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Alicandro, M. Co Author Listing * Alba Fucens Archaeological Site: Multiscale and Multidisciplinary Approach for Risk Assessment and Conservation
* Multiscale Documentation And Monitoring of L'aquila Historical Centre Using UAV Photogrammetry
* New Enhancement Filtering Approach for the Automatic Vector Conversion of the UAV Photogrammetry Output, A
* UAV Photogrammetry for Resilience Management in Reconstruction Plan Of Urban Historical Centres After Seismic Events. a Case Study
Includes: Alicandro, M. Alicandro, M.[Maria]

Alici, G. Co Author Listing * Enhanced Localization of Robotic Capsule Endoscopes Using Positron Emission Markers and Rigid-Body Transformation
* Haptic Deformation Simulation With Poisson Equation
* Review on Design and Control Aspects of Robotic Shoulder Rehabilitation Orthoses
Includes: Alici, G. Alici, G.[Gursel]

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