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Bouza, J.[Jose] Co Author Listing * ManifoldNet: A Deep Neural Network for Manifold-Valued Data With Applications
* VolterraNet: A Higher Order Convolutional Network With Group Equivariance for Homogeneous Manifolds

Bouza, L.[Lucia] Co Author Listing * Brief Analysis of the Generic Framework for the Structured Abstraction of Images, A
* DeOldify: A Review and Implementation of an Automatic Colorization Method
Includes: Bouza, L.[Lucia] Bouza, L.[Lucía]

Bouza, L.A.[Luis A.] Co Author Listing * Efficient and Effective Face Frontalization for Face Recognition in the Wild

Bouzahir, H. Co Author Listing * High density salt-and-pepper noise suppression using adaptive dual threshold decision based algorithm in fingerprint images

Bouzaiene, M.[Maher] Co Author Listing * Spreading of Lagrangian Particles in the Black Sea: A Comparison between Drifters and a High-Resolution Ocean Model

Bouzaieni, A.[Abdessalem] Co Author Listing * Automatic annotation extension and classification of documents using a probabilistic graphical model
* Automatic Images Annotation Extension Using a Probabilistic Graphical Model
* Bayesian Networks-Based Defects Classes Discrimination in Weld Radiographic Images
* Image Annotation Using a Semantic Hierarchy
* Images Annotation Extension Based on User Feedback

Bouzalim, L.[Lahoucine] Co Author Listing * Palm Trees Detection from High Spatial Resolution Satellite Imagery Using a New Contextual Classification Method with Constraints

Bouzar, A.[Abderrahmane] Co Author Listing * Att2ResNet: A deep attention-based approach for melanoma skin cancer classification

Bouzaraa, F. Co Author Listing * CNN-based initial background estimation
* Ghost-free dual-exposure HDR for dynamic scenes
* Real-time End-to-End Lane ID Estimation Using Recurrent Networks
Includes: Bouzaraa, F. Bouzaraa, F.[Fahd]

Bouzari, H.[Hamed] Co Author Listing * improved regularization method for artifact rejection in image super-resolution, An
* Particle Filter Based Object Tracking with Sift and Color Feature

Bouzas, B.H. Co Author Listing * Objective Image Quality Measure Derived from Digital Image Power Spectra

Bouzas, D.[Dimitrios] Co Author Listing * Laplacian Support Vector Analysis for Subspace Discriminative Learning
* Subclass Error Correcting Output Codes Using Fisher's Linear Discriminant Ratio

Bouzas, V.[Vasileios] Co Author Listing * Structure-aware Building Mesh Polygonization

Bouzegza, M.[Mourad] Co Author Listing * comprehensive review of video steganalysis, A

Bouzekri, A. Co Author Listing * Using Multi-criteria Analysis For The Study Of Human Impact On Agro-forestry-pastoral Ecosystem In The Region Of Khenchela (Algeria)

Bouzerar, R.[Roger] Co Author Listing * Quantitative analysis of cerebrospinal fluid flow in complex regions by using phase contrast magnetic resonance imaging

