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Dasgupta, A.[Anirban] Co Author Listing * Analysis of training parameters for classifiers based on Haar-like features to detect human faces
* EMERS: a tree matching-based performance evaluation of mathematical expression recognition systems
* Feature Selection and Fuzzy Rule Mining for Epileptic Patients from Clinical EEG Data
* Mixed Reality Based Social Interactions Testbed: A Game Theory Approach, A
* Multi-directional local adjacency descriptors (MDLAD) for heterogeneous face recognition
* Portable Personality Recognizer Based on Affective State Classification Using Spectral Fusion of Features, A
* Smartphone-Based Drowsiness Detection and Warning System for Automotive Drivers, A
Includes: Dasgupta, A.[Anirban] Dasgupta, A.[Abhishek] Dasgupta, A.[Abhijit] Dasgupta, A.[Archi] Dasgupta, A.
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Dasgupta, D. Co Author Listing * Low Dose Abdominal CT Image Reconstruction: An Unsupervised Learning Based Approach
* Weighted quasi-arithmetic mean based score level fusion for multi-biometric systems
Includes: Dasgupta, D. Dasgupta, D.[Dipankar]

Dasgupta, J.[Jija] Co Author Listing * holistic approach for Off-line handwritten cursive word recognition using directional feature based on Arnold transform, A

Dasgupta, N.[Nilanjan] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Approach to Unsupervised Feature Selection and Density Estimation Using Expectation Propagation, A
* Dual hidden Markov model for characterizing wavelet coefficients from multi-aspect scattering data
* Genetic Algorithm Wavelet Design for Signal Classification

Dasgupta, P.[Prithviraj] Co Author Listing * Active Vision Approach to Height Estimation with Optical Flow, An
* Formal Methods for Validation and Test Point Prioritization in Railway Signaling Logic
* Improved Modelling of Tool Tracking Errors by Modelling Dependent Marker Errors
* Multiagent Swarming System for Distributed Automatic Target Recognition Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, A
* Salient Feature of Haptic-Based Guidance of People in Low Visibility Environments Using Hard Reins
* Strategic Capability-Learning for Improved Multiagent Collaboration in Ad Hoc Environments
Includes: Dasgupta, P.[Prithviraj] Dasgupta, P.

Dasgupta, R. Co Author Listing * Leveraging multiple tasks to regularize fine-grained classification

Dasgupta, S. Co Author Listing * Augmented-Reality-Based Real-Time Panoramic Vision System for Autonomous Navigation, An
* DeLay: Robust Spatial Layout Estimation for Cluttered Indoor Scenes
* End-to-End Learning of Geometry and Context for Deep Stereo Regression
* On the Gradient Descent Localization of Radioactive Sources
* Pattern tracking and 3-D motion reconstruction of a rigid body from a 2-D image sequence
* Recovery of Low Rank and Jointly Sparse Matrices with Two Sampling Matrices
* Regularized dynamic Boltzmann machine with Delay Pruning for unsupervised learning of temporal sequences
* Rehabilitating Heritage Places) Structural Repairs And Conservation Works for Astor Kolkata, India
* Source Localization from Received Signal Strength Under Log-Normal Shadowing: Bias and Variance
* Tensor scale: An analytic approach with efficient computation and applications
* Transfer Learning from Synthetic to Real Images Using Variational Autoencoders for Precise Position Detection
Includes: Dasgupta, S. Dasgupta, S.[Saumitro] Dasgupta, S.[Soura]
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Dasgupta, U. Co Author Listing * Sunspot Number Calculation Using Clustering

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