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Roy Beaudry, M. Co Author Listing * 3-D Morphology Prediction of Progressive Spinal Deformities From Probabilistic Modeling of Discriminant Manifolds
* Image-Guided Tethering Spine Surgery With Outcome Prediction Using Spatio-Temporal Dynamic Networks
Includes: Roy Beaudry, M. Roy-Beaudry, M.

Roy Choudhury, M.[Malini] Co Author Listing * UAV-Thermal imaging and agglomerative hierarchical clustering techniques to evaluate and rank physiological performance of wheat genotypes on sodic soil

Roy Chowdhury, A. Co Author Listing * Adaptive algorithm selection, with applications in pedestrian detection
* Best of Both Worlds: Combining CNNs and Geometric Constraints for Hierarchical Motion Segmentation, The
* Bilinear CNN Models for Fine-Grained Visual Recognition
* Bilinear Convolutional Neural Networks for Fine-Grained Visual Recognition
* Computerized Face Recognition in Renaissance Portrait Art: A quantitative measure for identifying uncertain subjects in ancient portraits
* Distinguishing Weather Phenomena from Bird Migration Patterns in Radar Imagery
* Efficient cell segmentation and tracking of developing plant meristem
* end-to-end system for content-based video retrieval using behavior, actions, and appearance with interactive query refinement, An
* Improving Face Recognition by Clustering Unlabeled Faces in the Wild
* Smart Camera Networks [Guest editors' introduction]
* Unsupervised Hard Example Mining from Videos for Improved Object Detection
Includes: Roy Chowdhury, A. Roy-Chowdhury, A. Roy Chowdhury, A.[Aruni] Roy-Chowdhury, A.[Amit]
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Roy Chowdhury, A.K.[Amit K.] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Roy Chowdhury, A.K.[Amit K.]: amit roychowdhury AT ucr edu
* Active image pair selection for continuous person re-identification
* Activity recognition by integrating the physics of motion with a Neuromorphic model of perception
* Activity recognition using the dynamics of the configuration of interacting objects
* Activity Representation Using 3D Shape Models
* Adaptation of person re-identification models for on-boarding new camera(s)
* ADC: Adversarial attacks against object Detection that evade Context consistency checks
* Belief consensus for distributed action recognition
* Camera Network Tracking (CamNeT) Dataset and Performance Baseline, A
* Camera On-Boarding for Person Re-Identification Using Hypothesis Transfer Learning
* Cell volume estimation from a sparse collection of noisy confocal image slices
* Centroid Distance Keypoint Detector for Colored Point Clouds
* Closed-Loop Tracking and Change Detection in Multi-Activity Sequences
* CNN based region proposals for efficient object detection
* Collaborative Sensing in a Distributed PTZ Camera Network
* Collaborative Summarization of Topic-Related Videos
* conditional random field model for tracking in densely packed cell structures, A
* Connecting the Dots: Detecting Adversarial Perturbations Using Context Inconsistency
* Consensus-based distributed estimation in camera networks
* Consistent Re-identification in a Camera Network
* Construction of Diverse Image Datasets From Web Collections With Limited Labeling
* Contemplating Visual Emotions: Understanding and Overcoming Dataset Bias
* Context Aware Active Learning of Activity Recognition Models
* Context-Aware Activity Forecasting
* Context-Aware Activity Modeling Using Hierarchical Conditional Random Fields
* Context-Aware Modeling and Recognition of Activities in Video
* Context-Aware Query Selection for Active Learning in Event Recognition
* Context-Aware Surveillance Video Summarization
* Continuous adaptation of multi-camera person identification models through sparse non-redundant representative selection
* Continuous Learning Framework for Activity Recognition Using Deep Hybrid Feature Models, A
* Continuous Learning of a Multilayered Network Topology in a Video Camera Network
* Continuous Learning of Human Activity Models Using Deep Nets
* Contour-based 3D Face Modeling from a Monocular Video
* Controllable Dynamic Multi-Task Architectures
* Cross-Domain Video Anomaly Detection without Target Domain Adaptation
* Cross-Modal Knowledge Transfer Without Task-Relevant Source Data
* Decentralized camera network control using game theory
* Detection and Localization of Facial Expression Manipulations
* Detection and Localization of Image Forgeries Using Resampling Features and Deep Learning
* Determining Topology in a Distributed Camera Network
* Distributed Camera Networks
* Distributed Multi-Target Tracking and Data Association in Vision Networks
* Distributed multi-target tracking in a self-configuring camera network
* Distributed Video Sensor Networks
* Diversity-Aware Multi-Video Summarization
* Domain Adaptive Semantic Segmentation Using Weak Labels
* Dynamic modeling of streaklines for motion pattern analysis in video
* Efficient motion estimation under varying illumination
* Efficient selection of informative and diverse training samples with applications in scene classification
* Embedded sparse coding for summarizing multi-view videos
* Evaluation and Acceleration of High-Throughput Fixed-Point Object Detection on FPGAs
* Exploiting Global Camera Network Constraints for Unsupervised Video Person Re-Identification
* Exploiting local structure for tracking plant cells in noisy images
* Exploiting Multi-Object Relationships for Detecting Adversarial Attacks in Complex Scenes
* Exploiting Spatial Structure for Localizing Manipulated Image Regions
* Exploiting Temporal Coherence for Self-supervised One-shot Video Re-identification
* Exploiting Transitivity for Learning Person Re-identification Models on a Budget
* Exploiting Typicality for Selecting Informative and Anomalous Samples in Videos
* Face reconstruction from monocular video using uncertainty analysis and a generic model
* Facial similarity across age disguise illumination and pose
* Features with Feelings: Incorporating User Preferences in Video Categorization
* FFNet: Video Fast-Forwarding via Reinforcement Learning
* Function Space of an Activity, The
* generalized data-driven Hamiltonian Monte Carlo for hierarchical activity search, A
* Heterogeneous Acceleration of HAR Applications
* hidden markov model based framework for recognition of humans from gait sequences, A
* human action image and its application to motion recognition, The
* Human Action Image, The
* Human Identification using Gait and Face
* Hybrid LSTM and Encoder-Decoder Architecture for Detection of Image Forgeries
* Identification of Humans Using Gait
* Illumination Invariant 3D Model Based Tracking Algorithm, with Application in Video Compression, An
* Impact of Typicality for Informative Representative Selection, The
* Incremental Activity Modeling and Recognition in Streaming Videos
* Incremental learning of human activity models from videos
* Individuals, groups, and crowds: Modelling complex, multi-object behaviour in phase space
* Information Consensus for Distributed Multi-target Tracking
* Information Theoretic Criterion for Evaluating the Quality of 3-D Reconstructions from Video, An
* Integrated Tracking and Recognition of Human Activities in Shape Space
* Integrating Motion, Illumination, and Structure in Video Sequences with Applications in Illumination-Invariant Tracking
* Integrating the Effects of Motion, Illumination and Structure in Video Sequences
* Inter-dependent CNNs for joint scene and object recognition
* Interactive Event Search through Transfer Learning
* Inverse Compositional Estimation of 3D Pose And Lighting in Dynamic Scenes
* Joint embeddings with multimodal cues for video-text retrieval
* Joint Illumination and Motion Space of Video Sequences, The
* Joint Prediction of Activity Labels and Starting Times in Untrimmed Videos
* Joint Video Rolling Shutter Correction and Super-Resolution
* large-scale benchmark dataset for event recognition in surveillance video, A
* Learning a geometry integrated image appearance manifold from a small training set
* Learning a sparse dictionary of video structure for activity modeling
* Learning Illumination Models While Tracking
* Learning Long-Term Invariant Features for Vision-Based Localization
* Learning Person Re-Identification Models From Videos With Weak Supervision
* Learning Temporal Regularity in Video Sequences
* Leveraging Local Patch Differences in Multi-Object Scenes for Generative Adversarial Attacks
* Matching Shape Sequences in Video with Applications in Human Movement Analysis
* Measure of Deformability of Shapes, with Applications to Human Motion Analysis, A
* Modeling Multi-Object Activities in Phase Space
* Modeling multi-object interactions using string of feature graphs
* Modeling Time-Varying Illumination Patterns in Video
* Multi-Expert Adversarial Attack Detection in Person Re-identification Using Context Inconsistency
* Multi-focal nematode image classification using the 3D X-Ray Transform
* Multi-target tracking through opportunistic camera control in a resource constrained multimodal sensor network
* Multi-target tracking using long-term stochastic associations
* Multi-Terminal Model-Based Video Compression Algorithm, A
* Multi-View Surveillance Video Summarization via Joint Embedding and Sparse Optimization
* Multilinear feature extraction and classification of multi-focal images, with applications in nematode taxonomy
* Multiple view tracking of humans modelled by kinematic chains
* Network Consistent Data Association
* Neurobiologically Motivated Stochastic Method for Analysis of Human Activities in Video, A
* Non-Adversarial Video Synthesis with Learned Priors
* Non-uniform Subset Selection for Active Learning in Structured Data
* Online Adaptation for Joint Scene and Object Classification
* Online Social Behavior Modeling for Multi-target Tracking
* Opportunistic Image Acquisition of Individual and Group Activities in a Distributed Camera Network
* Overview of Contest on Semantic Description of Human Activities (SDHA) 2010, An
