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Benvegna, F.[Francesco] Co Author Listing * Dissimilarity Measures for the Identification of Earthquake Focal Mechanisms
* New Dissimilarity Measure for Clustering Seismic Signals, A

Benveniste, A. Co Author Listing * Atmospheric Disturbances Tracking in Satellite Images
* Design and Comparative Study of Some Sequential Jump Detection Algorithms for Digital Signals
* Modeling of Atmospheric Disturbance in Meteorological Pictures
* Motion Estimation in a Sequence of Television Pictures
* Recursive Estimation of Local Characteristics of Edges in TV Pictures as Applied to ADPCM Coding

Benveniste, J. Co Author Listing * Fusion Of Active And Passive Microwave Observations To Create An Essential Climate Variable Data Record On Soil Moisture
* On the Azimuthally Anisotropy Effects of Polarization for Altimetric Measurements
* SAR Altimeter Backscattered Waveform Model

Benveniste, R.[Rifat] Co Author Listing * Color Invariant Based Binary Coded Structured Light Range Scanner for Shiny Objects, A
* N-Ary coded structured light-based range scanners using color invariants

Benvenuto, N. Co Author Listing * design technique for two-dimensional multiplierless FIR filters for video applications, A

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