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Alby, E. Co Author Listing * 3D building model as an interface for a web information system, case study of the Pontonniers high school in Strasbourg
* 3D Modeling of Headstones of the 2nd and 3rd Century by Low Cost Photogrammetric Techniques
* 3D Recording methodology applied to the Grotta Scritta Prehistoric Rock-Shelter in Olmeta-Di-Capocorso (Corsica, France)
* Automatic Identification of Archaeological Artifacts on the Excavation Site
* Close Range Photogrammetry Applied to the Documentation of an Archaeological Site in Gaza Strip, Palestine
* Digitization of Blocks And Virtual Anastylosis of An Antique Facade In Pont-sainte-maxence (france)
* From Point Cloud To 3d Model, Modelling Methods Based On Architectural Knowledge Applied To Fortress Of ChÂtel-sur-Moselle (France)
* High Resolution 3d Recording And Modelling Of The Bronze Age Cave les Fraux In Perigord (France)
* Implementation of Survey and Three-dimensional Monitoring Of Archaeological Excavations of The Khirbat Al-dusaq Site, Jordan
* Point cloud vs drawing on archaeological site
* Recording Approach Of Heritage Sites Based On Merging Point Clouds From High Resolution Photogrammetry And Terrestrial Laser Scanning
* Registration of 2d Drawings On a 3d Point Cloud As a Support for The Modeling of Complex Architectures
* Semi-automatic Segmentation and Modelling from Point Clouds towards Historical Building Information Modelling
* Terrestrial Laser Scanner Data Denoising by Dictionary Learning of Sparse Coding
* Terrestrial Laser Scanner Data Denoising by Range Image Processing for Small-Sized Objects
* Terrestrial Laser Scanner Point Cloud Denoising for Small Size Objects
Includes: Alby, E. Alby, E.[Emmanuel]
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