* Pattern analysis of stem cell growth dynamics in the shoot apex of arabidopsis
* Physics-based activity modelling in phase space
* Physics-Based Analysis of Image Appearance Models, A
* poisson process model for activity forecasting, A
* Pose and Illumination Invariant Face Recognition in Video
* Prediction and Description of Near-Future Activities in Video
* Query-based retrieval of complex activities using strings of motion-words
* Rate-Invariant Recognition of Humans and Their Activities
* Re-Identification in the Function Space of Feature Warps
* Real Estate Image Classification
* Recognition of Humans and Their Activities Using Video
* Robust Estimation of Depth and Motion Using Stochastic Approximation
* Robust Estimation of Stem Cell Lineages Using Local Graph Matching
* Role of shape and kinematics in human movement analysis
* Semantics Guided Contrastive Learning of Transformers for Zero-shot Temporal Activity Detection
* Shape Activity: a continuous-state HMM for moving/deforming shapes with application to abnormal activity detection
* Spatio-Temporal Representation Factorization for Video-based Person Re-Identification
* Statistical Analysis of 3d Modeling From Monocular Video Streams
* Statistical Bias and the Accuracy of 3d Reconstruction from Video
* Statistical bias in 3-D reconstruction from a monocular video
* Stochastic Adaptive Tracking In A Camera Network
* Stochastic Approximation and Rate-Distortion Analysis for Robust Structure and Motion Estimation
* Stochastic Graph Evolution Framework for Robust Multi-target Tracking, A
* string of feature graphs model for recognition of complex activities in natural videos, A
* Study on View-Insensitive Gait Recognition, A
* Summarization and Indexing of Human Activity Sequences
* Super-Resolved Facial Texture Under Changing Pose and Illumination
* system identification approach for video-based face recognition, A
* Temporal Model Adaptation for Person Re-identification
* Text-Based Localization of Moments in a Video Corpus
* Text-Based Temporal Localization of Novel Events
* theoretical analysis of linear and multi-linear models of image appearance, A
* Towards a measure of deformability of shape sequences
* Towards a view invariant gait recognition algorithm
* Tracking and Activity Recognition Through Consensus in Distributed Camera Networks
* Tracking multiple interacting targets in a camera network
* Unsupervised Adaptive Re-identification in Open World Dynamic Camera Networks
* Unsupervised Multi-source Domain Adaptation Without Access to Source Data
* Vector field analysis for motion pattern identification in video
* Vector field analysis for multi-object behavior modeling
* Video classification based on social attitudes
* Video summarization in a multi-view camera network
* Video summarization through change detection in a non-overlapping camera network
* W-TALC: Weakly-Supervised Temporal Activity Localization and Classification
* Weakly Supervised Summarization of Web Videos
* Weakly Supervised Video Moment Retrieval From Text Queries
* Webly Supervised Image-Text Embedding with Noisy Tag Refinement
* Zero-Query Transfer Attacks on Context-Aware Object Detectors
Includes: Roy Chowdhury, A.K.[Amit K.] Roy-Chowdhury, A.K.[Amit K.] Roy-Chowdhury, A.K. Roy Chowdhury, A.K.
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Roy, A.[Aditi] Co Author Listing * AI on the Bog: Monitoring and Evaluating Cranberry Crop Risk
* Align2Ground: Weakly Supervised Phrase Grounding Guided by Image-Caption Alignment
* Authentication of currency notes through printing technique verification
* Brightness Temperature Simulations of the Canadian Seasonal Snowpack Driven by Measurements of the Snow Specific Surface Area
* Camera Source Identification Using Discrete Cosine Transform Residue Features and Ensemble Classifier
* Circularity and Gaussianity Detection Using the Complex Generalized Gaussian Distribution
* Color Based Image Segmentation and its Application to Text Segmentation, A
* Combination of adaptive vector median filter and weighted mean filter for removal of high-density impulse noise from colour images
* Combining Bottom-Up, Top-Down, and Smoothness Cues for Weakly Supervised Image Segmentation
* Context-regularized learning of fully convolutional networks for scene labeling
* Copy move forgery detection with similar but genuine objects
* Creating word-level language models for handwriting recognition
* Creating word-level language models for large-vocabulary handwriting recognition
* Crossmodal Matching of Speakers Using Lip and Voice Features in Temporally Non-overlapping Audio and Video Streams
* Development of Decadal (1985-1995-2005) Land Use and Land Cover Database for India
* Diag2graph: Representing Deep Learning Diagrams In Research Papers As Knowledge Graphs
* Discrete Cosine Transform Residual Feature Based Filtering Forgery and Splicing Detection in JPEG Images
* Discriminative body part interaction mining for mid-level action representation and classification
* Discriminative Dictionary Design for Action Classification in Still Images
* Discriminative Latent Visual Space For Zero-Shot Object Classification
* Haar Local Binary Pattern Feature for Fast Illumination Invariant Face Detection
* hierarchical method combining gait and phase of motion with spatiotemporal model for person re-identification, A
* HVS Inspired Robust Non-blind Watermarking Scheme in YCbCr Color Space, An
* Improved Corrections of Forest Effects on Passive Microwave Satellite Remote Sensing of Snow Over Boreal and Subarctic Regions
* JCLMM: A finite mixture model for clustering of circular-linear data and its application to psoriatic plaque segmentation
* Learning to Learn Second-Order Back-Propagation for CNNs Using LSTMs
* Machine-assisted authentication of paper currency: An experiment on Indian banknotes
* MasterPrint: Exploring the Vulnerability of Partial Fingerprint-based Authentication Systems
* Meta-regression based pool size prediction scheme for dynamic selection of classifiers
* MIMD algorithm for constant curvature feature extraction using curvature based data partitioning, A
* Modeling of Echocardiogram Video Based on Views and States
* Modeling the Microwave Emission of Bubbly Ice: Applications to Blue Ice and Superimposed Ice in the Antarctic and Arctic
* Modeling the Observed Microwave Emission from Shallow Multi-Layer Tundra Snow Using DMRT-ML
* Modelling the L-Band Snow-Covered Surface Emission in a Winter Canadian Prairie Environment
* Modelling, synthesis and characterisation of occlusion in videos
* Modular Decomposition and Analysis of Registration Based Trackers
* Monocular Depth Estimation Using Neural Regression Forest
* Multi-scale CNN for Affordance Segmentation in RGB Images, A
* Multimodal Learning using Optimal Transport for Sarcasm and Humor Detection
* Neuro-visually inspired figure-ground segregation
* New Approach towards Text Filtering, A
* Occlusion detection and gait silhouette reconstruction from degraded scenes
* On linear programming, neural network design, pattern classification and polynomial time training
* On segmentation of CS reconstructed MR images
* Optimal Distortion Estimation for Prediction Error Expansion Based Reversible Watermarking
* Pair-copula based mixture models and their application in clustering
* Pair-Copula Based Scheme for Text Extraction from Digital Images, A
* PASS: Protected Attribute Suppression System for Mitigating Bias in Face Recognition
* Person instance graphs for mono-, cross- and multi-modal person recognition in multimedia data: application to speaker identification in TV broadcast
* Pose Depth Volume extraction from RGB-D streams for frontal gait recognition
* probabilistic framework for logo detection and localization in natural scene images, A
* Probabilistic Model for Reconstruction of Torn Forensic Documents, A
* Real-time automated segmentation of breast lesions using CNN-based deep learning paradigm: Investigation on mammogram and ultrasound
* Recognition of Bangla text from scene images through perspective correction
* Scene Labeling Using Beam Search under Mutex Constraints
* Script independent online handwriting recognition
* Signal Feature Extraction From Microbarograph Observations Using the Hilbert-Huang Transform
* Significance of Remote Sensing Based Precipitation and Terrain Information for Improved Hydrological and Hydrodynamic Simulation In Parts of Himalayan River Basins
* Snow Microwave Emission Modeling of Ice Lenses Within a Snowpack Using the Microwave Emission Model for Layered Snowpacks
* Snow-Covered Soil Temperature Retrieval in Canadian Arctic Permafrost Areas, Using a Land Surface Scheme Informed with Satellite Remote Sensing Data
* Spatial Variability of L-Band Brightness Temperature during Freeze/Thaw Events over a Prairie Environment
* Statistical Video Tracking of Pomegranate Fruits
* Summarization of Neonatal Video EEG for Seizure and Artifact Detection
* Surface segmentation based on perceptual grouping
* SVM-based hierarchical architectures for handwritten Bangla character recognition
* TASOCNN: a topology adaptive self-organizing circular neural network and its application to color segmentation
* Toward Optimal Prediction Error Expansion-Based Reversible Image Watermarking
* Video Based Person Re-Identification by Re-Ranking Attentive Temporal Information in Deep Recurrent Convolutional Networks
* Virtual Catheter Ablation of Target Areas Identified from Image-Based Models of Atrial Fibrillation
Includes: Roy, A.[Aditi] Roy, A.[Anirban] Roy, A.[Ankush] Roy, A. Roy, A.[Anandarup] Roy, A.[Amarjit] Roy, A.[Amit] Roy, A.[Anindya] Roy, A.[Arijit] Roy, A.[Abhinaba] Roy, A.[Aniket] Roy, A.[Anjana] Roy, A.[Alexandre] Roy, A.[Amrit] Roy, A.[Abhijit]
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Roy, A.G.[Abhijit Guha] Co Author Listing * Recalibrating 3D ConvNets With Project Excite
* Recalibrating Fully Convolutional Networks With Spatial and Channel Squeeze and Excitation Blocks

