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Mihaela, S.[Scuturici] Co Author Listing * Common Motion Map Based on Codebooks
* Incremental trajectory aggregation in video sequences

Mihai, A.[Andrei] Co Author Listing * NeXtNow: A Convolutional Deep Learning Model for the Prediction of Weather Radar Data for Nowcasting Purposes

Mihai, B.A.[Bogdan Andrei] Co Author Listing * Comparative Assessment of the Built-Up Area Expansion Based on Corine Land Cover and Landsat Datasets: A Case Study of a Post-Socialist City
* Forest Habitat Fragmentation in Mountain Protected Areas Using Historical Corona KH-9 and Sentinel-2 Satellite Imagery
* Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) Pollution Monitoring with Sentinel-5P Satellite Imagery over Europe during the Coronavirus Pandemic Outbreak
* Remote Sensing-Based Analysis of Urban Landscape Change in the City of Bucharest, Romania
Includes: Mihai, B.A.[Bogdan Andrei] Mihai, B.A.[Bogdan-Andrei]

Mihai, C.[Cosmin] Co Author Listing * Graph Cuts Approach to MRF Based Linear Feature Extraction in Satellite Images
* Scale Selection for Compact Scale-Space Representation of Vector-Valued Images

Mihai, C.G. Co Author Listing * Creating New Medical Ontologies for Image Annotation: A Case Study

Mihai, L.[Laura] Co Author Listing * Challenges and Best Practices for Deriving Temperature Data from an Uncalibrated UAV Thermal Infrared Camera
* Optimized Spectrometers Characterization Procedure for Near Ground Support of ESA FLEX Observations: Part 1 Spectral Calibration and Characterisation
* Sun-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence I: Instrumental Considerations for Proximal Spectroradiometers

Mihail, R.P.[Radu Paul] Co Author Listing * CRF approach to fitting a generalized hand skeleton model, A
* Pot of Gold: Rainbows as a Calibration Cue, A
* Sky segmentation in the wild: An empirical study

Mihaila, A.[Andrei] Co Author Listing * Eye-Movements as a Biometric

Mihailescu, D.[Denis] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Global and Continental Land Cover Products for Selected Study Areas in South Central and Eastern European Region
* Multi-Temporal Analysis and Trends of the Drought Based on MODIS Data in Agricultural Areas, Romania

Mihailescu, P.[Preda] Co Author Listing * Improved Fingerprint Image Segmentation and Reconstruction of Low Quality Areas
* Parallel pattern recognition computations within a wireless sensor network
* Robust Orientation Field Estimation and Extrapolation Using Semilocal Line Sensors
Includes: Mihailescu, P.[Preda] Mihailescu, P.

Mihailidis, A.[Alex] Co Author Listing * 3D Human Motion Analysis to Detect Abnormal Events on Stairs
* Automated Detection of Unusual Events on Stairs
* Automated handwashing assistance for persons with dementia using video and a partially observable Markov decision process
* Automatic segmentation of video to aid the study of faucet usability for older adults
* Water Flow Detection in a Handwashing Task

Mihaita, A.S.[Adriana Simona] Co Author Listing * Boosted Genetic Algorithm Using Machine Learning for Traffic Control Optimization
* Digital Twin Technology Challenges and Applications: A Comprehensive Review
Includes: Mihaita, A.S.[Adriana Simona] Mihaita, A.S.[Adriana-Simona]

Mihajlov, M. Co Author Listing * Towards a theoretical framework for an active cyber situational awareness model

Mihajlovic, A.[Aleksandar] Co Author Listing * Serbia Forum - Digital Cultural Heritage Portal

Mihajlovic, D. Co Author Listing * Assessment Of The Geometric Quality Of Sentinel-2 Data
* New Downscaling Approach Using ESA CCI SM Products for Obtaining High Resolution Surface Soil Moisture
* Photogrammetry of Archeological Site Felix Romuliana at Gamzigrad Using Aerial Digital Camera and Non-Metric Digital Camera
* Refinement of Individual Tree Detection Results Obtained from Airborne Laser Scanning Data for a Mixed Natural Forest
* Spatio-Temporal Classification Framework for Mapping Woody Vegetation from Multi-Temporal Sentinel-2 Imagery
Includes: Mihajlovic, D. Mihajlovic, D.[Dragan]

Mihajlovic, M.[Marko] Co Author Listing * COAP: Compositional Articulated Occupancy of People
* DeepSurfels: Learning Online Appearance Fusion
* KeypointNeRF: Generalizing Image-Based Volumetric Avatars Using Relative Spatial Encoding of Keypoints
* LEAP: Learning Articulated Occupancy of People

Mihajlovic, N. Co Author Listing * Gabor-based needle detection and tracking in three-dimensional ultrasound data volumes
* Medical Instrument Detection in 3-Dimensional Ultrasound Data Volumes

Mihajlovic, R.[Rajica] Co Author Listing * Prototype of the 3D Cadastral System Based on a NoSQL Database and a JavaScript Visualization Application

Mihajlovic, V.[Vladan] Co Author Listing * Method for Estimating Surveillance Video Georeferences, A
* Techniques for automatic video content derivation
Includes: Mihajlovic, V.[Vladan] Mihajlovic, V.

