22 Remote Sensing General Issue, Land Use, Land Cover

A subset of applications, This included a variety of cartography applications, remote sensing papers, and analysis of aerial images. General purpose systems may include some that are applied to cartography.

22.1 General Cartography, Remote Sensing Issues

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Remote Sensing. Cartography. Application, Cartography. Complete cartography systems do not yet exist. These papers are for systems that are meant to serve as an aid for a human cartographer. The primary work is in interactive aids at SRI and the database and rule-based interpretation work at CMU. There is also the work under document analysis on analyzing maps.
See also Shape from Contour: Straight Homogeneous Generalized Cones.
See also SRI Environments -- Image Calc, CME RADIUS.
See also Map Analysis, Analysis of Map data, Map Processing.

WWW Link. Vendor, Satellite Images. The source for Quick Bird imagery. The descendent of WorldView Imaging Corp. Thus the name of its future satellites -- WorldView. WorldView-2: Panchromatic (46 cm) + 8 MS (1.84m). Revisit about 4 days (within 20deg). 2016, WorldView-4: 30cm resolution, positional accuracy of 4M.

Imagesat International,
WWW Link. Vendor, Satellite Images. The operator of EROS (Earth Remote Observation Satellite).

Geo Eye,
WWW Link. Vendor, Satellite Images. Formerly Space Imaging. The source for Ikonos imagery. ew (September 2008), GeoEye-1. 0.41M pan and 1.65M multispectral resolution. Or 0.5 and 2.0 when you actually get it. 2.5M accuracy.

eMap International,
WWW Link. Vendor, Satellite Images. Vendor, Geospatial. Vendor, Change Detection. Products include enhancement and pan-sharpening of satellite imagery. General coverage ranging from 3inch (7.5cm) to 2 meter resolution. Date from various sources including WorldView

MapMart, Global Mapping Solutions,
WWW Link. Vendor, Satellite Images. Vendor, Mapping. Satellite imagery, aerial photography, and map products. A part of IntraSearch Mapping.

Spot Image,
WWW Link. Vendor, Satellite Images. Commercial operator of the SPOT satellites, image subscriptions, data, etc.

2020. Research Group, Europe.
WWW Link. Accelerating Geospatial Machine Learning Dataset, Mapping.
WWW Link.

Iunctus Geomatics Corp.,
WWW Link. Vendor, Remote Sensing. Especially Canadian imagery. Also other remote sensing products.

Hansa Luftbild,
HTML Version. Vendor, Aerial Images. Old air survey company.

I-Cubed: Information Integration and Imaging LLC.,
WWW Link. Vendor, Remote Sensing. Imagery, but also processing and other geospatial products.

Spatial Energy,
WWW Link. Vendor, Satellite Images. Focus on energy industry.

Aerial Express,
WWW Link. Vendor, Aerial Images.

Semantic Modeling for the Acquisition of Topographic Information from Images and Maps,
Indexed as: TopoInfo97 BibRef 9700 Birkhauser VerlagBasel, 1997. BibRef

HTML Version. Vendor, GIS. Sensing and geographical information systems.

OSGeo: Open Source Geospatial Foundation,
2009. Code, Geospatial. Code, GIS. Code, Open Source.
WWW Link. Data access, mapping, public geospatial data, GIS.
See also LibTIFF: TIFF Library and Utilities.

WWW Link. Vendor, Geospatial. Mapping, geospatial analysis. Spin off from Cambridge University.

Skybox Imaging,
WWW Link. Vendor, Satellite Images. Small scale satellites to get images.

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WWW Link. Survey, GIS. Discusses GIS, data processing, automated cartography, computational geometry, etc. BibRef 7906

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And: CMU-CS-TR--98-158. September 1998.
HTML Version. Also:
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Research in Automated Analysis of Remotely Sensed Imagery: 1994-1995,
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IEEE Top Reference.
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Nagao, M., Matsuyama, T., and Mori, H.,
Structural Analysis of Complex Aerial Photographs,
IJCAI79(610-616), Recognize Aerial Images. Blackboard. Initial processing allows detailed processing to focus on the likely areas only. The general system design is similar to Hearsay-II blackboard. segmentation-general regions based; global analysis -extract characteristic regions (large homogeneous, elongated, shadow, shadow-making, vegetation, water, high contrast texture) which are constant under varying viewing conditions. Detailed analysis - either image driven to recognize generic objects, or model driven to find specific objects. Unrecognized regions are then analyzed to alter the segmentation (merge with small neighbors, split narrow necks), then reanalyze.
See also Structural Analysis of Natural Textures by Fourier Transformation. BibRef 7900

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Earlier: A1, A3 only:
SIGMA: A Framework for Image Understanding: Integration of Bottom-Up and Top-Down Analyses,
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The Sigma Image Understanding System,
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