Roy, A.K. Co Author Listing * Digital image tampering detection and localization using singular value decomposition technique
* Inference of Fuzzy Regular Pattern Grammar
* Keypoint based comprehensive copy-move forgery detection
* Novel Technique to Develop Cognitive Models for Ambiguous Image Identification Using Eye Tracker, A
* Superpixel-Driven Optimized Wishart Network for Fast PolSAR Image Classification Using Global k-Means Algorithm
Includes: Roy, A.K. Roy, A.K.[Anil K.]

Roy, C.[Chrystian] Co Author Listing * Demonstration of a multimedia player supporting the MPEG-DASH protocol
* Micro-Safe: Microservices- and Deep Learning-Based Safety-as-a-Service Architecture for 6G-Enabled Intelligent Transportation System
* Monitoring the coastline change of Hatiya Island in Bangladesh using remote sensing techniques
* Safe-Passé: Dynamic Handoff Scheme for Provisioning Safety-as-a-Service in 5G-Enabled Intelligent Transportation System
* SculptUp: A rapid, immersive 3D modeling environment
* Soft-Safe: Software Defined Safety-as-a-Service for Intelligent Transportation System
* Twenty-Seven Years of Scatterometer Surface Wind Analysis over Eastern Boundary Upwelling Systems
Includes: Roy, C.[Chrystian] Roy, C.[Chandana] Roy, C.[Chandan] Roy, C.[Carrie] Roy, C.[Claude]
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Roy, D.[Debaditya] Co Author Listing * Action anticipation using latent goal learning
* Action Anticipation Using Pairwise Human-Object Interactions and Transformers
* Action Recognition Based on Discriminative Embedding of Actions Using Siamese Networks
* Automatic spoken affect classification and analysis
* DeepSpace: Mood-Based Image Texture Generation for Virtual Reality from Music
* Detection of Collision-Prone Vehicle Behavior at Intersections Using Siamese Interaction LSTM
* Diffraction tomography from intensity measurements: An evolutionary stochastic search to invert experimental data
* Echocardiogram Analysis Using Motion Profile Modeling
* Enhancing Saliency of an Object Using Genetic Algorithm
* Exploiting feature dynamics for active object recognition
* Facial Expression Recognition in Videos Using Dynamic Kernels
* FlowCaps: Optical Flow Estimation with Capsule Networks For Action Recognition
* Gene Identification: Classical and Computational Intelligence Approaches
* human-machine collaborative approach to tracking human movement in multi-camera video, A
* Incorporating Human Body Shape Guidance for Cloth Warping in Model to Person Virtual Try-on Problems
* Interpretation of Spatial Language in a Map Navigation Task
* Long-term Action Forecasting Using Multi-headed Attention-based Variational Recurrent Neural Networks
* Multi-Modality Sensing and Data Fusion for Multi-Vehicle Detection
* Recognition of Plural Grouping Patterns in Trademarks for CBIR According to the Gestalt Psychology
* Snatch theft detection in unconstrained surveillance videos using action attribute modelling
* Sparsity-inducing dictionaries for effective action classification
* Spontaneous Expression Recognition Using Universal Attribute Model
* Statistical Video Tracking of Pomegranate Fruits
* Stimulating Research into Gestural Human Machine Interaction
* Towards surveillance video search by natural language query
* Ultrasound-modulated optical tomography: direct recovery of elasticity distribution from experimentally measured intensity autocorrelation
* Unsupervised Approach towards Varying Human Skin Tone Using Generative Adversarial Networks, An
* Unsupervised Universal Attribute Modeling for Action Recognition
Includes: Roy, D.[Debaditya] Roy, D. Roy, D.[Debasish] Roy, D.[Deb] Roy, D.[Debashri] Roy, D.[Debabrata] Roy, D.[David] Roy, D.[Debapriya]
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Roy, D.M. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Models of Graphs, Arrays and Other Exchangeable Random Structures