Bouzerdoum, A.[Abdesselam] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Autoregressive Logarithmic Search for 3D Human Tracking
* Adaptive regularization for image restoration using a variational inequality approach
* Adaptive regularization for multiple image restoration using an extended Total Variations approach
* AdaptorNAS: A New Perturbation-Based Neural Architecture Search for Hyperspectral Image Segmentation
* Affine-invariant scene categorization
* Automatic Classification of Ground-Penetrating-Radar Signals for Railway-Ballast Assessment
* Automatic Recognition of Smiling and Neutral Facial Expressions
* Bayesian Gabor Network With Uncertainty Estimation for Pedestrian Lane Detection in Assistive Navigation
* Biologically inspired approaches for visual information processing and analysis
* Biologically inspired local motion detector architecture
* car detection system based on hierarchical visual features, A
* Class Similarity Weighted Knowledge Distillation for Continual Semantic Segmentation
* Clutter Removal in Through-the-Wall Radar Imaging Using Sparse Autoencoder With Low-Rank Projection
* Compressive Radar Imaging of Stationary Indoor Targets With Low-Rank Plus Jointly Sparse and Total Variation Regularizations
* Compressive Sensing Approach to Image Restoration, A
* Crowd Behavior Recognition Using Dense Trajectories
* Depth image super-resolution using multi-dictionary sparse representation
* efficient local method for stereo matching using daisy features, An
* Efficient Vanishing Point Estimation for Unstructured Road Scenes
* Evaluation of Biologically Inspired Motion Detection Systems as a Basis for Local Motion Processing Systems
* Fast digital optical flow estimation based on EMD
* Feature selection for facial expression recognition
* Fuzzy Logic-Based Image Fusion for Multi-view Through-the-Wall Radar
* GPR Target Detection by Joint Sparse and Low-Rank Matrix Decomposition
* Human Gait Recognition with Micro-Doppler Radar and Deep Autoencoder
* Improved Facial Expression Recognition with Trainable 2-D Filters and Support Vector Machines
* Infer the Input to the Generator of Auxiliary Classifier Generative Adversarial Networks
* Integrating the Projective Transform with Particle Filtering for Visual Tracking
* Invariant image recognition under projective deformations: An image normalization approach
* Lane Detection in Unstructured Environments for Autonomous Navigation Systems
* Markov random fields for abnormal behavior detection on highways
* Motion Estimation with Adaptive Regularization and Neighborhood Dependent Constraint
* Multiple over-the-Horizon Radar Track Association
* Multipolarization Through-Wall Radar Imaging Using Low-Rank and Jointly-Sparse Representations
* Naive bayes face/nonface classifier: a study of preprocessing and feature extraction techniques
* New Approach to Sparse Image Representation Using MMV and K-SVD, A
* new scheme for no reference image quality assessment, A
* Nonlinear Feature Extractor for Texture Segmentation, A
* Novel Fingerprint Image Compression Technique Using The Wavelet Transform And Piecewise Uniform Pyramid Lattice Vector Quantization, A
* novel skin color model in YCBCR color space and its application to human face detection, A
* Object segmentation and classification using 3-D range camera
* Optical flow estimation using sparse gradient representation
* Ordinal Depth Classification Using Region-based Self-attention
* Pedestrian lane detection for assistive navigation of blind people
* Pedestrian Lane Detection for the Visually Impaired
* Pedestrian Lane Detection in Unstructured Environments for Assistive Navigation
* Pedestrian lane detection in unstructured scenes for assistive navigation
* Pedestrian sensing using time-of-flight range camera
* Pooling-Based Feature Extraction and Coarse-to-fine Patch Matching for Optical Flow Estimation
* Probabilistic Fuzzy Image Fusion Approach for Radar Through Wall Sensing
* Real-time Pedestrian Lane Detection for Assistive Navigation using Neural Architecture Search
* Shunting Inhibitory Convolutional Neural Network for Gender Classification, A
* Skin Segmentation Using Color Pixel Classification: Analysis and Comparison
* Subspace Projection Approach for Wall Clutter Mitigation in Through-the-Wall Radar Imaging, A
* Super Descriptor Tensor Decomposition for Dynamic Scene Recognition, A
* supervised learning approach for imbalanced data sets, A
* Supervised Texture Segmentation Using DWT and a Modified K-nn Classifier
* survey of perceptual image processing methods, A
* Through-the-Wall Target Separation Using Low-Rank and Variational Mode Decomposition
* Toward Moving Target Detection in Through-the-Wall Radar Imaging
* TP-YOLO: A Lightweight Attention-Based Architecture for Tiny Pest Detection
* UOW-Vessel: A Benchmark Dataset of High-Resolution Optical Satellite Images for Vessel Detection and Segmentation
* Variational Bayesian Compressive Multipolarization Indoor Radar Imaging
* Vehicle Tracking Using Projective Particle Filter
* Video Classification Based on Spatial Gradient and Optical Flow Descriptors
* Violent Scene Detection Using a Super Descriptor Tensor Decomposition
* Wavelet based nonlocal-means super-resolution for video sequences
Includes: Bouzerdoum, A.[Abdesselam] Bouzerdoum, A.
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Bouzi, M. Co Author Listing * Comparison of the different control strategies for Quadrotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Bouziani, M.[Mourad] Co Author Listing * Automatic change detection of buildings in urban environment from very high spatial resolution images using existing geodatabase and prior knowledge
* Comparison Assessment of Digital 3d Models Obtained By Drone-based Lidar and Drone Imagery
* Contribution of Bathymetric Multi-beam Sonar and Laser Scanners In 3d Modeling and Estimation of Siltation of Dam Basin In Morocco
* Development of a BIM Infrastructure Workflow Adapted To Facilities Of Land Subdivision Projects in Morocco
* Evaluation of 3d Building Model Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning And Drone Photogrammetry
* Performance of OFDM in Radio Mobile Channel
* Rule-Based Classification of a Very High Resolution Image in an Urban Environment Using Multispectral Segmentation Guided by Cartographic Data
Includes: Bouziani, M.[Mourad] Bouziani, M. Bouziani, M.[Mrahi]
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Bouzid, A. Co Author Listing * Application of Convolutional and Recurrent Neural Networks for Buried Threat Detection Using Ground Penetrating Radar Data
* SAR interferogram filtering in the wavelet domain using a coherence map mask
* Voicing Detection in Noisy Speech Signal
Includes: Bouzid, A. Bouzid, A.[Aymen] Bouzid, A.[Aïcha]

