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Buke, B.[Burak] Co Author Listing * Combining implicit polynomials and geometric features for hand recognition
* Hand Recognition Using Implicit Polynomials and Geometric Features
* One class classification using implicit polynomial surface fitting
Includes: Buke, B.[Burak] BŁke, B.[Burak] Buke, B.

Buker, C.[Cordt] Co Author Listing * Die Reform der Gemeinsamen Agrarpolitik: MŲglichkeiten und Grenzen der Fernerkundungskontrolle
* Zwei-skaliger Ansatz zur Aktualisierung landwirtschaftlicher Referenzkulissen (LPIS)
Includes: Buker, C.[Cordt] BŁker, C.[Cordt]

Buker, U. Co Author Listing * communication module for parallel image analysis on the transputer image processing system, A
* Cooperative Agents for Object Recognition
* Knowledge Based View Control of a Neural 3-D Object Recognition System
* Learning in an Active Hybrid Vision System
* Object Representation: on Combining Viewer-centered and Object-centered Elements
Includes: Buker, U. BŁker, U. BŁker, U.[Ulrich]

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