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Adil, B.H. Co Author Listing * HVS-MRMR wrapper method for variables selection

Adil, E.[Elyar] Co Author Listing * Cascaded U-Net with Training Wheel Attention Module for Change Detection in Satellite Images

Adil, M.[Muhammad] Co Author Listing * Assessing Elevation-Based Forest Dynamics over Space and Time toward REDD+ MRV in Upland Myanmar
* On the Effects of the Incidence Angle on the L-Band Multi-Polarisation Scattering of a Small Ship
* Systematic Survey: Security Threats to UAV-Aided IoT Applications, Taxonomy, Current Challenges and Requirements With Future Research Directions, A
* Three Byte-Based Mutual Authentication Scheme for Autonomous Internet of Vehicles

Adil, M.A.[Muhammad Arqim] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Atmospheric and Ionospheric Variations Due to Impacts of Super Typhoon Mangkhut (1822) in the Northwest Pacific Ocean

Adilkhanov, A.N. Co Author Listing * Discrete Analog of the Jacobi Set for Vector Fields

Adilmagambetov, A.[Aibek] Co Author Listing * On discovering co-location patterns in datasets: A case study of pollutants and child cancers

Adilova, L.[Linara] Co Author Listing * Plants Don't Walk on the Street: Common-Sense Reasoning for Reliable Semantic Segmentation

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