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Survey, HMM * tutorial on Hidden Markov Models and selected applications in speech recognition, A

Survey, Relevance Feedback * Relevance feedback in content-based image retrieval: Some recent advances

Surveys( Vol No. ) * *ACM Computing Surveys

Surveys(1) * Picture Processing by Computer: Survey

Surveys(11) * Data Structures for Range Searching
* Digital Representations of Human Movement
* Geographic Data Processing

Surveys(12) * Approximate String Matching
* Representations for Rigid Solids: Theory, Methods and Systems

Surveys(13) * Image Models
* Representation of Three-Dimensional Digital Images

Surveys(14) * Computational Approaches to Image Understanding
* Computational Stereo

Surveys(15) * Image Models

Surveys(16) * Parallel Graph Algorithms
* Quadtree and Related Hierarchical Data Structures, The

Surveys(17) * Three-Dimensional Object Recognition

Surveys(18) * Efficient Algorithms for Finding Maximum Matching in Graphs
* Model-Based Recognition in Robot Vision

Surveys(19) * Analysis of Geometric Modeling in Database Systems, An
* Data Compression

Surveys(20) * Hierarchical Representations of Collections of Small Rectangles

Surveys(23) * Three-Dimensional Medical Imaging: Algorithms and Computer Systems
* Voronoi Diagrams: A Survey of a Fundamental Geometric Data Structure

Surveys(24) * Gross Motion Planning: A Survey
* Some Computational Strategies for Object Recognition
* Survey of Image Registration Techniques, A

Surveys(25) * Model-Based Object Recognition in Dense Range Images

Surveys(27) * Adaptive Methods for Distributed Video Presentation
* Challenge of Qualitative Spatial Reasoning, The
* Computation of Optical-Flow, The
* Digital Video Analysis and Recognition for Content-Based Access
* Exploring Functionalities in the Compressed Image Video Domain
* Myth of Semantic Video Retrieval, The
* On Detection and Representation of Multiscale Low-Level Image Structure
* Seeing and Understanding: Representing the Visual World
* Signal-to-Symbol Transformation and Vice-Versa: From Fundamental Processes to Representation
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Surveys(29) * Machine Interpretation of CAD Data for Manufacturing Applications
* Second-Generation Image-Coding: An Overview

Surveys(31) * Data clustering: A review

Surveys(33) * guided tour to approximate string matching, A
* Searching in metric spaces

Surveys(34) * Algorithmic issues in modeling motion
* survey of methods for recovering quadrics in triangle meshes, A

Surveys(35) * Face Recognition: A Literature Survey
* View planning for automated three-dimensional object reconstruction and inspection

Surveys(36) * Image Retrieval from the World Wide Web: Issues, Techniques, and Systems
* Object-based and image-based object representations

Surveys(37) * Feature-based similarity search in 3D object databases

Surveys(38) * Object tracking: A survey

Surveys(39) * survey of RST invariant image watermarking algorithms, A

Surveys(40) * 2D Euclidean distance transform algorithms: A comparative survey
* Describing shapes by geometrical-topological properties of real functions
* Image retrieval: Ideas, influences, and trends of the new age

Surveys(41) * Data fusion
* Survey and analysis of multimodal sensor planning and integration for wide area surveillance

Surveys(42) * Smart meeting systems: A survey of state-of-the-art and open issues
* Vlogging: A survey of videoblogging technology on the web

Surveys(43) * Coverage problems in sensor networks: A survey
* Forensic identification by computer-aided craniofacial superimposition: A survey
* Geometric distortion measurement for shape coding: A contemporary review
* Human Activity Analysis: A Review
* Vision of the unseen: Current trends and challenges in digital image and video forensics

Surveys(44) * Comparative Study of Palmprint Recognition Algorithms, A
* Flow Oriented Approaches to QoS Assurance
* review of recent advances in 3D ear- and expression-invariant face biometrics, A
* Survey of state melding in virtual worlds
* Survey on Personalized TV and NGN Services through Context-Awareness, A