Mihalache, C.E. Co Author Listing * Geomatics Technologies In the Framework of Multidisciplinary Project For Integrated Management of Cultural Heritage Sites
* Satellite Remote Sensing for the Analysis of the Micia and Germisara Archaeological Sites
Includes: Mihalache, C.E. Mihalache, C.E.[Cristina Elena]

Mihalca, G.Y. Co Author Listing * Stereoscopic imaging by alternately blocking light

Mihalcea, R.[Rada] Co Author Listing * Beneath the Tip of the Iceberg: Current Challenges and New Directions in Sentiment Analysis Research
* Coarse-Grained +/-Effect Word Sense Disambiguation for Implicit Sentiment Analysis
* Contact Versus Noncontact Detection of Driver's Drowsiness
* Gender Differences in Multimodal Contact-Free Deception Detection
* Mining semantic affordances of visual object categories
* Multimodal Deception Detection Using Real-Life Trial Data
* Non-Contact Based Modeling of Enervation
* Porting Multilingual Subjectivity Resources across Languages
* Structured Matching for Phrase Localization
* What Men Say, What Women Hear: Finding Gender-Specific Meaning Shades
Includes: Mihalcea, R.[Rada] Mihalcea, R.
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Mihalcik, D. Co Author Listing * Performance evaluation of object detection algorithms
* Tools and Techniques for Video Performance Evaluation

Mihalef, V. Co Author Listing * contour-based approach to 3D text labeling on triangulated surfaces, A
* Efficient Lattice Boltzmann Solver for Patient-Specific Radiofrequency Ablation of Hepatic Tumors
* Patient-Specific Model of Left Heart Anatomy, Dynamics and Hemodynamics from 4D TEE: A First Validation Study
Includes: Mihalef, V. Mihalef, V.[Viorel]

Mihalik, M. Co Author Listing * Mobile ear recognition application

Mihalkova, L.[Lilyana] Co Author Listing * Active inference for retrieval in camera networks

Mihalopoulos, N.[Nikolaos] Co Author Listing * Assessing Desert Dust Indirect Effects on Cloud Microphysics through a Cloud Nucleation Scheme: A Case Study over the Western Mediterranean
* Assessing Sea-State Effects on Sea-Salt Aerosol Modeling in the Lower Atmosphere Using Lidar and In-Situ Measurements
* Climatological Assessment of Intense Desert Dust Episodes over the Broader Mediterranean Basin Based on Satellite Data, A
* Evaluation of Aerosol Typing with Combination of Remote Sensing Techniques with In Situ Data during the PANACEA Campaigns in Thessaloniki Station, Greece
* Global Climatology of Dust Aerosols Based on Satellite Data: Spatial, Seasonal and Inter-Annual Patterns over the Period 2005-2019, A
* Implementation of a Mineral Dust Wet Deposition Scheme in the GOCART-AFWA Module of the WRF Model, The
* Modification of Temperature Lapse Rates and Cloud Properties during a Spatiotemporally Extended Dust Aerosol Episode (16-18 June 2016) over the Mediterranean Basin Based on Satellite and Reanalysis Data
* PBL Height Retrievals at a Coastal Site Using Multi-Instrument Profiling Methods
Includes: Mihalopoulos, N.[Nikolaos] Mihalopoulos, N.[Nikos]
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Mihalyi, B. Co Author Listing * Object and Event Reconstruction (WW II) with GIS
Includes: Mihalyi, B. Mihályi, B.

Mihandoost, S.[Sara] Co Author Listing * EEG signal analysis using spectral correlation function & GARCH model

Mihankhah, E.[Ehsan] Co Author Listing * Detection and Isolation of Sensor Attacks for Autonomous Vehicles: Framework, Algorithms, and Validation

Mihara, H.[Harumi] Co Author Listing * Estimation of Leaf Chlorophyll a, b and Carotenoid Contents and Their Ratios Using Hyperspectral Reflectance
* Evaluation of a One-Dimensional Convolution Neural Network for Chlorophyll Content Estimation Using a Compact Spectrometer

Mihara, I.[Isao] Co Author Listing * Image recognition method and apparatus

Mihara, S. Co Author Listing * Artifact Reduction in Radiometric Compensation of Projector-Camera Systems for Steep Reflectance Variations

Mihashi, S.[Sadahiko] Co Author Listing * Photometric Image-Based Rendering for Image Generation in Arbitrary Illumination

Mihaylova, L.[Lyudmila] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Approach for Reconstruction of Moving Brain Dipoles
* Combined Data Association and Evolving Particle Filter for Tracking of Multiple Articulated Objects
* Contour segmentation in 2D ultrasound medical images with particle filtering
* Interval Macroscopic Models for Traffic Networks
* MCMC-based tracking and identification of leaders in groups
* Overview of Environment Perception for Intelligent Vehicles
* Parallelized Particle and Gaussian Sum Particle Filters for Large-Scale Freeway Traffic Systems
* Sequential Monte Carlo tracking by fusing multiple cues in video sequences
* Structural similarity-based object tracking in multimodality surveillance videos
* Video Foreground Detection Based on Symmetric Alpha-Stable Mixture Models
Includes: Mihaylova, L.[Lyudmila] Mihaylova, L.
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Mihaylova, P.[Petya] Co Author Listing * Breaking Text-Based CAPTCHA with Sparse Convolutional Neural Networks
* Incremental Learning for Football Match Outcomes Prediction

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