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Pignalberi, A.[Alessio] Co Author Listing * Investigation of the Physical Processes Involved in GNSS Amplitude Scintillations at High Latitude: A Case Study
* Ionospheric Turbulence and the Equatorial Plasma Density Irregularities: Scaling Features and RODI
* Occurrence of GPS Loss of Lock Based on a Swarm Half-Solar Cycle Dataset and Its Relation to the Background Ionosphere
* On the Electron Temperature in the Topside Ionosphere as Seen by Swarm Satellites, Incoherent Scatter Radars, and the International Reference Ionosphere Model

Pignalberi, G.[Gianluca] Co Author Listing * Optimal Range Segmentation Parameters Through Genetic Algorithms

Pignalosa, A.[Antonio] Co Author Listing * Photogrammetric 3D Model via Smartphone GNSS Sensor: Workflow, Error Estimate, and Best Practices

Pignat, E.[Elieva] Co Author Listing * Multi-camera platform for panoramic real-time HDR video construction and rendering
Includes: Pignat, E.[Elieva] Pignat, E.[EliÚva]

Pignata, T.[Tommaso] Co Author Listing * efficient protocol for private iris-code matching by means of garbled circuits, An
* SEMBA: secure multi-biometric authentication

Pignatelli, D.[Duarte] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning Approaches for Gynaecological Ultrasound Image Segmentation: A Radio-Frequency vs B-mode Comparison

Pignatelli, N. Co Author Listing * Postural Assessment in Dentistry Based on Multiple Markers Tracking

Pignatti, S.[Stefano] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Bare Soil Occurrence in Arable Croplands for Remote Sensing Topsoil Applications, An
* Bayesian Calibration of the Aquacrop-OS Model for Durum Wheat by Assimilation of Canopy Cover Retrieved from VENÁS Satellite Data
* Comparison between Standard and Functional Clustering Methodologies: Application to Agricultural Fields for Yield Pattern Assessment, A
* Comparison of Hybrid Machine Learning Algorithms for the Retrieval of Wheat Biophysical Variables from Sentinel-2, A
* Crop Mapping Using Random Forest and Particle Swarm Optimization Based on Multi-Temporal Sentinel-2
* Empirical Ocean Colour Algorithm for Estimating the Contribution of Coloured Dissolved Organic Matter in North-Central Western Adriatic Sea, An
* Estimating Wheat Yield in China at the Field and District Scale from the Assimilation of Satellite Data into the Aquacrop and Simple Algorithm for Yield (SAFY) Models
* Modeling and Multi-Temporal Characterization of Total Suspended Matter by the Combined Use of Sentinel 2-MSI and Landsat 8-OLI Data: The Pertusillo Lake Case Study (Italy)
* Reducing the Influence of Soil Moisture on the Estimation of Clay from Hyperspectral Data: A Case Study Using Simulated PRISMA Data
* Sino-EU Earth Observation Data to Support the Monitoring and Management of Agricultural Resources
* Temporal Polarimetric Behavior of Oilseed Rape (Brassica napus L.) at C-Band for Early Season Sowing Date Monitoring
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Pignoloni, M.[Marco] Co Author Listing * Efficient and optimal block matching for motion estimation

Pignotti, A.[Alessio] Co Author Listing * Blind Source Separation Based Approach for Speech Enhancement in Noisy and Reverberant Environment, A

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