Surveys(45) * 3D Virtual worlds and the metaverse: Current status and future possibilities
* comparison of index-based Lempel-Ziv LZ77 factorization algorithms, A
* exact online string matching problem: A review of the most recent results, The
* Near-duplicate video retrieval: Current research and future trends
* Offline arabic handwritten text recognition: A Survey
* Polygon mesh repairing: An application perspective
* QoS routing in wireless sensor networks: A survey
* Semantic trajectories modeling and analysis
* survey on ear biometrics, A
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Surveys(46) * From taxi GPS traces to social and community dynamics: A survey
* Keeping the vehicle on the road: A survey on on-road lane detection systems
* Light on horizontal interactive surfaces: Input space for tabletop computing
* Multimedia search reranking: A literature survey
* Object class detection: A survey
* survey on ontologies for human behavior recognition, A
* tutorial on human activity recognition using body-worn inertial sensors, A
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Surveys(47) * 3D Mesh Compression: Survey, Comparisons, and Emerging Trends
* Accounting and Accountability in Content Distribution Architectures: A Survey
* Discrete Bayesian Network Classifiers: A Survey
* Interaction with Large Displays: A Survey
* Low-Rank Modeling and Its Applications in Image Analysis
* On Computing Mapping of 3D Objects: A Survey
* Qualitative Review on 3D Coarse Registration Methods, A
* Review and Meta-Analysis of Multimodal Affect Detection Systems, A
* Survey of Digital Map Processing Techniques, A
* Survey of Interactive Remote Rendering Systems, A
* Survey on Antispoofing Schemes for Fingerprint Recognition Systems, A
* Survey on Implicit Surface Polygonization, A
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Surveys(48) * Biometric Recognition in Automated Border Control: A Survey
* Feet in Human-Computer Interaction: A Survey of Foot-Based Interaction, The
* Impact of Bio-Inspired Approaches Toward the Advancement of Face Recognition, The
* Indoor Positioning Using Visible LED Lights: A Survey
* Knuckle Print Biometrics and Fusion Schemes: Overview, Challenges, and Solutions
* Multioccupant Activity Recognition in Pervasive Smart Home Environments
* Seamless Outdoors-Indoors Localization Solutions on Smartphones: Implementation and Challenges
* Survey and Analysis of the GNSS Spoofing Threat and Countermeasures, A
* Survey of Measures and Methods for Matching Geospatial Vector Datasets, A
* Systematic Review of Shared Sensor Networks, A
* Target Tracking for Sensor Networks: A Survey
* User Intent in Multimedia Search: A Survey of the State of the Art and Future Challenges
* Video Interaction Tools: A Survey of Recent Work
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Surveys(49) * Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing: Recent Approaches in Multimedia and Robotics
* Mobile IP Handover for Vehicular Networks: Methods, Models, and Classifications
* On Precision Bound of Distributed Fault-Tolerant Sensor Fusion Algorithms
* Predicting Breast Cancer Recurrence Using Machine Learning Techniques: A Systematic Review
* Recent Advances in Camera Planning for Large Area Surveillance: A Comprehensive Review
* Survey of Wearable Biometric Recognition Systems, A
* Techniques and Devices Used in Palpation Simulation with Haptic Feedback
* Vehicular Networks: A New Challenge for Content-Delivery-Based Applications
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Surveys(5) * Progress in Picture Processing: 1969-71

Surveys(50) * Arabic Online Handwriting Recognition (AOHR): A Survey
* Automated Vehicle Detection and Classification: Models, Methods, and Techniques
* Data-Driven Techniques in Disaster Information Management
* Deep Learning Advances in Computer Vision with 3D Data: A Survey
* Modeling, Evaluation, and Scale on Artificial Pedestrians: A Literature Review
* Non-GPS Positioning Systems: A Survey
* Offensive and Defensive Exposition of Wearable Computing, An
* Presentation Attack Detection Methods for Face Recognition Systems: A Comprehensive Survey
* Secure Smart Homes: Opportunities and Challenges
* Smart Computing and Sensing Technologies for Animal Welfare: A Systematic Review
* Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Team Sports
* Toward Real-Time Ray Tracing: A Survey on Hardware Acceleration and Microarchitecture Techniques
* Towards Reasoning Vehicles: A Survey of Fuzzy Logic-Based Solutions in Vehicular Networks
* Tutorial for Olfaction-Based Multisensorial Media Application Design and Evaluation, A
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Surveys(51) * Activity Recognition with Evolving Data Streams: A Review
* Analysis of Online Social Network Connections for Identification of Influential Users: Survey and Open Research Issues
* Community Discovery in Dynamic Networks: A Survey
* Deep Learning for Biometrics: A Survey
* Facial Expression Analysis under Partial Occlusion: A Survey
* GeoStreams: A Survey
* Graph Summarization Methods and Applications: A Survey
* Multimedia Big Data Analytics: A Survey
* Presentation Attack Detection for Iris Recognition: An Assessment of the State-of-the-Art
* Survey of Techniques for Automatically Sensing the Behavior of a Crowd, A
* Survey on the Usage of Eye-Tracking in Computer Programming, A
* Visual SLAM and Structure from Motion in Dynamic Environments: A Survey
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Surveys(6) * Computer Processing of Line Drawing Images

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