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Wate, P. Co Author Listing * Qualitative Screening Method for Impact Assessment of Uncertain Building Geometry on Thermal Energy Demand Predictions

Watelain, E. Co Author Listing * new strategy based on spatiogram similarity association for multi-pedestrian tracking, A

Watene, C.[Chege] Co Author Listing * Phenological Observations on Classical Prehistoric Sites in the Middle and Lower Reaches of the Yellow River Based on Landsat NDVI Time Series

Waterfield, B. Co Author Listing * Objective and subjective evaluation of High Dynamic Range video compression
* study on user preference of high dynamic range over low dynamic range video, A
Includes: Waterfield, B. Waterfield, B.[Brian]

Waterhouse, J.[Jane] Co Author Listing * Using Optical Water-Type Classification in Data-Poor Water Quality Assessment: A Case Study in the Torres Strait
* Water Quality and River Plume Monitoring in the Great Barrier Reef: An Overview of Methods Based on Ocean Colour Satellite Data

Waterhouse, R. Co Author Listing * Millimeter-wave weapons detection system

Waterlander, E. Co Author Listing * MPEG2 Video Encoding in Consumer Electronics

Waterman, M.[Melinda] Co Author Listing * Spectral Retrieval of Eucalypt Leaf Biochemical Traits by Inversion of the Fluspect-Cx Model

Waters, A.[Austin] Co Author Listing * Less is More: Generating Grounded Navigation Instructions from Landmarks
* New Path: Scaling Vision-and-Language Navigation with Synthetic Instructions and Imitation Learning, A

Waters, B. Co Author Listing * Reconstructing a fragmented face from a cryptographic identification protocol

Waters, D.W. Co Author Listing * Uncensored Indoor Positioning

Waters, J.[Jennifer] Co Author Listing * Current Configuration of the OSTIA System for Operational Production of Foundation Sea Surface Temperature and Ice Concentration Analyses, The
* Human-Agent Collaborative Decision-Making Framework for Naval Systems
Includes: Waters, J.[Jennifer] Waters, J.[Jeff]

Waters, J.W. Co Author Listing * Overview of the EOS Aura Mission

Waters, K. Co Author Listing * Analysis and Synthesis of Facial Image Sequences Using Physical and Anatomical Models
* Analysis of facial images using physical and anatomical models
* Automated speech alignment for image synthesis
* Method and apparatus for producing audio-visual synthetic speech
* Modeling and Animating Faces Using Scanned Data
* Spatiotemporal Analysis of Face Profiles: Detection, Segmentation, and Registration
* Vision for a Smart Kiosk
Includes: Waters, K. Waters, K.[Keith]
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Waters, R.C.[Richard C.] Co Author Listing * Situation awareness system

Waterson, B.[Ben] Co Author Listing * Potential of wireless power transfer for dynamic charging of electric vehicles
* Quantifying the impact of probe vehicle localisation data errors on signalised junction control
* Urban Intersection Management Strategies for Autonomous/Connected/Conventional Vehicle Fleet Mixtures
Includes: Waterson, B.[Ben] Waterson, B.

Waterson, P.E. Co Author Listing * Probing deeper into the risks of slips, trips and falls for an ageing rail passenger population: applying a systems approach

Waterton, J.C.[John C.] Co Author Listing * 3D Statistical Shape Models Using Direct Optimisation of Description Length
* Anatomically Corresponded Regional Analysis of Cartilage in Asymptomatic and Osteoarthritic Knees by Statistical Shape Modelling of the Bone
* minimum description length approach to statistical shape modeling, A
* Quantification of Articular Cartilage from MR Images Using Active Shape Models
Includes: Waterton, J.C.[John C.] Waterton, J.C.

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