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Ahishali, M.[Mete] Co Author Listing * Dual and Single Polarized SAR Image Classification Using Compact Convolutional Neural Networks
* Reliable Covid-19 Detection using Chest X-Ray Images
* SRL-SOA: Self-Representation Learning with Sparse 1D-Operational Autoencoder for Hyperspectral Image Band Selection

Ahiska, K.[Kenan] Co Author Listing * Energy and Time Optimal Autopilot for Electric Vehicles Performing Ackerman Cornering
* OAST: Obstacle Avoidance System for Teleoperation of UAVs
* Robust Multispectral Visual-Inertial Navigation With Visual Odometry Failure Recovery

Ahiska, Y.[Yavuz] Co Author Listing * Image processing of regions in a wide angle video camera

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