Roy, D.P.[David P.] Co Author Listing * Adjustment of Sentinel-2 Multi-Spectral Instrument (MSI) Red-Edge Band Reflectance to Nadir BRDF Adjusted Reflectance (NBAR) and Quantification of Red-Edge Band BRDF Effects
* Analysis Ready Data: Enabling Analysis of the Landsat Archive
* Automated Approach for Sub-Pixel Registration of Landsat-8 Operational Land Imager (OLI) and Sentinel-2 Multi Spectral Instrument (MSI) Imagery, An
* Computationally Inexpensive Landsat 8 Operational Land Imager (OLI) Pansharpening
* Democratic Republic of the Congo Tropical Forest Canopy Height and Aboveground Biomass Estimation with Landsat-8 Operational Land Imager (OLI) and Airborne LiDAR Data: The Effect of Seasonal Landsat Image Selection
* Demonstration of Percent Tree Cover Mapping Using Landsat Analysis Ready Data (ARD) and Sensitivity with Respect to Landsat ARD Processing Level
* Evaluation of Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2A Aerosol Optical Depth Retrievals across Chinese Cities and Implications for Medium Spatial Resolution Urban Aerosol Monitoring
* Examination of the Potential of Terrestrial Laser Scanning and Structure-from-Motion Photogrammetry for Rapid Nondestructive Field Measurement of Grass Biomass
* Global Analysis of Sentinel-2A, Sentinel-2B and Landsat-8 Data Revisit Intervals and Implications for Terrestrial Monitoring, A
* Global Evaluation of the Suitability of MODIS-Terra Detected Cloud Cover as a Proxy for Landsat 7 Cloud Conditions
* Impact of Misregistration Upon Composited Wide Field of View Satellite Data and Implications for Change Detection, The
* Investigation of Sentinel-2 Bidirectional Reflectance Hot-Spot Sensing Conditions
* Landsat 15-m Panchromatic-Assisted Downscaling (LPAD) of the 30-m Reflective Wavelength Bands to Sentinel-2 20-m Resolution
* Landsat 4, 5 and 7 (1982 to 2017) Analysis Ready Data (ARD) Observation Coverage over the Conterminous United States and Implications for Terrestrial Monitoring
* Large-Area Gap Filling of Landsat Reflectance Time Series by Spectral-Angle-Mapper Based Spatio-Temporal Similarity (SAMSTS)
* Observations and Recommendations for the Calibration of Landsat 8 OLI and Sentinel 2 MSI for Improved Data Interoperability
* One Year Landsat 8 Conterminous United States Study of Cirrus and Non-Cirrus Clouds, A
* Optimal Solar Geometry Definition for Global Long-Term Landsat Time-Series Bidirectional Reflectance Normalization
* overview of MODIS Land data processing and product status, An
* Rapid Land Cover Map Updates Using Change Detection and Robust Random Forest Classifiers
* Separability Analysis of Sentinel-2A Multi-Spectral Instrument (MSI) Data for Burned Area Discrimination
* Sharpening the Sentinel-2 10 and 20 m Bands to Planetscope-0 3 m Resolution
Includes: Roy, D.P.[David P.] Roy, D.P.
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Roy, D.S.[Diptendu Sinha] Co Author Listing * Motion planning and coordination of multi-agent systems
* PIPP: Person Identification from Palm-surface Polygons
* Plant Leaf Recognition using Geometric Features and Pearson Correlations
* SDN empowered location aware routing for energy efficient next generation vehicular networks, An
Includes: Roy, D.S.[Diptendu Sinha] Roy, D.S. Roy, D.S.[D. Sinha]

Roy, F.[Frederick] Co Author Listing * Calipso: physics-based image and video editing through CAD model proxies
* Deformable mesh simulation for virtual laparoscopic cholecystectomy training
* Development of small-sized pixel structures for high-resolution CMOS image sensors
Includes: Roy, F.[Frederick] Roy, F.[Frédérick] Roy, F.

Roy, G.[Gilles] Co Author Listing * Steerable LiDAR platform based on a 3D laser scanner using prisms

Roy, H.[Heather] Co Author Listing * Augmented Reality Shared Mission Planning Scenario: Observations on Shared Experience, An
* Can fully convolutional networks perform well for general image restoration problems?
* Face Sketch-Photo Matching Using the Local Gradient Fuzzy Pattern
* Gammadion binary pattern of Shearlet coefficients (GBPSC): An illumination-invariant heterogeneous face descriptor
* novel local wavelet energy mesh pattern (LWEMeP) for heterogeneous face recognition, A
* novel quaternary pattern of local maximum quotient for heterogeneous face recognition, A
* Pattern of Local Gravitational Force (PLGF): A Novel Local Image Descriptor
* Pose Estimation and Video Annotation Approaches for Understanding Individual and Team Interaction During Augmented Reality-Enabled Mission Planning
Includes: Roy, H.[Heather] Roy, H. Roy, H.[Hiranmoy]
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Roy, I. Co Author Listing * Quality Metrics for High Order Meshes: Analysis of the Mechanical Simulation of the Heart Beat

Roy, J.[Jagabandhu] Co Author Listing * Application of Probabilistic and Machine Learning Models for Groundwater Potentiality Mapping in Damghan Sedimentary Plain, Iran
* Fusion of Identity Declarations from Dissimilar Sources Using the Dempster-Shafer Theory
* Fuzzy Artmap Supervised Classification of Multispectral Remotely Sensed Images
* Landslide Susceptibility Evaluation and Management Using Different Machine Learning Methods in The Gallicash River Watershed, Iran
* Multiple scale correlation of chirp signal by discrete wavelet transform
* Novel Ensemble Approach for Landslide Susceptibility Mapping (LSM) in Darjeeling and Kalimpong Districts, West Bengal, India, A
* Novel Ensemble Approaches of Machine Learning Techniques in Modeling the Gully Erosion Susceptibility
* Recurrent semi-supervised classification and constrained adversarial generation with motion capture data
Includes: Roy, J.[Jagabandhu] Roy, J. Roy, J.[Julien]
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Roy, K.[Koushik] Co Author Listing * A-DeepPixBis: Attentional Angular Margin for Face Anti-Spoofing
* Adaptive asymmetrical SVM and genetic algorithms based iris recognition
* adaptive fusion scheme of color and edge features for background subtraction, An
* Background modeling using adaptive properties of hybrid features
* Collarette Area Localization and Asymmetrical Support Vector Machines for Efficient Iris Recognition
* DCT-SNN: Using DCT to Distribute Spatial Information over Time for Low-Latency Spiking Neural Networks
* Deep Learning Based Hand Detection in Cluttered Environment Using Skin Segmentation
* Deep Spiking Neural Network: Energy Efficiency Through Time Based Coding
* Dravidian Language Identification System, A
* Facial Expression Recognition Using Game Theory and Particle Swarm Optimization
* Indian Multi-Script Full Pin-code String Recognition for Postal Automation
* Inherent Adversarial Robustness of Deep Spiking Neural Networks: Effects of Discrete Input Encoding and Non-linear Activations
* Iris Recognition Based on Zigzag Collarette Region and Asymmetrical Support Vector Machines
* Iris Recognition with Support Vector Machines
* Iris segmentation using game theory
* Level Set Approaches and Adaptive Asymmetrical SVMs Applied for Nonideal Iris Recognition
* Lexicon-Driven Handwritten City-Name Recognition Scheme for Indian Postal Automation, A
* MHASAN: Multi-Head Angular Self Attention Network for Spoof Detection
* Micro Genetic and Evolutionary Feature Extraction: An Exploratory Data Analysis Approach for Multispectral Iris Recognition
* Modeling Autonomous Vehicles Deployment in a Multilane AV Zone With Mixed Traffic
* Multi-Organ Nucleus Segmentation Challenge, A
* Multibiometric System Using Distance Regularized Level Set Method and Particle Swarm Optimization
* Multibiometric system using fuzzy level set, and genetic and evolutionary feature extraction
* Multibiometric System Using Level Set Method and Particle Swarm Optimization
* Multibiometric System Using Level Set, Modified LBP and Random Forest
* Multispectral Iris Recognition Using Patch Based Game Theory
* Mutibiometric System Based on Game Theory
* Non-volume preserving-based fusion to group-level emotion recognition on crowd videos
* Nonideal Iris Recognition Using Level Set Approach and Coalitional Game Theory
* novel segmentation technique for online handwritten Bangla words, A
* Optimal Features Subset Selection and Classification for Iris Recognition
* Optimal Features Subset Selection Using Genetic Algorithms for Iris Recognition
* Oriya handwritten numeral recognition system
* Palm Print Identification and Verification Using a Genetic-Based Feature Extraction Technique
* Priority-Based 6T/8T Hybrid SRAM Architecture for Aggressive Voltage Scaling in Video Applications, A
* Recognition of English Multi-oriented Characters
* Recognition of unideal iris images using region-based active contour model and game theory
* RMP-SNN: Residual Membrane Potential Neuron for Enabling Deeper High-Accuracy and Low-Latency Spiking Neural Network
* Saliency Guided Experience Packing for Replay in Continual Learning
* Script Identification from Handwritten Document
* Segmentation of Unideal Iris Images Using Game Theory
* SEN: Stack Ensemble Shallow Convolution Neural Network for Signature-based Writer Identification
* Spike-flownet: Event-based Optical Flow Estimation with Energy-efficient Hybrid Neural Networks
* Structural pattern-based approach for Betacam dropout detection in degraded archived media
* system for Indian postal automation, A
* Towards Ultra Low Latency Spiking Neural Networks for Vision and Sequential Tasks Using Temporal Pruning
* Trilingual Script Separation of Handwritten Postal Document
* Unideal Iris Segmentation Using Region-Based Active Contour Model
* Unsupervised Sparse, Nonnegative, Low Rank Dictionary Learning for Detection of Driver Cell Phone Usage
* Variational level set method and game theory applied for nonideal iris recognition
* Vec2Face: Unveil Human Faces From Their Blackbox Features in Face Recognition
* Word and Character Segmentation for Bangla Handwriting Analysis and Recognition
* Word-Wise Handwritten Persian and Roman Script Identification
Includes: Roy, K.[Koushik] Roy, K.[Kaushik] Roy, K. Roy, K.[Keya] Roy, K.[Kaushiki] Roy, K.[Kankana]
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Roy, L. Co Author Listing * Automation of Windows Detection From Geometric and Radiometric Information of Point Clouds In a Scan-to-BIM Process

