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Chea, D. Co Author Listing * deep learning approach for detecting and correcting highlights in endoscopic images, A

Cheah, C.C. Co Author Listing * Adaptive region tracking control for autonomous underwater vehicle
* Distributed shape formation of multi-agent systems
* Observer based adaptive control for optical manipulation of cell
* Vision-based Control of Constrained Robots using Neural Networks
Includes: Cheah, C.C. Cheah, C.C.[Chien Chern]

Cheaib, N.[Nader] Co Author Listing * Groupware Design for Online Diagnosis Support

Chean, K. Co Author Listing * Activity Recognition using Visual Tracking and RFID

Cheang, K.M.[Ka Man] Co Author Listing * Postprocessing of Compressed 3D Graphic Data

Cheatham, L. Co Author Listing * Distortion Invariant Recognition Using a Moment Feature Space

Cheatham, M.[Michelle] Co Author Listing * Intelligent Systems for Geosciences: An Essential Research Agenda

Cheatle, P. Co Author Listing * Media content and type selection from always-on wearable video

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