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Race, N.[Nicholas] Co Author Listing * Let's Share a Story: Socially Enhanced Multimedia Storytelling
* P2P-Based IPTV Services: Design, Deployment, and QoE Measurement
Includes: Race, N.[Nicholas] Race, N.

Race, R.[Randall] Co Author Listing * From Photons to Pixels: Processing Data from the Advanced Baseline Imager

Racedo, J. Co Author Listing * Investigation of CdTe, GaAs, Se and Si as Sensor Materials for Mammography

Racehorse, V.J. Co Author Listing * Bus rapid transit system deployment for high quality and cost-effective transit service: a comprehensive review and comparative analysis

Racetin, I. Co Author Listing * Combining Social Media and Authoritative Data for Crisis Mapping: A Case Study of a Wildfire Reaching Croatian City of Split
* Study of Tropospheric and Ionospheric Propagation Conditions during Differential Interferometric SAR Measurements Applied on Zagreb 22 March 2020 Earthquake, A
Includes: Racetin, I. Racetin, I.[Ivan]

Racette, P. Co Author Listing * NASA's L-Band Digital Beamforming Synthetic Aperture Radar

Racette, P.E.[Paul E.] Co Author Listing * Preliminary Study of Three-Point Onboard External Calibration for Tracking Radiometric Stability and Accuracy, A

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