Roy, L.P.[Lakshi Prosad] Co Author Listing * Maximum a posteriori-based texture estimation by despeckling of SAR clutter amplitude data

Roy, M.[Mayukh] Co Author Listing * Color Cast Dependent Image Dehazing via Adaptive Airlight Refinement and Non-Linear Color Balancing
* Generic attribute deviation metric for assessing mesh simplification algorithm quality
* Mesh Comparison Using Attribute Deviation Metric
* Multiresolution Analysis for Meshes with Appearance Attributes
* Principles for Designing an mHealth App for Participatory Research and Management of Chronic Pain
* Unsupervised Pre-Trained, Texture Aware and Lightweight Model for Deep Learning Based Iris Recognition Under Limited Annotated Data
Includes: Roy, M.[Mayukh] Roy, M. Roy, M.[Michael] Roy, M.[Mathieu]

Roy, N. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Nonparametric Methods for Partially-Observable Reinforcement Learning
* FLaME: Fast Lightweight Mesh Estimation Using Variational Smoothing on Delaunay Graphs
* Quantifying Human Decision-Making: Implications for Bidirectional Communication in Human-Robot Teams
* Stereo vision and laser odometry for autonomous helicopters in GPS-denied indoor environments
Includes: Roy, N. Roy, N.[Nicholas]

Roy, N.D. Co Author Listing * Detection of bifurcation angles in a retinal fundus image
* Identification of Distinct Blood Vessels in Retinal Fundus Images
Includes: Roy, N.D. Roy, N.D.[Nilanjana Dutta]

Roy, O.[Olivier] Co Author Listing * multi-FPGA architecture-based real-time TFM ultrasound imaging, A

Roy, P. Co Author Listing * Adversarially Learned Abnormal Trajectory Classifier
* CR-SSL: A closely related self-supervised learning based approach for improving breast ultrasound tumor segmentation
* Ellipse R-CNN: Learning to Infer Elliptical Object From Clustering and Occlusion
* Multi-scale attention guided pose transfer
* New Approach towards Text Filtering, A
* Novel Ensemble of Multivariate Adaptive Regression Spline with Spatial Logistic Regression and Boosted Regression Tree for Gully Erosion Susceptibility
* parallel LEGION algorithm and cell-based architecture for real time split and merge video segmentation, A
* Recognition of ischaemia and infection in diabetic foot ulcer: A deep convolutional neural network based approach
* Scene Aware Person Image Generation through Global Contextual Conditioning
* STEFANN: Scene Text Editor Using Font Adaptive Neural Network
* TIPS: Text-Induced Pose Synthesis
* User Authentication System Based on Speech and Cascade Hybrid Facial Feature
* VLSI Implementation of Fast Connected Component Labeling Using Finite State Machine Based Cell Network
Includes: Roy, P. Roy, P.[Pinki] Roy, P.[Prasun] Roy, P.[Pinky] Roy, P.[Paramita] Roy, P.[Pradipta]
13 for Roy, P.

Roy, P.C. Co Author Listing * Evolutionary Path Control Strategy for Solving Many-Objective Optimization Problem
* Mitigating Information Leakage in Image Representations: A Maximum Entropy Approach
Includes: Roy, P.C. Roy, P.C.[Proteek Chandan]

Roy, P.D.[Partha Deb] Co Author Listing * Geospatial Modelling for Delineation of Crop Management Zones Using Local Terrain Attributes and Soil Properties

Roy, P.K.[Pallab Kanti] Co Author Listing * Automated segmentation of multiple sclerosis lesion in intensity enhanced flair MRI using texture features and support vector machine
* Automatic Eye Type Detection in Retinal Fundus Image Using Fusion of Transfer Learning and Anatomical Features
* Retinal Image Quality Classification Using Saliency Maps and CNNs
* Segmentation of Right Ventricle in Cardiac MR Images Using Shape Regression
Includes: Roy, P.K.[Pallab Kanti] Roy, P.K.[Pallab K.]

