processing Letters")
@string(IS = "Information Sciences")
@string(IVC = "Image and Vision Computing")
@string(J-RA = "IEEE Journal of Robotics and Automation")
@string(JCIS = "Journal of Computer and Information Sciences")
@string(JCSS = "Journal of Computer and System Sciences")
@string(JPDC = "Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing")
@string(P-IEEE = "Proceedings of the IEEE")
@string(PC = "Parallel Computing")
@string(PR = "Pattern Recognition")
@string(PRL = "Pattern Recognition Letters SIAM")
@string(JC = "SIAM Journal on Computing")
@string(SP = "Signal Processing")
@string(T-ASSP = "IEEE Transactions on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing")
@string(T-COMM = "IEEE Transactions on Communications")
@string(T-COMP = "IEEE Transactions on Computers")
@string(T-IT = "IEEE Transactions on Information Theory")
@string(T-PAMI = "IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence")
@string(T-SMC = "IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics")
@string(TCS = "Theoretical Computer Science")
@string(TOG = "ACM Transaction on Graphics")

13.13 A. General References

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13.13.1 A.1. Meetings

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O'Shea, T.,
Advances In Artificial Intelligence (Proceedings, 6th European Conference On Artificial Intelligence, Pisa, Italy, September 5-7, 1984), North-Holland,
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Second International Conference On Advances In Pattern Recognition And Digital Techniques, Calcutta, India,
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International Electronic Image Week-Second Image Symposium: Image Processing, Computer Generated Images, Technology And Application (Nice, France,
APRIL 21-25, 1986).

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Austrian Working Group For Pattern Recognition (Graz, Austria,
JULY 4-5, 1986).

First New Zealand Image Processing Workshop (Lower Hutt, New Zealand,
JULY 10-11, 1986).

Seventh European Conference On Artificial Intelligence (Brighton, Uk,
JULY 21-25, 1986).

Proceedings, Aaai-86 (Fifth National Conference On Artificial Intelligence, Philadelphia, Pa,
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Fifteenth Workshop On Applied Imagery Pattern Recognition (Washington, Dc,
OCTOBER 23-24, 1986).

Proceedings, Eighth International Conference On Pattern Recognition (Paris, France, October 27-31,
1986), IEEE Publ. 86CH2342-4.

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