Bouzid, B.[Boubker] Co Author Listing * embeddability of lane detection algorithms on heterogeneous architectures, The
* novel global methodology to analyze the embeddability of real-time image processing algorithms, A

Bouzid, H.[Hamza] Co Author Listing * SpATr: MoCap 3D human action recognition based on spiral auto-encoder and transformer network

Bouzid, K.[Kenza] Co Author Listing * Learning to Exploit Temporal Structure for Biomedical Vision-Language Processing

Bouzidi, F. Co Author Listing * Implementation of optical correlator for face recognition applications

Bouzidi, S.[Sonia] Co Author Listing * Detection and Tracking of Vortices on Oceanographic Images
* Parallel and Distributed Local Fisher Discriminant Analysis to Reduce Hyperspectral Images on Cloud Computing Architectures
* remote sensing data fusion approach to monitor agricultural areas, A
* Segmentation of left ventricle on dynamic MRI sequences for blood flow cancellation in Thermotherapy
* Shearlet-Based Region Map Guidance for Improving Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Simultaneous Use of SPOT and NOAA-AVHRR Data for Vegetation Monitoring
* Unsupervised Image-Adapted Local Fisher Discriminant Analysis to Reduce Hyperspectral Images Without Ground Truth
Includes: Bouzidi, S.[Sonia] Bouzidi, S.[Samah]
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Bouzinac, C.[Catherine] Co Author Listing * Copernicus Sentinel-2A Calibration and Products Validation Status

Bouzit, M. Co Author Listing * Design of a Transmission Protocol for a CVE

Bouzos, O. Co Author Listing * Conditional Random Field Model for Robust Multi-Focus Image Fusion
* Convolutional Neural Network-Based Conditional Random Field Model for Structured Multi-Focus Image Fusion Robust to Noise, A
Includes: Bouzos, O. Bouzos, O.[Odysseas]

Bouzouad, A.C.[Assia Cherfa] Co Author Listing * interpretable deep learning Bayesian optimized random forest framework for the diagnosis of Parkinson's disease in structural magnetic resonance images, An

Bouzouane, A.[Abdenour] Co Author Listing * Exploiting Passive RFID Technology for Activity Recognition in Smart Homes
* Online Prediction of People's Next Point-of-Interest: Concept Drift Support

Bouzouba, K. Co Author Listing * Image identification and estimation using the maximum entropy principle

Bouzoubaa, K. Co Author Listing * DOS attack forecasting: A comparative study on wrapper feature selection

Bouzrara, K.[Kais] Co Author Listing * improved machine learning technique based on downsized KPCA for Alzheimer's disease classification, An

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