Roy, P.P. Co Author Listing * Air Signature Recognition Using Deep Convolutional Neural Network-Based Sequential Model
* Anomaly Detection in Road Traffic Using Visual Surveillance: A Survey
* Can we automate diagrammatic reasoning?
* Cogni-Net: Cognitive Feature Learning Through Deep Visual Perception
* Combination of context-dependent bidirectional long short-term memory classifiers for robust offline handwriting recognition
* comparative study of features for handwritten Bangla text recognition, A
* Context-dependent blstm models. Application to offline handwriting recognition
* Convex hull based approach for multi-oriented character recognition from graphical documents
* Coupled HMM-based multi-sensor data fusion for sign language recognition
* Cross-language framework for word recognition and spotting of Indic scripts
* Cross-Session Motor Imagery EEG Classification using Self-Supervised Contrastive Learning
* Crowd Characterization in Surveillance Videos Using Deep-Graph Convolutional Neural Network
* Date field extraction from handwritten documents using HMMs
* Date field extraction in handwritten documents
* Deep BLSTM-GRU Model for Monthly Rainfall Prediction: A Case Study of Simtokha, Bhutan
* deep one-shot network for query-based logo retrieval, A
* Document seal detection using GHT and character proximity graphs
* Duplicate open page removal from video stream of book flipping
* EEG-Based Cognitive State Assessment Using Deep Ensemble Model and Filter Bank Common Spatial Pattern
* End-to-end Triplet Loss based Emotion Embedding System for Speech Emotion Recognition
* Exercise classification and event segmentation in Hammersmith Infant Neurological Examination videos
* Fast signature spotting in continuous air writing
* Feature Design for Offline Arabic Handwriting Recognition: Handcrafted vs Automated?
* Feature Set Evaluation for Offline Handwriting Recognition Systems: Application to the Recurrent Neural Network Model
* Generation of synthetic training data for handwritten Indic script recognition
* Handwriting Recognition in Low-Resource Scripts Using Adversarial Learning
* Handwritten Musical Document Retrieval Using Music-Score Spotting
* HMM-based Indic handwritten word recognition using zone segmentation
* HMM-Based Multi Oriented Text Recognition in Natural Scene Image
* ICDAR 2011 Robust Reading Competition - Challenge 1: Reading Text in Born-Digital Images (Web and Email)
* Improving Document Binarization Via Adversarial Noise-Texture Augmentation
* lexicon-free approach for 3D handwriting recognition using classifier combination, A
* Likelihood learning in modified Dirichlet Process Mixture Model for video analysis
* Modeling Extent-of-Texture Information for Ground Terrain Recognition
* Modeling local and global behavior for trajectory classification using graph based algorithm
* Multi-lingual text recognition from video frames
* Multi-Oriented and Multi-Sized Touching Character Segmentation Using Dynamic Programming
* Multi-oriented Bangla and Devnagari text recognition
* Multi-oriented touching text character segmentation in graphical documents using dynamic programming
* Multimodal Deep Sparse Subspace Clustering for Multiple Stimuli-based Cognitive task
* Multioriented and Curved Text Lines Extraction From Indian Documents
* novel point-line duality feature for trajectory classification, A
* novel spatio-temporal Siamese network for 3D signature recognition, A
* OCR from Video Stream of Book Flipping
* Perceptual Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks for End-to-End Image Colourization
* Real-time recognition of sign language gestures and air-writing using leap motion
* Recognition of Multi-oriented Touching Characters in Graphical Documents
* Robust Scene Text Detection for Partially Annotated Training Data
* Rotation and script independent text detection from video frames using sub pixel mapping
* Script identification in natural scene image and video frames using an attention based Convolutional-LSTM network
* Seal Detection and Recognition: An Approach for Document Indexing
* Signature Based Document Retrieval Using GHT of Background Information
* Signature Segmentation from Machine Printed Documents Using Conditional Random Field
* Staff line Removal using Generative Adversarial Networks
* Study of two zone-based features for online Bengali and Devanagari character recognition
* Temporal Unknown Incremental Clustering Model for Analysis of Traffic Surveillance Videos
* Text line extraction in graphical documents using background and foreground information
* Text Region Conditional Generative Adversarial Network for Text Concealment in the Wild
* Topic-Based Video Analysis: A Survey
* Trajectory-Based Surveillance Analysis: A Survey
* Two-Stage Approach for Word Spotting in Graphical Documents, A
* UDBNET: Unsupervised Document Binarization Network via Adversarial Game
* Understanding crowd flow patterns using active-Langevin model
* Vehicular Trajectory Classification and Traffic Anomaly Detection in Videos Using a Hybrid CNN-VAE Architecture
* Wavelet-gradient-fusion for video text binarization
* Word recognition in natural scene and video images using Hidden Markov Model
* Word Retrieval in Historical Document Using Character-Primitives
* Word searching in unconstrained layout using character pair coding
* Word spotting in historical documents using primitive codebook and dynamic programming
Includes: Roy, P.P. Roy, P.P.[Partha Pratim] Roy, P.P.[P. Pratim] Roy, P.P.[Partha P.]
69 for Roy, P.P.

Roy, P.R.[Pankaj Raj] Co Author Listing * Local Anomaly Detection in Videos Using Object-centric Adversarial Learning
* Predicting Next Local Appearance for Video Anomaly Detection
* Road User Abnormal Trajectory Detection Using a Deep Autoencoder

Roy, P.S.[Parth S.] Co Author Listing * Automated Mapping for Long-Term Analysis of Shifting Cultivation in Northeast India
* Development of Decadal (1985-1995-2005) Land Use and Land Cover Database for India
* Hydrological Modeling with Respect to Impact of Land-Use and Land-Cover Change on the Runoff Dynamics in Godavari River Basin Using the HEC-HMS Model
* Multicriteria Spatial Decision Analysis in Web GIS Environment
* On the Robustness of Visual Cryptographic Schemes
* Optimisation of Fuzzy Based Soft Classifiers for Remote Sensing Data
* Predicting the Forest Canopy Height from LiDAR and Multi-Sensor Data Using Machine Learning over India
* Resilience of the Central Indian Forest Ecosystem to Rainfall Variability in the Context of a Changing Climate
* Satellite Based Fraction of Absorbed Photosynthetically Active Radiation Is Congruent with Plant Diversity in India
* Species-Level Classification and Mapping of a Mangrove Forest Using Random Forest: Utilisation of AVIRIS-NG and Sentinel Data
* Temporal Indices Data For Specific Crop Discrimination Using Fuzzy Based Noise Classifier
* Validation of the Global Land Cover 2000 Map
Includes: Roy, P.S.[Parth S.] Roy, P.S.[Parth Sarathi] Roy, P.S. Roy, P.S.[Partha Sarathi]
12 for Roy, P.S.

Roy, R.[Ranadhir] Co Author Listing * Active constrained truncated Newton method for simple-bound optical tomography
* DCT/IDCT Filter Design for Ultrasound Image Filtering
* deep learning-shape driven level set synergism for pulmonary nodule segmentation, A
* Digital Sign System for Indoor Wayfinding for the Visually Impaired
* Fluorescence-enhanced optical tomography using referenced measurements of heterogeneous media
* Hydro-Meteorological Assessment of Three GPM Satellite Precipitation Products in the Kelantan River Basin, Malaysia
* Level Set Based Unified Framework for Pulmonary Nodule Segmentation, A
* MRSCAtt: A Spatio-Channel Attention-Guided Network for Mars Rover Image Classification
* Tomographic Fluorescence Imaging in Tissue Phantoms: A Novel Reconstruction Algorithm and Imaging Geometry
* Unmanned Lighter-Than-Air Platform for Large Scale Land Monitoring, An
* YouMVOS: An Actor-centric Multi-shot Video Object Segmentation Dataset
Includes: Roy, R.[Ranadhir] Roy, R.[Rajkumar] Roy, R.[Rukhmini] Roy, R. Roy, R.[Ranjan] Roy, R.[Roshan] Roy, R.[Rinto]
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Roy, R.E.[Richard E.] Co Author Listing * Confirmed boundary pattern matching I

Roy, R.J. Co Author Listing * G-Band Radar for Humidity and Cloud Remote Sensing

Roy, R.K.[Ramit Kumar] Co Author Listing * Bangla and English City Name Recognition for Indian Postal Automation
* Handwritten Street Name Recognition for Indian Postal Automation
* Indian Multi-Script Full Pin-code String Recognition for Postal Automation
* Multi-lingual City Name Recognition for Indian Postal Automation
Includes: Roy, R.K.[Ramit Kumar] Roy, R.K.[Rami Kumar]

Roy, R.M.[Reena M.] Co Author Listing * Identification of white blood cells for the diagnosis of acute myeloid leukemia

