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Apolinario, J.A. Co Author Listing * On the equivalence of RLS implementations of LCMV and GSC processors

Apollonio, F. Co Author Listing * 3d Documentation Of 40 Kilometers Of Historical Porticoes: The Challenge

Apollonio, F.I. Co Author Listing * 3D Modeling and Data Enrichment in Digital Reconstruction of Architectural Heritage
* Advanced Pre-Processing Pipeline to Improve Automated Photogrammetric Reconstructions of Architectural Scenes, An
* Advances in Image Pre-Processing to Improve Automated 3D Reconstruction
* Bologna Porticoes Project: 3D Reality-Based Models for the Management of a Wide-Spread Architectural Heritage Site
* Classification Schemes for Visualization of Uncertainty in Digital Hypothetical Reconstruction
* Digital Cultural Heritage Meets Digital Humanities
* Evaluating Smartphones Color Fidelity and Metric Accuracy for The 3d Documentation of Small Artifacts
* Evaluation of feature-based methods for automated network orientation
* From Documentation Images to Restauration Support Tools: A Path Following the Neptune Fountain in Bologna Design Process
* Managing Cultural Heritage With Integrated Services Platform
* Palladiolibrary Geo-Models: An Open 3D Archive to Manage and Visualize Information-Communication Resources About Palladio, The
* Photogrammetry Driven Tools to Support the Restoration of Open-air Bronze Surfaces of Sculptures: An Integrated Solution Starting From The Experience of the Neptune Fountain in Bologna
Includes: Apollonio, F.I. Apollonio, F.I.[Fabrizio I.] Apollonio, F.I.[Fabrizio Ivan]
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