1 Rosenfeld Bibliography for 1998


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This is the twenty-ninth in a series of bibliographies on computer processing of pictorial information, covering primarily items published during 1998. The coverage is restricted almost entirely to a selected set of U.S. or international journals and conference proceedings. No attempt is made to summarize or evaluate the items cited; the purpose is simply to provide a convenient compendium of references, grouped by subject. The references are arranged under the following headings: [A] General references [B] Related topics [C] Applications [D] Computational techniques [E] Feature detection and segmentation; image and scene analysis [F] Two-dimensional shape and pattern [G] Color and texture [H] Matching and stereo [I] Range and recovery [J] Three-dimensional shape [K] Motion Letter/number codes in the text [A.1, etc.] correspond to sections of the bibliography. Papers, books, etc. relating primarily to specific topics will be cited in later sections. In this section we cite references that relate to more than one topic: [A.1] Meetings and meeting proceedings: [1-45] [A.2] Books [46-52]; a new journal [53]; journal special issues [54-58]; papers on research at specific institutions [59-76]; and the previous bibliography in this series [77].


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The following related areas are not covered systematically, but we give a few references on them: [B.1] Geometry and graphics: [78-121] [B.2] Compression and processing: [122-157] [B.3] Sensors and optics: [158-178]

[B.4] Visual perception: [179-187] [B.5] Neural networks: [188-198] [B.6] Artificial intelligence and pattern recognition: [].


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[C.1] Documents: [] [C.2] Biomedical and biological: [] [C.3] Human: []

[C.4] Industrial; robotics: [] [C.5] Mobile robotics: [] [C.6] Target recognition: [] [C.7] Remote sensing: [].


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[D.1] Architectures and environments: [] [D.2] Databases: [] [D.3] Operations: [] [D.4] Processes: [] [D.5] Geometric operations; calibration: [].


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IMAGE AND SCENE ANALYSIS [E.1] Features: [] [E.2] Segmentation: [] [including thresholding, contour extraction, grouping, and segmentation of 3D data; on color and texture see Section G, and on range data see Section I.1] [E.3] Image and scene analysis [including attention, control, etc.]: []. Only selected references on these topics are given.


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[F.1] Representation, decomposition, etc.: [] [F.2] Properties; invariants: [] [F.3] Contours and curves: [] [F.4] Skeletons and thinning; distance: [] [F.5] Pattern [path planning, etc.]: []; formal languages: [].


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[G.1] Lightness, polarization, and color: [] [G.2] Texture: modeling and synthesis: [] [G.3] Texture: description: [] [G.4] Texture: segmentation: [].


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[H.1] Image matching: [] [H.2] Hough transforms: []; structure matching: []; recognition: [] [H.3] Stereo, etc.: [].


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[I.1] Range sensing and range data analysis: [] [I.2] Recovery: [].

1.3.7 J. 3D SHAPE

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[J.1] Models: [] [J.2] Recognition: [] [J.3] Other topics [pose, geometry, etc.]: [].

1.3.8 K. MOTION []

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[K.1] Flow; egomotion: [] [K.2] Structure from motion: [] [K.3] Dynamic scenes: [] [K.4] Tracking, etc.: [].

REFERENCES For brevity, the following repeatedly cited sources are cited in abbreviated forms: A. Conference Proceedings A.1 Abbreviation Conference

CVPR Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition [20] ECCV European Conference on Computer Vision [18] ICCV International Conference on Computer Vision [10] ICIP International Conference on Image Processing [136] ICPR International Conference on Pattern Recognition [28] IUW [DARPA] Image Understanding Workshop [43] SIGGRAPH SIGGRAPH '98 Conference [84] SPIE Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers B. Journals Abbreviation Journal AI Artificial Intelligence C&G Computers and Graphics CG&A IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications CVIU Computer Vision and Image Understanding DCG Discrete and Computational Geometry GMIP Graphical Models and Image Processing IJCV International Journal of Computer Vision IJIST International Journal of Imaging Systems and Technology IJPRAI International Journal of Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence IPL Information Processing Letters IS Information Sciences IVC Image and Vision Computing JMIV Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision JPDC Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing JVCIR Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation MVA Machine Vision and Applications PAA Pattern Analysis and Applications P-IEEE Proceedings of the IEEE PR Pattern Recognition PRIA Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis PRL Pattern Recognition Letters RTI Real-Time Imaging SIAM JC SIAM Journal on Computing T-IT IEEE Transactions on Information Theory T-IP IEEE Transactions on Image Processing T-NN IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks TOG ACM Transactions on Graphics T-PAMI IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence T-RA IEEE Transactions on Robotics and Automation T-SMC IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics T-VCG IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics VC The Visual Computer

1.4 A. General References

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1.4.1 A.1. Meetings, etc.

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