Roy, S.[Sharmili] Co Author Listing * AANet: Attribute Attention Network for Person Re-Identifications
* Accumulated motion images for facial expression recognition in videos
* Achieving invariance to the temporal offset of unsynchronized cameras through epipolar point-line triangulation
* Algorithms for Batch Matrix Factorization with Application to Structure-from-Motion
* approach to divide pre-detected Devanagari words from the scene images into characters, An
* Assessment of Early Season Agricultural Drought Using Remote Sensing
* Automatic relighting of overlapping textures of a 3D model
* Bas-Relief Ambiguity Reduction in Shape from Shadowgrams
* Bilinear Attention Networks for Person Retrieval
* Calibration of Axial Fisheye Cameras Through Generic Virtual Central Models
* Calibration of Cameras with Radially Symmetric Distortion
* Can Selfless Learning improve accuracy of a single classification task?
* Class-Incremental Novel Class Discovery
* CoBi: Pattern Based Co-Regulated Biclustering of Gene Expression Data
* Comparison between Local and Global Spaceborne Chlorophyll Indices in the St. Lawrence Estuary, A
* Comparison of Radial and Tangential Geometries for Cylindrical Panorama
* Computer-Aided Tumor Segmentation from T2-Weighted MR Images of Patient-Derived Tumor Xenografts
* Content Delivery Networks: State of the Art, Trends, and Future Roadmap
* Cooperative Self-Training for Multi-Target Adaptive Semantic Segmentation
* Correction of camera motion between two image frames
* Curbing Pandemic Through Evolutionary Algorithm-Based Priority Aware Mobility Scheduling
* Curriculum Graph Co-Teaching for Multi-Target Domain Adaptation
* Custom Weighted Balanced Loss function for Covid 19 Detection from an Imbalanced CXR Dataset
* Cylindrical Rectification to Minimize Epipolar Distortion
* Deep Learning for Classification and Localization of COVID-19 Markers in Point-of-Care Lung Ultrasound
* Deep Representations to Model User Likes
* Delaunay triangulation based text detection from multi-view images of natural scene
* Devanagari Character Recognition in Scene Images
* Direct estimation of rotation from two frames via epipolar search
* Document Image Classification with Intra-Domain Transfer Learning and Stacked Generalization of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
* Dynamic histogram warping of image pairs for constant image brightness
* Dynamic Queuing Network Model for Flow Contingency Management
* efficient content-based medical image indexing and retrieval using local texture feature descriptors, An
* Efficient Numerical Algorithm for the Inversion of an Integral Transform Arising in Ultrasound Imaging, An
* Enhancement of morphological snake based segmentation by imparting image attachment through scale-space continuity
* Estimation of Affective Level in the Wild with Multiple Memory Networks
* Exploiting Transitivity for Learning Person Re-identification Models on a Budget
* Exploring the self similar properties for monitoring of air quality information
* Fast and Efficient Incremental Algorithms for Circular and Spherical Propagation in Integer Space
* Fast Discontinuity-Aware Subpixel Correspondence in Structured Light
* Fast multiple-baseline stereo with occlusion
* Fast probabilisitic estimation of egomotion from image intensities
* Fast Unsynchronized Unstructured Light
* Fractional poisson enhancement model for text detection and recognition in video frames
* Generalized stacking of layerwise-trained Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for document image classification
* Geo-Consistency for Wide Multi-Camera Stereo
* Geometric video projector auto-calibration
* Graph cut: application to Bayesian emission tomography reconstruction
* Handwritten isolated Bangla compound character recognition: A new benchmark using a novel deep learning approach
* Hierarchical representation of digitized curves through dominant point detection
* HMM-Based Multi Oriented Text Recognition in Natural Scene Image
* Identifying and learning visual attributes for object recognition
* Image fusion technique using multivariate statistical model for wavelet coefficients
* Impact of Sea Breeze Dynamics on Atmospheric Pollutants and Their Toxicity in Industrial and Urban Coastal Environments
* Improved Video Encoderwith In-the-Loop De-Noising Filter for Impulse Noise Reduction, An
* Improving Border Localization of Multi-Baseline Stereo Using Border-Cut
* Landmark Free Face Attribute Prediction
* Language independent unsupervised learning of short message service dialect
* Latent Model for Visual Disambiguation of Keyword-based Image Search, A
* Learning Long-Term Spatial-Temporal Graphs for Active Speaker Detection
* Lightsphere: Fast Lighting Compensation for Matching a 2D Image to a 3D Model
* Longitudinal Patch-Based Segmentation of Multiple Sclerosis White Matter Lesions
* MAESTRO: Making Art-Enabled Sketches through Randomized Operations
* Magnetic Resonance Image Example-Based Contrast Synthesis
* Maximum Flow Approach to the Volumetric Reconstruction Problem, A
* Maximum-Flow Formulation of the N-Camera Stereo Correspondence Problem, A
* Method for computing the location and orientation of an object in three dimensional space
* Method for the estimation of rotation between two frames via epipolar search for use in a three-dimensional representation
* Methods for geometrical video projector calibration
* Monitoring Small Water Bodies Using High Spatial and Temporal Resolution Analysis Ready Datasets
* Motion Parallax without Motion Compensation in 3D Cluttered Scenes
* Motion without Structure
* Motion-supervised Co-Part Segmentation
* MRF formulation for coded structured light, A
* MRF Solutions for Probabilistic Optical Flow Formulations
* Multi-Gradient Directional Features for Gender Identification
* Multi-projectors for arbitrary surfaces without explicit calibration nor reconstruction
* Multi-Script-Oriented Text Detection and Recognition in Video/Scene/Born Digital Images
* Neighborhood Contrastive Learning for Novel Class Discovery
* New Optimization Approach to Sparse Reconstruction of Log-Conductivity in Acousto-Electric Tomography, A
* New Post-processing Method to Detect Brain Tumor Using Rough-Fuzzy Clustering, A
* Non-Uniform Hierarchical Geo-consistency for Multi-baseline Stereo
* Omnistereo Video Textures without Ghosting
* On the security of non-forgeable robust hash functions
* On the Use of Standardized Multi-Temporal Indices for Monitoring Disturbance and Ecosystem Moisture Stress across Multiple Earth Observation Systems in the Google Earth Engine
* Panoramic stereo video textures
* Performance analysis of locality preserving image hash
* Permutation Model for the Self-Supervised Stereo Matching Problem, A
* Personality Modeling Based Image Recommendation
* Plane-Based Calibration for Linear Cameras
* Plane-based self-calibration of radial distortion
* Principal Components Analysis of Optical Snow
* Re-mapping Animation Parameters Between Multiple Types of Facial Model
* Real-time software synchronisation of webcams for live 3D tracking
* Region-based image registration for wide-baseline stereo
* Regularized Evolutionary Algorithm for Dynamic Neural Topology Search
* Robust Extraction of Secret Bits from Minutiae
* Robust Hash for Detecting and Localizing Image Tampering
* Rough segmentation of coherent local intensity for bias induced 3-D MR brain images
* Rough-fuzzy based scene categorization for text detection and recognition in video
* Scalable Methodology for Evaluating and Designing Coordinated Air-Traffic Flow Management Strategies Under Uncertainty, A
* Scaling up multiprojector immersive displays: the LightTwist project
* Self-calibration of a General Radially Symmetric Distortion Model
* Semantic-Fusion GANs for Semi-Supervised Satellite Image Classification
* Sentence boundary detection in conversational speech transcripts using noisily labeled examples
* Shot boundary detection using perceptual and semantic information
* Siamese Networks: The Tale of Two Manifolds
* Simple Oriented Mean-Shift Algorithm for Tracking, A
* simple skull stripping algorithm for brain MRI, A
* Source Aware Deep Learning Framework for Hand Kinematic Reconstruction Using EEG Signal
* Sparse Reconstruction of Log-Conductivity in Current Density Impedance Tomography
* Spatial variance of color and boundary statistics for salient object detection
* Special Issue on Noisy Text Analytics
* Special Issue on Noisy Text Analytics, II
* Special Issue on Noisy Text Analytics, III
* Stereo Without Epipolar Lines: A Maximum-Flow Formulation
* Subject Specific Sparse Dictionary Learning for Atlas Based Brain MRI Segmentation
* Subpixel Scanning Invariant to Indirect Lighting Using Quadratic Code Length
* Task Relation Networks
* Uncertainty-Guided Source-Free Domain Adaptation
* Understanding Deep Representations Learned in Modeling Users Likes
* Unstructured Light Scanning Robust to Indirect Illumination and Depth Discontinuities
* Unstructured light scanning to overcome interreflections
* Unsupervised Domain Adaptation Using Feature-Whitening and Consensus Loss
* Unsupervised Domain Adaptation Using Full-Feature Whitening and Colouring
* Utility Driven Post Disaster Emergency Resource Allocation System Using DTN, A
* W-TALC: Weakly-Supervised Temporal Activity Localization and Classification
* Watermarking color histograms
* Watermarking with knowledge of image database
* Wavelet-gradient-fusion for video text binarization
* Who Likes What and, Why? Insights into Modeling Users' Personality Based on Image Likes
* Wireless video transport using conditional retransmission and low-delay interleaving
* Word recognition in natural scene and video images using Hidden Markov Model
Includes: Roy, S.[Sharmili] Roy, S.[Sujoy] Roy, S.[Sébastien] Roy, S.[Sebastien] Roy, S. Roy, S.[Soumava] Roy, S.[Soumya] Roy, S.[Subhankar] Roy, S.[Swarup] Roy, S.[Sudipta] Roy, S.[Swapnoneel] Roy, S.[Satyaki] Roy, S.[Santanu] Roy, S.[Soumyadip] Roy, S.[Souvik] Roy, S.[Sawrav] Roy, S.[Siddhant] Roy, S.[Sangheeta] Roy, S.[Saikat] Roy, S.[Sanghamitra] Roy, S.[Sanjit] Roy, S.[Sayahnya] Roy, S.[Shourya] Roy, S.[Sourya] Roy, S.[Snehashis] Roy, S.[Subhro] Roy, S.[Sibastien] Roy, S.[Samapriya] Roy, S.[Shaswati] Roy, S.[Steven] Roy, S.[Sitikantha]
133 for Roy, S.

