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* X82 Test For Feature Detection
* X-Crossing Preserving Skeletonization Algorithm, An
* X-Rays Of Polygons
* X-Y Separable Pyramid Steerable Scalable Kernels
* X Vision: A Portable Substrate For Real Time Vision Applications
* X Vision: Combining Image Warping And Geometric Constraints For Fast Visual Tracking
* X. Yu) And J. Yla-Jaaski, Unsupervised Texture Segmentation Based On The Modified Markov Random Field Model
* X. Yu), J. Yla-Jaaski, And (B. Yuan), A New Algorithm For Texture Segmentation Based On Edge Detection, Pr 24
* X. Yu), J. Yla-Jaaski, O. Huttunen, T. Vehkomaki, O. Sipila, And T. Katila, Image Segmentation Combining Region Growing And Edge Detection
* X.Q. Ye), (Z.H. Huang), And (Q. Xiao), Histogram Based Fuzzy C-Mean Algorithm For Image Segmentation

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