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Kattan, L. Co Author Listing * Sensitivity Analysis of an Evolutionary-Based Time-Dependent Origin/Destination Estimation Framework
* Trip Distribution Modeling Using Mobile Phone Data: Emphasis on Intra-Zonal Trips

Katte, M. Co Author Listing * Event Detection Based on Noisy Object Information

Kattenborn, T. Co Author Listing * Automatic Single Tree Detection in Plantations using UAV-based Photogrammetric Point clouds
* Building a hybrid land cover map with crowdsourcing and geographically weighted regression
* Detecting the spread of invasive species in central Chile with a Sentinel-2 time-series
* Detection of Xylella fastidiosa infection symptoms with airborne multispectral and thermal imagery: Assessing bandset reduction performance from hyperspectral analysis
* UAV-Based Photogrammetric Point Clouds: Tree Stem Mapping in Open Stands in Comparison to Terrestrial Laser Scanner Point Clouds
Includes: Kattenborn, T. Kattenborn, T.[Teja]

Katterfeld, C. Co Author Listing * E-learning: Best Practice In Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing And Gis - Status And Challenges

Kattge, J.[Jens] Co Author Listing * Global Estimation of Biophysical Variables from Google Earth Engine Platform

Katti, A.R.[Anoop R.] Co Author Listing * Mixture of parts revisited: Expressive part interactions for Pose Estimation

Katti, H. Co Author Listing * CAVVA: Computational Affective Video-in-Video Advertising
* Depth Matters: Influence of Depth Cues on Visual Saliency
* Eye Fixation Database for Saliency Detection in Images, An
Includes: Katti, H. Katti, H.[Harish]

Katti, S. Co Author Listing * Position Tracking for Virtual Reality Using Commodity WiFi

Kattnig, A.P.[Alain Philippe] Co Author Listing * Radiometric order preserving method to display wide-dynamic images for imagery photointerpretation

Katto, J.[Jiro] Co Author Listing * Effects of Audio Compression on Chord Recognition
* Energy Compaction-Based Image Compression Using Convolutional AutoEncoder
* Gamut-Extension Method Considering Color Information Restoration using Convolutional Neural Networks, A
* Image Compression Framework with Learning-based Filter, An
* Improved scanning methods for wavelet coefficients of video signals
* Learned Image Compression With Discretized Gaussian Mixture Likelihoods and Attention Modules
* Learning Image and Video Compression Through Spatial-Temporal Energy Compaction
* Live Version Identification with Audio Scene Detection
* Low Bitrate Image Compression with Discretized Gaussian Mixture Likelihoods
* Mathematical analysis of MPEG compression capability and its application to rate control
* method of gender classification by integrating facial, hairstyle, and clothing images, A
* Novel Algorithms for Object Extraction Using Multiple Camera Inputs
* Perceptual Quality Study on Deep Learning Based Image Compression
* Pipelined 2D Transform Architecture Supporting Mixed Block Sizes for the VVC Standard, A
* Runlength-based wavelet coding with adaptive scanning for low bit rate environment
* Structure Recovery from Scaled Orthographic and Perspective Views
* Structure Recovery with Multiple Cameras from Scaled Orthographic and Perspective Views
* Three-dimension picture coding system
* Variable bit-rate coding based on human visual system
* wavelet codec with overlapped motion compensation for very low bit-rate environment, A
* Wavelet domain image super-resolution from digital cinema to ultrahigh definition television by dividing noise component
Includes: Katto, J.[Jiro] Katto, J.
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