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Abuzaghleh, O. Co Author Listing * SKINcure: A real time image analysis system to aid in the malignant melanoma prevention and early detection

Abuzaid, A. Co Author Listing * Joint Preprocesser-Based Detector for Cooperative Networks with Limited Hardware Processing Capability

Abuzaina, A.[Anas] Co Author Listing * 3D motion estimation by evidence gathering
* 3D Moving Object Reconstruction by Temporal Accumulation
* Sphere Detection in Kinect Point Clouds via the 3D Hough Transform

Abuzar, M.[Mohammad] Co Author Listing * Farm Level Assessment of Irrigation Performance for Dairy Pastures in the Goulburn-Murray District of Australia by Combining Satellite-Based Measures with Weather and Water Delivery Information
* Riparian Vegetation Status and Rates of Water Use From Satellite Data
* Satellite-based Measurements For Benchmarking Regional Irrigation Performance In Goulburn-murray Catchment
Includes: Abuzar, M.[Mohammad] Abuzar, M.

Abuzneid, M.[Mohannad] Co Author Listing * Image Registration Based on a Minimized Cost Function and SURF Algorithm

Abuzova, I.V.[Irina Virgilievna] Co Author Listing * On Time Aspects of an Image Processing in MIMD Computers

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