Roy, S.C.D. Co Author Listing * Design of IIR Notch Filters with Different Passband Gains

Roy, S.D.[Sumantra Dutta] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Roy, S.D.[Sumantra Dutta]: sumantra AT ee iitd ac in
* Active recognition through next view planning: a survey
* Adaptive CNN filter pruning using global importance metric
* Aspect graph construction with noisy feature detectors
* Augmented paper system: A framework for User's Personalized Workspace
* Automated Identification of Protein Structural Features
* AWDMC-Net: Classification of Adversarial Weather Degraded Multiclass scenes using a Convolution Neural Network
* Benchmarking of Natural Scene Image Dataset In Degraded Conditions for Visibility Enhancement
* Complete visual metrology using relative affine structure
* DEMD-based video coding for textured videos in an H.264/MPEG framework
* Explainable Fingerprint ROI Segmentation Using Monte Carlo Dropout
* Hand gesture modelling and recognition involving changing shapes and trajectories, using a Predictive EigenTracker
* Hardware Implementation of a Digital Watermarking System for Video Authentication
* Isolated 3-D Object Recognition through Next View Planning
* Latent Fingerprint Enhancement Using Generative Adversarial Networks
* Model-Guided Segmentation and Layout Labelling of Document Images Using a Hierarchical Conditional Random Field
* MOOD: Multi-level Out-of-distribution Detection
* Multi-resolution Tracking in Space and Time
* Multispectral panoramic mosaicing
* Novel Learning-Based Framework for Detecting Interesting Events in Soccer Videos, A
* On line predictive appearance-based tracking
* On Stabilisation of Parametric Active Contours
* Parametric video compression using appearance space
* Range-doppler Hand Gesture Recognition Using Deep Residual-3dcnn with Transformer Network
* Recognizing Large 3-D Objects through Next View Planning using an Uncalibrated Camera
* Recognizing large isolated 3-D objects through next view planning using inner camera invariants
* Restricted affine motion compensation in video coding using particle filtering
* Robot Localization Using Uncalibrated Camera Invariants
* Robust shape based two hand tracker
* Self-Supervised Descriptor for Image Copy Detection, A
* Surface fitting in SPECT imaging useful for detecting Parkinson's Disease and Scans Without Evidence of Dopaminergic Deficit
* Symmetry based 3D reconstruction of repeated cylinders
* Towards Cross-Domain Learning for Social Video Popularity Prediction
* Video Compression Scheme Using DEMD Based Texture Synthesis
Includes: Roy, S.D.[Sumantra Dutta] Roy, S.D. Roy, S.D.[Sourav Dey] Roy, S.D.[Sreya Dutta]
35 for Roy, S.D.

Roy, S.K.[Soumava Kumar] Co Author Listing * Attention in Attention Networks for Person Retrieval
* Attention-Based Adaptive Spectral-Spatial Kernel ResNet for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Constrained Stochastic Gradient Descent: The Good Practice
* Cross-Correlated Attention Networks for Person Re-Identification
* Discrepant collaborative training by Sinkhorn divergences
* extractive text summarization technique for Bengali document(s) using K-means clustering algorithm, An
* FuSENet: Fused Squeeze-and-Excitation Network for Spectral-Spatial Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Generative Adversarial Minority Oversampling for Spectral-Spatial Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Geometry Aware Constrained Optimization Techniques for Deep Learning
* Learning from Noisy Labels via Discrepant Collaborative Training
* Lightweight Spectral-Spatial Squeeze-and-Excitation Residual Bag-of-Features Learning for Hyperspectral Classification
* Local directional ZigZag pattern: A rotation invariant descriptor for texture classification
* RMAML: Riemannian meta-learning with orthogonality constraints
* Semantic-aware Knowledge Distillation for Few-Shot Class-Incremental Learning
Includes: Roy, S.K.[Soumava Kumar] Roy, S.K.[Swalpa Kumar] Roy, S.K.
14 for Roy, S.K.

Roy, S.M. Co Author Listing * Dual Information-Based Background Model For Moving Object Detection
* Foreground Segmentation Using Adaptive 3 Phase Background Model
* Real-Time Adaptive Histogram Min-Max Bucket (HMMB) Model for Background Subtraction

Roy, S.S.[Sanjiban Sekhar] Co Author Listing * Determination of network vulnerability factor using rough set
* Link Prediction in Social Networks by Variational Graph Autoencoder and Similarity-based Methods: A Brief Comparative Analysis

Roy, T.[Tania] Co Author Listing * 3D Cadastre in the province of Quebec: A First experiment for the construction of a volumetric representation
* Route Choice-Based Socio-Technical Macroscopic Traffic Model
* Segmentation of a Vector Field: Dominant Parameter and Shape Optimization
* Socio-Technical Approach for Resilient Connected Transportation Systems in Smart Cities, A
* template matching approach of one-shot-learning gesture recognition, A
Includes: Roy, T.[Tania] Roy, T.[Tanushree] Roy, T.[Tristan] Roy, T.[Tonmoy]

Roy, U. Co Author Listing * Character N-Gram Spotting on Handwritten Documents Using Weakly-Supervised Segmentation
* Color Based Image Segmentation and its Application to Text Segmentation, A
* Discriminative HMM training with GA for handwritten word recognition
* HMM Parameter Estimation with Genetic Algorithm for Handwritten Word Recognition
* Pair-Copula Based Scheme for Text Extraction from Digital Images, A
* Scene Text Recognition and Retrieval for Large Lexicons
* TASOCNN: a topology adaptive self-organizing circular neural network and its application to color segmentation
* Text detection on camera acquired document images using supervised classification of connected components in wavelet domain
Includes: Roy, U. Roy, U.[Utpal] Roy, U.[Udit]
8 for Roy, U.

Roy, V. Co Author Listing * Estimating 3D Camera Pose from 2D Pedestrian Trajectories
* Framework for Adaptation of the Active-DTW Classifier for Online Handwritten Character Recognition, A
Includes: Roy, V. Roy, V.[Vandana]

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