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Aired, L. Co Author Listing * Dynamics of a Contrast Agent Microbubble Attached to an Elastic Wall

Aires, F. Co Author Listing * Bottleneck Channels Algorithm for Satellite Data Dimension Reduction: A Case Study for IASI
* Multiangle Backscattering Observations of Continental Surfaces in Ku-Band (13 GHz) From Satellites: Understanding the Signals, Particularly in Arid Regions
* Quantifying Uncertainties in Land-Surface Microwave Emissivity Retrievals
* SMOS Neural Network Soil Moisture Data Assimilation in a Land Surface Model and Atmospheric Impact
* Soil Moisture Retrieval Using Neural Networks: Application to SMOS
Includes: Aires, F. Aires, F.[Filipe]

Aires, S.B.K.[Simone B. K.] Co Author Listing * Confusion Matrix Disagreement for Multiple Classifiers
* Dynamic Zoning Selection for Handwritten Character Recognition
Includes: Aires, S.B.K.[Simone B. K.] Aires, S.B.K.[Simone B.K.]

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