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Enomoto, H. Co Author Listing * Model for Perception of Structural Image Feature, A

Enomoto, K.[Koichiro] Co Author Listing * amount of Alaria praelonga Kjellmans analysis method from laminaria bed images for fishery investigation, The
* Discussion on a method to extract scallop using line convergence index filter from granule-sand seabed videos
* Extraction Method of Scallop Area from Sand Seabed Images
* Extraction Method of Scallop Area in Gravel Seabed Images for Fishery Investigation
* Filmy Cloud Removal on Satellite Imagery with Multispectral Conditional Generative Adversarial Nets
* Scallop Detection from Gravel-Seabed Images for Fishery Investigation
* Scallop Detection from Sand-Seabed Images for Fishery Investigation
* Spatially adaptive image defogging using color characteristics
Includes: Enomoto, K.[Koichiro] Enomoto, K.
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Enomoto, N. Co Author Listing * System for Video Surveillance and Monitoring, A

Enomoto, S.[Seigo] Co Author Listing * Speech Privacy for Sound Surveillance Using Super-Resolution Based on Maximum Likelihood and Bayesian Linear Regression

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